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replied the topic Make my laptop charge faster created by lybwrsh

The best and safest way to charge your laptop quicker is to have it powered off while you charge it

395 days ago
replied the topic Where can you go to pay the cheapest for a broken phone screen? created by salissa10

when i dropped my phone and shattered the screen,i found a local phone/computer repair shop that let me buy the new screen on ebay, and had them install it for just labor. much cheaper and faster than sending through the manufacturer!! even with a warranty, it was going to be over 2.5 times as much, and id be without the phone for 2-3 weeks.

434 days ago
replied the topic The best free torrent client 2017 created by mazeal

vuze.. try vuze

434 days ago
replied the topic Enter the BIOS or CMOS setup created by a454545

from Total shutoff, power on the computer while holding down the F1 key , or sometimes the F2 key. If you still get the main windows screen, you need to power off and try again

436 days ago
replied the topic Screen shot on laptop.... created by rehan05

i agree , but i know of two ways.. the best is the key combo: ALT or CTRL key- or the FN key (such as my laptop) and the PRNT SCRN keys to copy a snapshot of the screen , and then opening the PAINT or 3d PAINT that came with your laptop.

the other way is to open the SNIPPING TOOL from the WINDOWS ACCESSORIES folder, lassoing the part of the screen you want to copy, and then pasting that to the PAINT program

437 days ago
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