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Do the reward dollars have any true value?REWARD $2
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replied the topic What is the most precise antivirus program for Windows? created by Chris_is_Praise

Personally I use Bitdefender. It has all the bells and whistles and works in real time and when your computer is in sleep mode My lovely wife has AVAST because she does not like change. But she is always getting a virus, while I am not. We visit the majority of the same sites, but I have not had a single issue since getting Bitdefender 5 years ago. A few months ago she spent $200.00 at Best Buy to have her PC cleaned of a virus. Neeedless to say, she allowed me to install Bitdefender and she has NOT had any issues. Bitdefender is well worth the price, which is on sale now. It's worth paying full price for a peace of mind and the safety Bitdefender offers. Check it out, they have a free edition which is very good, but the one you purchase is far better.

777 days ago
replied the topic Do you believe in love at first sight? created by Lisaly

Yes I do. Love is an emotion that each and everyone has. I believe that we all have a true love. Most people are afraid to let an emotion such as love make such an important choich for them. But if you allow your heart, soul and mind to make the choice for you by listening to the signs that emit from your heart, a person will find and see their "true love". A lot of people base their decision on physical attraction and lust, but the heart knows what love is. Some people settle, that is one reason for alot of divorces. But a person needs to take their time and listen to their heart, soul and deep inner emotions. Nothing is perfect in this world, but I truely believe in love at first sight. Don't confuse love with lust or physical attraction, just follow your true, heart felt feelings and you will find that one special person. It can take time, but the wait is well worth it knowing your spouse is your best friend, companion, lover and that one special person that puts your needs above there own and vice versa. I hope I explained it well enough.

777 days ago
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