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replied the topic Completely remove a program created by Logicz1hunid

Hi @Logicz1hunid
I normally use Revo Uninstaller: it's really simple to use and very useful for delete any trace of old programs.
You can find it at this link:

975 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your free time? created by bike

Hi @bike
I usually go for home training, films and tv series or videogames. I read ebooks too when i have good tips from friends and librarians. :)

1003 days ago
replied the topic What is the best university in your country? created by danica

Hi @danica
Here in Italy Bocconi University in Milano: it has a great history and great international feedback, with a really good occupational rate of the new graduated.
More info:

1003 days ago
replied the topic How do you think about Android and iPhone? created by speed

Hi @speed
It's just a matter of "what i need from a smartphone": if you search stability and a good app control go for an iPhone, if you search a more open platform go for an Android.

1005 days ago
replied the topic What is the key to happiness? created by Amy

Hi @Amy
Do what you love, meet friends who give you something (in terms of emotions), never cry for your past.

1007 days ago
replied the topic Who is the inventor of the Internet created by zizou

Hi @zizou
There are many scientists that contribute to create what we actually use for connect our device with the rest of the World. Probably, Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf - the inventors of internet protocols - give us the possibility to spread this technology in enterprises and private houses. ARPANET was the first try to connect more device for communicate input from a keyboard through an entire continent.

1010 days ago
replied the topic game which increase brain memory created by waqas1a

Hi @waqas1a
If you like historical and strategic games, i can easily give you some interesting titles:

- Age of Empires 2;
- Europa Universalis II;
- Sim City 2000.

1010 days ago
replied the topic Which music player have the best sound quality in Windows? created by nollore

Hi @nollore
The most complete music and video player is VLC media player: it can read many file extensions without any upgrade. You can find it at this web site:

1010 days ago
replied the topic What things do you want to be invented? created by nollore

Hi @nollore
I would a new way to explore and reply DNA, it gives the possibility to substitute wrong genetics in particular for rare illness and child affected by unhealable diseases.

1010 days ago
replied the topic Do you wear gloves in winter? created by Rayna

Hi @Rayna
You can easily find on the most populare e-commerce web site gloves that can be used for smartphone too (they call "touch gloves"). It's really important to dress gloves because they defend your hand-bones from the cold.

1010 days ago
replied the topic What is the most lucrative job? created by timeis

Hi @timeis
Many rich people used internet for increase their popularity and for gain more opportunities to work with a great profit. They sell their products through social networks, Youtube, Instagram, etc...
You can actually work with new technologies without a high degree or something else.

1010 days ago
replied the topic How to prevent the phone hit in the face when you play in the bed? created by naokoki

Hi @naokoki
Try to sleep with more pillow, they help you to stay a little more up. When you're tired, you just need to put away your smartphone without damage your face. :)

1010 days ago
replied the topic What kind of fruit fits for eating when catching a cold? created by Tim

Hi @Tim
Go for "orange" and "yellow" fruits: they contains a lot of vitamines which help with cold and others winter illnesses.

1011 days ago
replied the topic Which book changed your life or brain? created by echozeki

Hi @echozeki
The Art of Peace: Teachings of the Founder of Aikido
by Morihei Ueshiba

1011 days ago
replied the topic Which places is best to travel alone? created by echozeki

If you can choose to travel in Europe, go to Italy: there are so much pretty beatiful villages with low population and with a high level of security (in terms of crimes).

1011 days ago
replied the topic Best site for downloading games created by Danny

Try to go for peer-to-peer platform because you exchange with other web users what you have on your computer. Btw, watch out for rules about copyright: it's not legal to download copyright-registered titles.

1011 days ago
replied the topic Why do some people still buy desktop computer? created by Amy

You can have more performance with less expense of money. It's more easy to upgrade desktop than notebooks too.

1011 days ago
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