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replied the topic What does your blood taste like ? created by labrada

It taste rather .. metallic and blain. depending on how much blood you suck, you might not taste it at all or you might taste the metallic. I know because i've had to suck my own blood a couple of times from cuts lol.
if you suck your blood while you bleeding, you wont lose any blood and won't pass out if you're losing to much.

1193 days ago
replied the topic Why does everyone think its cruel to have a dog live outside? created by tigrillen

If the breed of the dog, the climate and accommodations are suitable, I don't think most people see much of a problem as long as the dog gets also sufficient interaction with humans. But you wouldn't want to keep a chihuahua outside in Alaska, or a dog chained up all day, maybe without access to water and shelter. You also wouldn't want that the dog has no interaction with humans, because then why keep a dog? Unfortunately it is not all that rare that dogs are kept outside under conditions which are not suitable.

Dogs which have a daytime job to do are often housed in outside kennels and there is no problem with it. But then they spend all day with their handlers, so they have plenty of contact with humans and are well cared for.

1193 days ago
replied the topic Which do you prefer best ice cream, frozen yogurt or custard? created by Stephannie

Ice cream and frozen yogurt some time

1194 days ago
replied the topic Weight help? created by Stephannie

I'm in your position. First, don't bulk up on junk food. Try protein shakes and EGGS! Cheese and nuts are good. Almonds, peanuts, and cashews all are healthy and have a good amount of calories. Snack whenever you are hungry. Granola, (great recipe at, carrots, and banana chips are great snack options. Good luck!

1194 days ago
replied the topic best fps game created by shazunn

thanks all

1194 days ago
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