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replied the topic How to be productive at home? created by glubaki

First, I hear you saying that you want to do something that does NOT involve leaving the house (or your property since you mentioned gardening).

So you can do things that are "productive" in at least these categories:
1...your brain
2...future things you'll want to know
3...your house or property individual you know
5...individuals and groups you don't know

Each of those things could involve many different "things to do." Here are just a few examples for each of the five categories above (and btw, "sewing" should never be put in the same category with video games as "not necessary" since sewing IS generally productive and can create all kinds of different things):

1...learn something new or just learn more about something you already know, exercise your brain by trying to understand things, playing games (alone), reading books or online articles/etc, doing upcycling/crafts/other diy, etc.

2...similar to above but what will you need to know in the future...e.g., cooking, parenting, home finance, decorating, repairing things, making things now for Christmas/Halloween/etc for decoration or for gifts, and much more

3...making or repurposing/upcycling items for your home from kitchen to living spaces, making your garden better in some way or researching new plants/species to plant, making your property look or function better with landscaping or compost (or worm) areas or bricked areas, weeding and trimming (never done!), etc

4...make something for someone you know as a gift (something they need or would want) or teach them how to do it, help them figure out something (all the things above, plus perhaps meal plans or other better-scheduling, etc)

5...making things for donation to good causes (knit, crochet or sew items for charities that then distribute them to babies/children in hospitals, to children taken by firefighters or police when things happen, to the homeless, to battered women, to people in need in other countries, etc, etc)

1169 days ago
replied the topic If you only get 5 likes on a facebook photo, does that mean your ugly? created by kungleeg

I wouldn't say that. Maybe you're just not as pretty as you think you are. Or maybe some people just don't really like you as a person so they don't like your stuff on Facebook. I mean, some people can post a picture of their dinner and get 50 likes. Some people can post about something genuinely awesome and no one pays it any mind because they either don't like you very much or they don't want to be seen talking to you or they don't want to possibly get caught up in a conversation with you.

1169 days ago
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