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replied the topic 4GB of ram only 2GB usable created by HatsuneMiku

Did you use a memory configurator program from Crucial or Kingston (or any other major RAM memory company) to identify the compatibility of your motherboard's previous RAM with the new RAM? Some Motherboards (and RAM) don't play well with others even if most of the factors & numbers match.
I have had problems when using RAM from different companies even when ALL the specs matched and once it even mattered which RAM went into which slot. (in both situations, either stick of RAM would boot up alone, but together ...was a NOGO.)
My best success at RAM upgrades has been to add in whichever brand and type RAM the computer came with and is succesfully running.
Sometimes it's easiest to just get a matched set of new RAM and sell the old mismatched RAM.

1612 days ago
replied the topic Low Spec Games for Low Spec Laptop created by HatsuneMiku

From what I see, no one has suggested any sort of Game Booster program. My laptop isn't the greatest either, so when I want to game, I run a game Booster program before I start a game. There are many free versions out there ...IObit, Chris-PC, Game Fire, Mz Game, Razer, Toolwiz, Wise and others.
I have gotten as much as a 48% boost in game performance from simply using a game booster. (they basically shut down un-needed background programs and services to enhance your gaming experience. And when you are done gaming, with a single click they will return the compurter back to the pre game boosting condition.)

1612 days ago
replied the topic Is it bad to sleep with light on? created by Rayna

Sleep mask is a cheap easy fix.

1733 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning--Do you think cleaning as a nuisance? created by jackyjacky

I cleAN 2X daily, after boot (and yes, it's not clean at boot) and usually at shut down. And after a marathon I-net session, even during the session if things slow down a bit. Only have 8 Gb memory.

For quick cleaning I use
360Amigo System Speedup
Wise Care Pro (an Xmas freebie from MajorGeeks)
Jet Clean
Cloud System Booster 3.6.45
Ccleaner Slim 5.17.5590
System Ninja 3.1.3

These all run in 20-30 sec together simultaneously ... I run pretty clean. But if your sloppy & dirty, it can use some time & cycles.

And a big league clean I use (these are slower and more aggressive)

Panda Cloud Cleaner 1.1.8
Toolwiz Care
Defraggler 2.20.989
IObit Smart Defrag
Anvi Smart Defender 2.4
Advanced Systemcare (another freebie giveaway)
Baidu PC Faster

These are mostly all free from Major Geeks (I love these guys)

Daily cleaning... Pay me now or pay me (BIG TIME) later.

1733 days ago
replied the topic What is the best site to download software? created by BTW they're guaranteed malware free.

1738 days ago
replied the topic My mouse is always lagging created by Leehom

Your computer might be lagging/freezing due to running too many applications & programs simultaneously. If so, more RAM memory is the fastest & cheapest upgrade.

1912 days ago
replied the topic can i change the floating window displaying items? created by SUK27

I don't think wise care 365 will configure to what you want. Try Advanced System Care ... it has a floating window about 3/8" x 1.5" with RAM and CPU monitoring and an instant memory cleanup button. I use both AND Baidu too.

1912 days ago
replied the topic i am addict to cigarettes? created by azzromyo

I'm 63 and the only way I've seen work for people to quit permanently was COLD TURKEY. And only 2 men managed to do it . My Dad (91) quit 55 years ago and when we last spoke about smoking a few years ago he said he still occasionally had a craving. The other man was a friend from college who quit in 1975 and was smoke free until at least New years 2000 (the last time I saw him)

1930 days ago
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