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replied the topic Do YOU think I'm going to die? created by Malkor

Go to a Licensed MD. I would doubt you'll die but I don'r pretend to be a doctor. To get the appropriate answer don't look on a computer go to an MD or at least call an office.

824 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos

If your doing a simple upgrade it is very simple. Although after the first year it came out it was supposedly no longer free. MS will help almost anyone with an upgrade. They want everyone using windows 10 if possible.

The question isn't specific enough to answer as they don't state whether they are doing an upgrade or a clean install? First step is getting the key. Also download the upgrade from Microsoft and try to validate the activation. If that is all your doing it isn't hard. Backup your data as always before the upgrade just in case.

If your trying to do a clean installation your in for a whole different ball game. It gets much more complicated as I stated. An upgrade is simple a clean install is complicated or can be.

827 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos

The Microsoft toolkit will help in some cases to activate an upgrade, but if it didn't magically upgrade your probably wasting your time as you already know. Cortana is well, just not something I use. It activates a whole slew of ways Microsoft can gather more information they don't need. Don't use a Microsoft Account, remain anonymous.

I guess the question is are your struggling? If your struggling you have to first get the upgrade activate as I stated. All This is done in an Elevated (Administrator) Command Prompt. Windows key + X

Step (1) Get Activation code (Command from Microsoft:)

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

Step (2) Activate Upgrade it if it doesn't automatically do so? This way the upgrade from the old windows 7 or windows 8 key will be validated on MS Servers as a valid Upgrade Key. Again you need the MS Servers to make that step or you can force it to with certain commands. You have to have that key converted to a valid windows 10 Activation before anything else is possible.

Step (3) Try Microsoft Toolkit which may work but again if your struggling to begin with it isn't going to fix your problem. Your just giving more information to Microsoft to dig a deeper hole (In my opinion) Again this might work for a simple upgrade.

Step (4) Troubleshooting. Try commands to Force activate the Server as Listed Below:

A. Press Windows key + X
B. slmgr.vbs -rearm
C. Restart
D. Press Windows key + X
E. slmgr.vbs -ato
F. Restart
G. Press Windows key + X
H. slmgr.vbs -ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx – represents your product key)
I. slmgr /skms
J. Restart

Step (5) Clear you activation code from the MS Servers

A. -- Copy and Paste whole link don't click it.
B. Use numerous Slmgr.vbs /commandsshownabinlink

***Hint I had to use the Slmgr.vbs /rearm command, the Slmgr.vbs /ril command and, Slmgr.vbs /rilc command along with other numerous commands multiple times. You can read what each does.

After being extremely persistent activation was possible for me. I guess it depends on if you want a simple upgrade or a clean install? MS will help you with a simple upgrade? Like I said a clean Install is a whole new ballgame. Upgrades are much much easier.

828 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos


Let me explain further and don't take my word for it. Call Microsoft. If you use an Elevated Command Prompt (administrator) the following command works 100 percent of the time. It is what Microsoft uses EVERY SINGLE TIME to extract your activation code.

You can also reference: or how about Microsoft directly:

It really isn't that complicated to get the activation code.

830 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos


I am addressing the incorrect responses as well as the person asking the question. Each person either gave an inaccurate or incomplete answer to the question. If your just answering part of the question or answer it incorrectly then you shouldn't answer. I am explaining very simply the command to get the license from ANY machine. All PC's have a license if they have Windows Installed yet OEM manufacturers are not always providing that key to everyone. Their used to be stickers or cd's but they cut costs and stopped freely giving the person the key they used to install an oem copy of windows. For Instance Lenovo doesn't give you the Microsoft Activation Key yet their is one as windows comes with the machine. You can extract that code with the command I gave previously on every single computer. This is directly from Microsoft.

Next, I was stating they asked about activation in the title not just getting the key and no it doesn't ALWAYS automatically activate. Sometimes you have to force it or clear it from the servers...etc It can be a tedious process. The answer to the question posted in the Title of this thread is long and can be arduous. Just saying one thing isn't going to activate windows every single time. If that were the case no one would ask right?

Lastly, Yes I see who I am replying to in hopes they will understand what I am saying.

830 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos


Here is the command to get your Key in an elevated command prompt:

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

The question is after the key how to activate it. Which I answered. It can be complicated.

830 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos


Here is the command to get your Key in an elevated command prompt:

wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

The question is after the key how to activate it. Which I answered. It can be complicated.

830 days ago
replied the topic Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS Apple iPhone 6Plus created by daydream

Again this isn't simple. I have owner both as well. If your looking for rooting capabilities then the Android Samsung phone but that uses Touch-wiz which is a tremendously bloated version of Android and runs tons of apps in the background. You can disable them but if their is an update it re-enables them (Thanks Samsung) which is why people start rooting their phones If you have never used stock Android such as on a Google Nexus series you really don't even know what android is supposed to run like.

Apple gives you no control but uses it's resources more efficiently. It also had more bands by default by far which can mean better connectivity. Samsung is a mess when it comes to switching back and forth between WiFi and cell networks. Their is a known bug for this inherent in Touch-wiz.

I don't personally use I phones as they have no control. Although, ugh, hate to say this, for the average users I phone might be better. I preferred the Samsung slightly but that was due to the screen and it was before the I Phone plus series. I would never go with a phone I couldn't root but that is me. The average user doesn't need that they need quick connectivity between wifi and cell networks and a beautiful screen running an efficient OS. If you measure those things. It doesn't matter if one benchmarks faster than the the other. Touch-wiz destroys all that and more in real world applications.

830 days ago
replied the topic Android smartphone created by omari

It is good to read what others think but in the end you need to make your own decision. I just found out recently that certain phones work better on the network I use as they have additional 700 mhz bands. If your looking for speed or screen size or Ram? Remember Samsung uses Touch-wiz. I don't recommend Touch-wiz although I keep buying Samsung for some unknown reason (I keep saying I wont) they waste a lot of the phones resources. If your looking for efficient best all around android is the Google Nexus Series. Clean Efficient, Fast, Beautiful and what Android was meant to be.

Remember the resources like RAM and CPU speed and cores only matters if the Operating System is efficient. I hate to say this, but in many ways the I phone uses it's resources most efficiently.They also have the most cellular bands by default in that is. This can mean better connectivity. The T-mobile CEO states that the I-Phone is the best phone for their network. Take that for what it is worth. The I phone also gives you no control over your phone and is why I don't like them personally.

If you want to root your phone or do anything where you can control it then you have to go Android. I try to get a removable battery and a sim card slot. This is increasingly hard to do. I also like a larger screen (to a point). I don't want to carry around a tablet to my ear either. I think 5.1" to 5.5" is about right for me. It is personal choice but remember the cleaner the version of Android the better. Research that.

You can have 100 MB of RAM and 20 Cores but if the OS is running 200 programs for no reason in the background your just burning up battery.

830 days ago
replied the topic Please help me to choose a 7 inch Android tablet created by smell

It depends on what you are looking for if your looking cheap then an Amazon fire 7 inch is the best. Today it is $33 on Prime Day and their are plenty. The downside is you cannot easily root them nor do many games or programs work with them you pretty much stuck with amazon's library which isn't bad.

Are you reading books, games, movies? Again for $33 you can't really go wrong. If your looking for a better tablet then go with a Google Nexus series. You can spend money on Samsung but they will load you up with bloatware although the screen and performance is nice I still think the Goggle Nexus is the best in my opinion for the money. Although $33 bucks is dirt cheap for the Amazon Kindle Fire.

830 days ago
replied the topic Which cleanup tool for mobile is best? created by notebook

I thought the question was for Mobile? If your talking about a phone then use 1. Clean Master, 2. 360 Security (Free), or 3. DU Speed Booster and Battery Saver. It depends on what your trying to accomplish. If you trying to get rid of a virus I'd use 360. If your trying to speed up your phone it doesn't much matter although they all are free they also have advertising. If your talking about a computer it is a different set of programs.

830 days ago
replied the topic What do you think of Android 6.0 Marshmallow? created by bluemoon

If we are being honest it address some of the problem from Lollipop but you have to understand each version of Android is customized to the phone. T-mobile and Samsung use this twisted version of any Android OS called Touch wiz. It loads a whole pile of garbage you really don't need. If your talking about true Android from a Google Nexus Phone (By the way Google only sells the Nexus Now) which is stripped completely of bloatware then it is much better than it's predecessors.

It honestly depends on which phone you have. Like anything new their are always bugs although Marshmallow seems decent so far. Other than the rounded edges it seems like battery life is better but the rest of the things they claim I am not seeing. Touch Wiz from Samsung isn't all that great no matter which version you use as Samsung and in my case T-mobile have loaded piles of programs I don't need so I can try and disable them but conveniently when it loads an update the program is running again. This gets into why people root phones...etc I guess it is better but in my case the problem isn't Android it is the Phone Manufacturer.

830 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos

This is just the beginning of the numerous ways to activate windows 10. I know their is a large update coming out sometime near it's anniversary this year in (2016). This information may be obsolete then. As you can see this is neither simple, easy, or happens by itself.

If your lucky your upgrade will validate itself but that is about it. I could type multiple pages and commands in here which are freely available on the internet but the key is to do some google searched and be persistent.

Remember think about what you are doing. Buy a License from Microsoft if your not entitled to a free one.

831 days ago
replied the topic Windows 10 activation created by lawmencarlos


Step (1) First you need to find your Key. If you know what the key s that is fine. If you have an OEM machine or otherwise and they didn't give you a cd or a key you can retrieve your actual key by using this command in a command prompt. I recommend using an administrator command prompt. type cmd in the search box then right click and use the run as administrator option

Paste this is the command (Elevated command prompt): (2) wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey

(3) Now you have your license just copy and paste it to a text file like notepad for later use. Save it in multiple locations so you have it for later use like a USB drive...etc

You can get your key this way then it is a matter of getting the (4) Microsoft servers to accept your key (If your entitled to it). (5) You need to do the upgrade and register your key this is a must so this whole process is somewhat time consuming so prepare for that.

(6) Also backup all your data you going to lose it at some point if you do a clean install. So your going to have to do the upgrade anyway. (7)Once you have done that and completed the upgrade your key should be activated then you can attempt to validate your key via some more command prompts later if your looking for a clean install.

(8) Under the upgrade check to see if your key is validated. If it is move on if not you may need to try some commands listed below and through a google search to activate your upgrade. Microsoft will many times help you activate a simple upgrade. They will not validate your key for a clean install but right now you just need the key validated for an upgrade.

Moving into a clean Installation once your upgraded key is activated:

(9) One piece of advice. When you do the clean install don't sign up for a Microsoft account or use the one you have keep it anonymous. When your doing a clean install SKIP THE SECTION ASKING ABOUT EITHER USING OR GETTING A MICROSOFT ACCOUNT I don't know if all upgrades are free know so you may have to lookup in google search how to activate an upgrade their are numerous commands. I'll give you some of them and a link. This is a lot of information which took me a while to compile, however it is free all over the internet.

Depending on your circumstances you need to use different commands:

(4)Try this first:

Steps to force activation of Windows 10 (Only use if your entitled to free upgrade...etc)

Step 1: Launch the Start Menu and search for Command Prompt. Then right-click it and select "Run as Administrator" from the context menu.

Step 2: Once the Command Prompt launches, type: slmgr.vbs –rearm and hit Enter to execute the command.

Step 3: Quit the Command Prompt window and reboot your PC.

If not you need to get into more detail. I am not going to condone anything else, but simply provide things which are available on the internet freely.



Search for more information regarding activating Windows 10 such as Search Google: ForCe Windows 10 Activation or Windows 10 activation commands...etc

(7) You can't always make the Microsoft servers accept your license but if your (8) PERSISTENT you can make it happen a lot of the time. Like I said do the upgrade first and get the license validated there first then you can proceed. If you can't get that Microsoft will help you with an upgrade but a clean install is a whole different thing. Your pretty much on your own for that.

Again this is all information freely available on the internet and I don't condone and sort of illegal or illegitimate ways to activate your product. As their are many other ways to go about doing this but I do not condone them in any way shape or form. Everything I did I was entitled to under their agreement when Windows 10 first came out. It was much easier then as it was free for one year.

(8)****Did I say PERSISTENCE? Run commands several times...etc.**** PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY!


831 days ago
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