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Any 1 know the funny www siteREWARD $2
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"Does anyone know how I can order items from "Amazon" Japan (without knowing anyone who lives there!)?"REWARD $2
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Window phone problems Push notifications not workingREWARD $2
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what is the story-line (drama) or format (game show)?5
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usually served on a bed of lettuce as an appetiser or a light meal?REWARD $2
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Window 10 Error: 0xC1900101-0x20017, -0x30018, -0x20004 5
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How do I change my license key?REWARD $2
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power generation project5
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If Superman could stop bullets 5
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Whom do you admire most?5
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What if i knew i would never be vindicated?REWARD $2
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WiseCleaner products for pc5
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What do you do if you can’t sleep at night?√ answered5
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pay for questions can you pay for???√ answered5
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How good an understanding of Hamlet's character does Gielgud's belief reflect?5
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what are the main common terms for food sanitation?5
1002 days ago, last commented by shahid
1002 days ago, last commented by shahid
Who is the closest friend you’ve ever had? Describe that relationship.√ answered5
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tablet problems √ answered5
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tablet internet adds problems√ answered5
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replied the topic right away... What should I do? created by abcman

You are getting married and you want true love. You want to give yourselves completely to each other. In all the dimensions of your being. In the joy that is both offered and shared, with this great ability to give the life that is present in you.

Nature and freedom let you control the extraordinary gift of fertility, and you are going to manage it: that is what we call responsible paternity. You are going to learn about the periods of a woman's cycle, those when she can bear a child and those when she cannot (1).

If you are not ready to welcome a child right away, or you decide to wait for a time, you will choose to unite during the non-fertile periods. During the fertile periods, you will be able to show your love through other means instead of sexual union. You could talk more, discover new forms of tenderness and so forth. You will find your love will flourish and deepen. But be careful not to restrict your marriage to simple accounting, and, by indefinitely postponing your decision, to prevent your spouse - as well as yourself - from reaching your full dimension in the giving of life.

Listen to your desires and to the plan of love offered to you by God and you will be able to decide freely and generously to give life. During a fertile period and at the heart of your love, God, with your collaboration, will be able to create a new life: your child.

974 days ago
replied the topic get a lower interest rate on my credit card account? created by moniter

When I was near my financial low point, I was literally paying hundreds a month in finance charges on my credit cards and needed to lower the interest rates. That money was an enormous burden at the time, since I didn’t have any savings built up and I was also dealing with the “startup” expenses of having a new baby in the home.

I didn’t know at the time that it’s actually not too hard to get your interest rates reduced on your credit cards, particularly if you’re in a situation like I was in. All you have to do is get your information together, call the credit card company, and be willing to play a little hardball on the phone, and you’ll often get a nice reduction in your interest rate. That will directly help your bottom line.

In fact, if I had been able to get a reduction in all of my credit cards when I was in real trouble, I would have easily saved $100 a month. That money, if used properly at the start of a financial turnaround, can make all the difference in the world. It can be the foundation of an emergency fund, light a fire under a debt repayment plan, repay a family member for a debt, and countless other little things that can make all the difference when you’re trying to turn your finances around.
Steps to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

The Balance Transfer Option

You may be able to quickly get your rates to 0% for a period of time by signing up for a balance transfer credit card with a great introductory offer. Of course, you need to be able to qualify for another credit card to do this. If you can, this may be your quickest and most pain free option to reduce your interest charges.

Here is a great resource on the best balance transfer credit cards around.

If you can not qualify for another card, or do not want one, continue to follow the next steps.

Make Sure This Is for You

This tactic works best if you have a substantial amount of debt sitting on credit cards and have largely been able to make your payments up to this point. A few late payments are quite all right, but if you’re being chased by collection agencies, negotiating with the credit card companies won’t really help.

If you’re not carrying a balance on your card or don’t carry a balance regularly, the credit card company is not going to be particularly interested in helping you out because as a customer, you’re not putting much money into their coffers. Simply put, this tactic works best if you have some leverage – you’re currently paying finance charges on your card and you’re threatening to move it to another account.

Another important factor is your current interest rate. If your rate is already around 7.99% or so, there’s not much the credit card company can do to lower the rate. This tactic works best if you have a rate above 13% or so.

Remember, though, any interest rate reduction will help if you’re carrying a balance. A 1% reduction on a card where you’re carrying a $1,000 balance will save you $10 a year. If your balance is higher, you save more. If your interest rate reduction is higher, you save more. For example, if you have a $5,000 balance and get a 5% rate reduction, you’re saving $250 a year from a single phone call – well worth your while.

Prepare for the Call

While you might be tempted to just flip over your credit card and call the card issuer’s number on the back, you’ll have a much greater chance at success if you prepare just a bit in advance.

First, have a copy of your most recent statement with you. Make sure you know what your current interest rate is and also have your account number handy and easy to read. The statement should also provide you with the phone number you need to call.

Next, collect any other offers you might have available to you. See if you have any zero interest or low interest balance transfer offers available to you – in other words, check your recent “junk mail” and/or log on to your online access for your credit card and see what’s available. Get a quote on a personal loan from your local credit union’s website. These will be used as leverage to get your rate reduced.

You should also figure out a target rate to shoot for on the phone. I recommend shooting for 9.9%, but you’ll likely not get a rate that low.

Finally, get in the right mindset. Drink a glass of water. Get yourself calm (because getting worked up on the phone won’t help you), yet motivated to make this work. Then pick up the phone and dial.
Make the Call

The first thing you need to do is get someone on the phone that actually has the authority to change your interest rate. Likely, the first customer service representative that you speak to won’t be able to do that.

So, start off by navigating through their menu until you can speak to a representative. As soon as you can, ask the big question: “Do you have the authority to change my interest rate?” If the answer is no, simply ask, “May I speak to someone who can? Your supervisor, perhaps? Thank you!”

Once you’ve got a person on the phone who has the authority to change your rates, make your case as clearly and succinctly as possible. Here’s a potential script:

“Hello. Lately, I’ve been really having to stretch my finances to make the monthly payments on this credit card, and I need to reduce the interest rate somehow. It would be convenient to keep the balance on this card, but I have some other options that could really save me some money – a zero interest balance transfer offer is sitting right here, for one. Could you reduce the interest rate on my account to, say, 9.9%?”

This puts the ball firmly in their court – and at that point, it’s largely out of your hands. The typical response is a reduction in rate, but not a reduction all the way down to the rate you requested.

Regardless of what you get out of the call, be polite. Say “thank you” for any rate reduction and don’t get enraged if you don’t immediately get a big reduction.

Other Options

Sometimes, you’ll get a rate reduction that makes you happy. At other times, you may not get much of a rate reduction at all – and in that case, you’ll want to do something else. Here are some options.

Seek out balance transfer offers. Moving your balance to another card can help get the finance charge monkey off your back – a useful short term solution.

Seek out another type of debt. Investigate getting a personal loan at your local credit union. A home equity loan is a possibility, but it’s generally a poor idea to change unsecured debt (like your credit card) to secured debt (like a home equity loan).

Lower the offending debt rapidly. Focus all your energies on getting rid of that high interest debt as fast as you can. You might want to work a second job, sell some stuff, or start a side business to generate extra money – and learning how to live cheaper is always a big plus.

For most people with credit card debt, the possibility of success (and the savings that go along with it) with attempting to get your rate reduced is worth the effort involved in picking up the phone and doing it.
Good luck!

974 days ago
replied the topic How Many Calories Should I Eat a Day? created by Umar12

Calories for WEIGHT LOSS in Women. Generally, women who want to lose weight should consume 1200 calories a day. This includes three meals of about 300 calories each and a total of 300 calories in snacks. Our most popular 12WBT plans suggest this calorie range for women.

977 days ago
replied the topic A cake or something like that of Japanese created by nut

A young witch, on her mandatory year of independent life, finds fitting into a new community difficult while she supports herself by running an air courier service.

977 days ago
replied the topic why don't things pass right through them? created by gabber

Things don't fall through other things because they are levitating on an electrostatic field! I am not kidding! When you sit on a chair, you are not really touching it. You see, every atom is surrounded by a shell of electrons. This electron cloud presents a rather negative face to the world. Remember that like charges repel each other. When two atoms approach each other, their electron shells push back at each other, despite the fact that each atom's net charge is 0. This is a very useful feature of nature. It makes our lives a lot easier.

977 days ago
replied the topic Can a man and a woman ever just be friends? created by crazzy1

I have previously published two articles on the "friend zone" - the area of mismatched romantic or sexual expectations between friends. In the first article, I shared some possible techniques to escape the friend zone and potentially turn from friend to boyfriend or girlfriend (see here). In the second article, I discussed this problem a bit more, sharing tips on how to avoid the friend zone in the first place (see here).

Both of those articles received a good deal of commentary and stirred debate. Generally, that debate centered on whether men and women, particularly, can be "just friends". Overall, the comments suggested that men and women might have very different goals and motives for "friendship". Each looks at the responsibilities in friendship and love a bit differently. As a result, they tend to co-create this friend zone confusion.

1000 days ago
replied the topic What do you do if you see a parent berating a child? created by bhatti

I have seen this a lot recently at the shopping mall near where I live. Once I saw a very young mother, around 20-22, I'd say, and she was shouting at her young boy. Maybe he was about 2. Apparently, he had wandered off while she wasn't looking and she was loudly scolding him and slapping him about the face and ears.

I really wanted to intervene but didn't because she would have told me to mind my own business. Other passersby didn't seem to notice.

I often think that one of two things will happen to that boy - he'll either end up with severe injuries or dead from a beating, or he will grow up to be an abuser himself.

1000 days ago
replied the topic “If I am not for myself, who will be for me? created by mirza

A Canadian Jewish businessman has toldThe Tablet he has overseen the rescue of more than 120 Christian and Yazidi girls kidnapped by so-called Islamic State (IS) in northern Iraq as Pope Francis condemned the "silence" of the international community in the face of ongoing persecution of Christians and other religious minorities.

Steve Maman, 42, an entrepreneur, founded the Liberation of Christian and Yazidi Children of Iraq (CYCI) after the jihadists overran the cities of Mosul and Sinjar a year ago, forcing more than 100,000 civilians, including virtually all the region’s Orthodox and Catholic population, to flee.

1000 days ago
replied the topic recent history -- whats next for you? created by opera

Artist and musician Chase Heard grew up in Orlando, Florida, where he honed his surfing chops, before packing up and moving to Virginia for college. It was there he met up with fellow creative mind, East Coast native, and surfer Andy Stepanian, and together they founded the band Wrinkle Neck Mules, which has 5 studio recordings under its belt to date, and have “managed to forge a bizarre, cult-like following,” according to Stepanian.

While they had no idea at the time, the two would go on to found another creative project together: apparel brand Howler Brothers, derived from the surfing, fishing, and outdoor lifestyles. Presently, the young brand is gaining its own unique following with retailers throughout the US, as well as expanding into Canada and New Zealand.

1000 days ago
replied the topic who is thinking of the arts as life/living -- what would you tell them? created by player

When I think of Langston Hughes at pivotal moments in his life, I think of my favorite photographs of him, such as the one with him in a jacket, tie, and rather urbane looking fedora. That is the way I imagine him looking when he returned to Harlem from his travels to discover that his play Mulatto was being produced for Broadway without his consultation. Or I imagine him sitting on segregated trains, riding to a speaking engagement with his hat sitting next to him, his eyes looking out on a country that he knew was both fascinating and frustrating, one that guaranteed him his freedom and then challenged him to claim the same. I imagine him sitting there dreaming in the manner of poets, one image shifting into another, pieces of language made song growing out of one another like a fine crochet.

Dr. King delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech in 1963, and Langston Hughes died four years later. Hughes was 62 years old when Dr. King delivered that speech, and the Dean of Afro American letters, as Hughes was sometimes called, had lived and fought and dreamed through nearly a half century of a life in letters, a life where he wrote under the most extreme censorship.

1000 days ago
replied the topic the journey to get to where you are today created by kings60

I am interested in the way that we look at a given landscape and take possession of it in our blood and brain. None of us lives apart from the land entirely; such an isolation is unimaginable. If we are to realize and maintain our humanity, we must come to a moral comprehension of earth and air as it is perceived in the long turn of seasons and of years."

1000 days ago
replied the topic wisecleaner applications created by noor1391

just install application and buy a license with money

1000 days ago
replied the topic differences between one faction in the play and another? created by fancy

you can create a new one wherever you like. It is possible to have a character within each faction. We recommend you to try all the alliances as each has its own unique

1000 days ago
replied the topic When was the last time you stubbed your toe so hard it brought tears to your eyes? created by beauty1

a few year ago
when i see a man in big problem

1000 days ago
replied the topic When you’re alone at home, do you wear shoes, socks, slippers, or go barefoot? created by doll1

I am amazed how different countries have their own acceptable ways of doing things and yet sound shocking to other countries. I have been travelling around each continent and I just find it really interesting to see the different sides of everything.

You would see the different cultures on how they behave depending on which continent or place they are in.

Like for instance, in my experience living in the UK, most of the time they wear shoes or socks inside the house. Maybe it is because the weather is so cold. That’s one way of protecting themselves from the coldness. When I went to Los Angeles, they were all wearing simple clothing and just flip flops or slippers at home.

1000 days ago
replied the topic my pc gaming problems created by moniter

Modern games can strain a computer's resources. A computer that runs some programs perfectly can become sluggish and potentially unresponsive when faced with the demands of complicated games. You might notice flickering graphics or lowered frame rates that make playing your game feel like you're watching a slide show.

The following sections list several factors that can contribute to the reduced performance of games and describe steps you can take to address the problems.

Check for software and driver issues

The first place to start when diagnosing software problems is to make sure that all of your software—including drivers—is up to date and properly adjusted.

Check for known issues and updates for the game. Most software problems are not unique, and when you encounter one, it's likely that other people are having the same problem. Frequently, game publishers will issue updates that contain fixes to known problems. To learn more about known issues and get updates for games and devices, visit the game publisher's or device manufacturer's website.

Update Microsoft‌ DirectX. DirectX is a suite of multimedia technologies that helps create the special visual and audio effects that come with games. Many games rely on DirectX to help get more performance from your computer. Make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX so that you can take advantage of all of the latest features. For information about making sure that you have the latest version of DirectX, see Which version of DirectX is on your computer?

Get the newest device drivers. Because game performance can be affected by device drivers, it's a good idea to make sure that you have the latest drivers for all of your hardware. For more information about keeping your drivers up to date, see Update drivers: recommended links.

Adjust your game's settings. Most games have settings that allow you to control the resolution and level of detail that's displayed, as well as the quality of the audio. Check the information that came with the game to find out how to use those settings to optimize the game for your computer's hardware.

1000 days ago
replied the topic pc and laptops windows created by gabber

Windows 10 launches in mere days on July 29 (though you might get it later). If you're using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, there's a good chance you've already reserved your spot for a free upgrade. But if not, it's not too late. Reserve now, and once it launches, you'll have a full year to upgrade to Windows 10.

But while there are plenty of reasons to update to the new OS, a new question looms large. Will it run on your PC?

Basic Requirements
First, if you want to take advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade, you'll need to be running a relatively current operating system, either Windows 7 SP1 or an up-to-date copy of Windows 8.1. If you're still using Windows Vista, or even the long-dead Windows XP (it was understandable a year or two ago, but now we have some choice words for you), you'll need to first get a current operating system.

Windows 10 Bug ArtNow, let's take a look at the hardware. There are five key requirements that a system will need to meet in order to support Windows 10, and those are the processor, RAM, hard disk space, graphics support, and minimum display resolution.

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster processor or SoC
RAM: 1 gigabyte (GB) for 32-bit or 2GB for 64-bit
Hard disk space: 16GB for 32-bit OS or 20GB for 64-bit OS
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800-by-600 resolution
If you're thinking that these basic requirements don't seem that demanding, you're right. Aside from up-to-date software and drivers, these are pretty much what you get with every Windows PC sold in the last decade. As a result, unless you're stuck on some really old hardware, any PC you own should be Windows 10 compatible.

1000 days ago
replied the topic Android wisecleaner apps created by abcman

Is your Android phone in need of some serious tidying? Does your Android phone become so slow that letters appear a second or two after you type them? If yes, you can speed up your Android phone with Wise fastimizer.

Wise Fastimizer is an excellent solution to clean and maintain your Android device; it is easy, effective and free.

Have you noticed that your Android phone is starting to run slower than it before? Don’t worry and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with it. Android-based devices need to be maintained. Problems can start if the internal storage becomes full or if you are running too many apps or background processes at once. Here are some top tips you can use to help speed up your Android phone and get it running quickly again.

1000 days ago
replied the topic Euask - A community for mutual assistance and knowledge sharing problem created by shahid

Yes Euask - A community for mutual assistance and knowledge sharing problem is a real and give rewards for everyone questions

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replied the topic girl friend and girl created by umairkhan

If you want to get on her good side again, then you have to show her how truly sorry you are and make it crystal clear that it won’t happen again. Once you do that, you have to be patient with her and give her time to accept your apology. If she’s ready to move forward, then you can take it slow and work on rebuilding your relationship.

1000 days ago
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