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Answers replied by serezha

replied the topic Скорость интернета через вай фай. created by ChessKing 592 days ago

Зависит от самого роутера и из чего построена стена. Если есть жележные профеля(скажем, гипсокартоном обшитые), то сигнал вообще может не пройти. А все остальные стены сами по себе особо на сигнал wifi не влияют.

replied the topic How old are you? created by rabia 631 days ago

Hi! I'm 29. I see here're the most people near this age.
Good luck!

replied the topic DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? ((UPDATED) created by my_asylum 637 days ago

Hi! I am a Father! And a husband. My family is the main thing for me. My parents created me long time ago. And my wife and daughter are making me better day after day.
Good luck!

replied the topic I want to listen to new music created by Jhony18 654 days ago

Nickelback, Three days grace, 30 seconds to mars, Apocaliptica, Rasmus

replied the topic Weekend problem created by Jhony18 654 days ago

Love actually 2003
The Holiday 2006
Collateral Beauty 2016
While You Were Slipping 1996
Good luck!

replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11 659 days ago

Hi! I'd like to talk to Nikolay the II (Romanov). I think he was one of the greatest persons in the world. L'd like to get to know what was his thoughts about his people and country. It seems to me people of that times were more honest and braver. I'd like to hear his point of view.
Good luck!

replied the topic Mom & TheBabies Friendship! created by GulfWideLocal 663 days ago

Hi! They should grow up, become more independent, like human's child. But cats become adults faster than we do. So you won't wait for long. And of course you must play with them & feed them well.
Good luck!

replied the topic Internet dating to do or not to do? That is the question. created by wunduful42 663 days ago

Hi! I "met'' my wife in the internet (facebook) And we got married in three months. So we've been happy for 4 years and had a beautiful one year old daughter. I think there is no "recipe" for everybody! It is only your own decision!
Good luck!

replied the topic Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year to 2017 created by zrodfects 665 days ago

Thanks! I wish you all the best !!! The New Year's Rooster will bring you health and peace!

replied the topic How to make my bedroom cosy? created by quiz 694 days ago

Hi! I think flowers and several kinds of pastel shaded cloth will help you to make any room cosy. My wife did that with our bedroom. Good luck!

replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected 718 days ago

Hi! For me it's Nickelback. But there are so many good bands which my friends and I like to listen to, that will be too long list :) Good luck!

replied the topic What is the best way to wake up? created by icecream 718 days ago

Hi! Get a child, he/she will wake up you as the best alarm in the world :) And cold shower which you have before strong coffee with a very very sweet doughnut or cake can help too. Good luck!

replied the topic Please help me to choose a Walkman's color. created by yoursong 719 days ago

Hi! My favourite is green. I'd like to have first one (I mean the first picture you posted) Good luck in your choice!

replied the topic What would you eat when you don't want to eat anything? created by daybyday 719 days ago

Hi! Ice cream or apple pie. Good luck!

replied the topic A little question about humans and machines created by Meow 719 days ago

Hi! Machine, because it does not have prejudice, it can't rely on gossip and superstition.

replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost 719 days ago

Trust & Disappointment

replied the topic Do you believe in love at first sight? created by Lisaly 722 days ago

No one can say Yes or No! Everyone has his/her own experience! But the true thing is that LOVE is the best feeling in the world!!!

replied the topic Why do people start smoking? created by claire 722 days ago

Hi! It's because of bad influence of other people (relatives at first, for me it was my father and elder brother) and because that person thinks he can find the easiest way to feel himself in safe (like in childhood near his mom).
I found the way to break up with that habit - you must understand that you live only once and your life is the most precious thing which you was gifted - save it!!!!
Good luck!

replied the topic Do you think breakfast in the morning is good or bad? Why? What type of food maintains good blood sugar levels? created by vanya 769 days ago

Hi! You see, in nature (as we are only a kind of animals) individual eat when he catch his meal. If you are shure you will be able to eat breakfast Every morning at the Same time - it Will be good for your organism. But if your schedule recently break up (and for long time), it can damage your stomach. So I think, it is better not to teach our body to "work" as clock. Of course, you can keep your shugar in norma with help of some products: oatmeal, hazelnuts, walnuts, cinnamon, red sweet pepper, fish, broccoli, millet, peas, beans, garlic, strawberry. But all of that shouldn't be grilled or boiled or stew (except groats: boil them without shugar).
Good luck!

replied the topic Why are some people always curious about other's life/business? created by au52 769 days ago

Hi! I can understand you. I met that kind people, with some of them I forced to maintain relationships (because she's my aunt and I do not want to grieve my father). In my childhood I thought that was the norm of behavior. When I grew up and met another kins of people (normal), I understood that was the character problem. That people think that nothing can happend without their admonition, they want to control everething around them even if it is other person's life. I try to say "yes" to all her words - than I do what I think is right. And of course, I try keep away from her, and meet her rarely.
God luck!

replied the topic What do you like to do when you're bored? created by yanka457 769 days ago

Hi!. More often I prefer to read books (the real one - not electronic) - in that case I can totally dive into another epoch and separate myself from trivial round. The great way to relax for me is swimming (sport at all- it depends of your preferences). And I think, the best recreation is tallking to my family. My wife, my daughter, our parents and I are absolutely happy with meeting together. You can't agree, that it can not be borring to be with the nearest people in the World!
Good luck!

replied the topic What books would you read twice or more times? created by seac 769 days ago

Hi! I'd like to read "The Great Gatsby" by Fitzgerald, "Billiard at half past nine" by Henrikh Böll ones more. And "The Cherry garden" by Anton Chekhov even more than ones. And of course, I will do it!!!
Good luck!

replied the topic Why do people prefer scanners for scanning books and not photograph them? created by daxhj 777 days ago

Hi! I prefer scanner because l can copy the needed part of the page or whole one in readable version. And I can transform it to PDF file or Word, that helps me to use and rewrite different information in my course and graduate works, articles and my own diaries.
Good luck!

replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp 781 days ago

Hi! I think the best song is "Show must go on". It's an example of human energy and his love to life. I sing it to myself when everything goes wrong - and it helps not to give up. I like "Lemon tree" by Beatles too. It's very nice song which can pull you out of daily routine.
Good luck!

replied the topic Most hilarious sitcom. created by pustoi11 782 days ago

Hi! I'd like to say "Big Bang Theory" but all of them know it , so "True Detective" or "Fargo"are not bad.
Good luck! Funny watching!

replied the topic What job let you can travel the world? created by boyz 783 days ago

Hi! You can work as emcee, camera man, makeup man, director... in program which is about trips. You can become a member of the national offices of tourism. Y can be a testing department specialist travel agencies, archaeologist, teacher of languages or translator. Photographers, journalists and specialists in social programs travel a lot too. And of course, pilots, sailors, stewardess.
Good luck!

replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo 784 days ago

Hi! I think China is the greatest country. It is a concentration of deep culture and modern world with wide sunny beaches and crowded cities, where people can be as healthy as their souls are.
Good luck!

replied the topic How can i remove the unwanted hair from my face forever? created by anjumskt77 799 days ago

Hi! There is medical laser which is used in cosmetology. You should go to the centre where dermatologist will consult you about this problem. It works! You can get rid of hair for ever .

Good luck!

replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna 800 days ago

Hi! I think men are better in cooking than women. Some of them can cook everything from recipe-book, some of them can cook only one or two dishes, but they Will be Absolutely tasty. So the deal isn't in learning to cook, but in man's wish to do.
Good luck!

replied the topic How to break up a couple? created by singforyou 800 days ago


Make her choose family or boyfriend. And she has to uphold Her family decision. Then he will be offended and he can break up the relationship. Depend of their tempers, maybe be it's better to make him choose your family.
But if nothing works, it's true love - you will not be able to do something.

My advice is not to interfere in other person's live!!!

Good luck!

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