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Not at all, I was just letting you know what set up my 500 watt power supply is running. Contrary to what a lot of people say, or assume, CPU power consumption, and therefore what power supply is needed, has actually got lower as most of the newer CPU's are released. That also goes for the other technology too, as new technology is taken up by users, the power consumption, AND the price for it drops.

I can remember having a Pentium 4 CPU that was rated at 96 watts. The best advice I could give anybody regarding what power supply is needed for a given set up, is go through everything that makes up your PC (CPU, Graphics card, Sound card, memory, hard drive(s), dvd/blu ray player etc) and write down what each of their power consumption is - you can easily get that sort of info off the net - Add it all together (the wattage) then add around 50% on top, so that:

1) it means that your power supply hasn't got to run at full throttle so will run cooler, and last longer.

2) it gives you room to add more hardware if you want to, safely.

Me personally, I don't add the 50% on top of the minimal requirements, I go even further, and actually double what the requirements are ( I add 100%), in case I decide to upgrade components (motherboard, cpu etc, or even newly released technology). I hope that helps you.

910 days ago
replied the topic OPTIMAL POWER SUPPLY FOR PC created by maren

Just for your information @maren

I am running an i5 2.8GHZ multicore CPU, 4 gig ram DDR4, HD7750 ATI video card, 2 optical drives, three 1T Hard Drives. The rig is used mainly for gaming and it's all running on a 16 year old 500 Watt Power Supply

911 days ago
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