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replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05

It's as easy as downloading some software. Either get a VPN (Virtually Private Network) or TOR (deep web browsing software). Both work, but TOR is a great deal more effective. Using both will slow your connection speed down, though, TOR doing it more than most VPNs. Hope this helps!

601 days ago
replied the topic Free Playerunknown's Battleground skins? created by pubg

@pubg It seems to me that the website you linked is fake. A lot of sites of this nature tend to be too good to be true. I'd personally recommend trying to find someone who wants to trade with you on steam.

699 days ago
replied the topic Which cyptocurrency is best to mine created by srb25k

@srb25k mining with even a desktop computer at this point isn't effective at mining. You'll have to get specialized equipment and a full rig to set the equipment up into if you want to profit. It's very expensive to get into though, but going about this route is the only profitable way to mine.

700 days ago
replied the topic Trying to run a batch file created by fonualp

That's weird, usually it's just an Antivirus software that prevents the batch file from being ran. Lots of malicious software using batch files to operate. Maybe try turning off your Antivirus real fast?

778 days ago
replied the topic Asus Laptop or Acer Laptop??? created by ab1936

Go with Acer. It's roughly the same exact computer, 3xcept Acer has a waaayyyy longer battery life. Don't quote me on this, but I also believe the brand is cheaper.

783 days ago
replied the topic stop deleted data from recovery created by moam_1234

The only fool-proof way is to overwrite the file. When you delete a file, you are only removing a marker that 1. Shows you an easily accessible link and 2. Prevents the system from overwriting the file.

783 days ago
replied the topic Why startup windows 10 is slow ? created by AAA1992

If you want to skip the start up process, I'd suggest not turning it off, but clicking on the switch user option on the start menu, and then from there, put your computer into sleep mode. It'll start right back up at the log in page, and your user configuration won't have to load again.

814 days ago
replied the topic CPU and Phys Memory Usage is higher than normal created by eyesk1

Try defragging, for the physical memory part. Also, with high physical memory volume being taken up, it will force your cpu to be clocked up as well. Just search up how to defragment your computer on Google and it should instruct you on how to. If that doesn't work, take it into Best Buy or someplace like that and have their employees take a look.

814 days ago
replied the topic Reward points and dollars created by koroleva

Yes, it does. The first time you post a question, euask gives you a free dollar to add to the reward.

846 days ago
replied the topic What's your fave game? created by anhot

The Dead Space series. It's an awesome set of third person shooter horrors. I'd try it out if you like aliens

862 days ago
replied the topic Интернет банкинг created by ChessKing

Да. Я использую Vystar кредитный союз, и они имеют большую услугу, и держать свои средства в безопасности.

869 days ago
replied the topic Dermatologist in Delhi +91-9999015251 Dermatologist in east Delhi created by regenixclinic


873 days ago
replied the topic My Minecraft server was recently DDoSed! Any websites that can host a DDoS protected server? created by RedDatStone

I know you said to ignore this, but if you haven't found a good site yet, sitelock and are pretty decent services. Cheers

875 days ago
replied the topic Printer Device, windows 10. created by jacksotr

Please stop copying articles from online without citing/upvoting your own posts.

875 days ago
replied the topic Get the best internet solution through Gmail technical support created by steevekipling


875 days ago
replied the topic How much time to this project, who his sponsor? created by maybemaybe

The time spent on this site depends on a few factors, such as how frequently you ask/answer questions, if you are looking to get a decent sum of money, and how knowledgeable you are of certain subjects. The entity that owns this website, as well as sponsors it, is WiseCleaner. And yes, it's real, but you can withdraw cash a lot faster using paypal. Cheers

875 days ago
replied the topic Wifi hotspot on desktop pc windows7 2g idea cnection+ dongle created by sk24624

What's the issue with it? Is it not connecting? If that's the case, your phone carrier probably has wireless tethering blocked and you might have to pay another fee to use it. If it's just not loading anything, but your computer is connected to your phone via tethering, it's your connection speed. It takes a very long time to get stuff done with a 2G connection speed. Let me know! Cheers

876 days ago
replied the topic Инопланетные цивилизации created by ChessKing

Я думаю, что они есть. Люди пользуются много внимания. Но, я считаю, что эта вселенная является слишком обширной для нашей планеты, чтобы быть единственным, чтобы содержать жизнь. ура

876 days ago
replied the topic Game websites for pc created by nikkrajput

Are you looking for free games, a member site with free games, or what? I've got a few sites that come to mind.

876 days ago
replied the topic Can the euask introduce bitcoin as means of payment created by selcinor

I think this is a wonderful idea. In addition to it being a great and versatile currency, the company running this app could potentially gain some revenue due to the market's volatility.

876 days ago
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