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replied the topic Who is your most trusted person? created by Beebekkarki

my self. save some secrets sometimes it is not good everyone knows everything about you... they can hold any secrets against you one day and no one can guarantee their safer not to say everything holding some its ok and it is not lying either.

1159 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning--Do you think cleaning as a nuisance? created by jackyjacky

cleaning is a must. to keep body mind and spirit healthy... just like the body it does need regular cleaning. Cleaning for me has become a therapy... once I see it clean. I always think of my childhood times with the nuns, that used to say I have to be proud of the work I do... regardless the job. It done by me it has my signature it better be the best job ever.

1160 days ago
replied the topic What's Your Dream House? created by landing

this ideally for a pet, with four legs... or maybe a chicken. kind of cute. my dream home for a pet will have windows and a door too.

1160 days ago
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