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replied the topic What is payday loan? created by termezo

The level of credit dependence of the population has increased. Calculate your expenses before making a loan. Maybe something can be cut down.

199 days ago
replied the topic Buying new laptop created by IndianoO

Modern laptops are chic in their characteristics. I share yours. Interest. I'm looking at my new laptop myself.

199 days ago
replied the topic Looking for recommendation on how to calm your dog before entering into a dog park? created by ericthaddeus

Tell your dog was training with a trainer? If a dog has such signs of anxiety I can conclude that she has a fright. Your dog was scared of something. Fear is now she has a park association. You need to have more contact with the dog, talk to your dog, soothe it. Your dog needs to be sure of you. Try to work with it yourself. Read an article with the advice of veterinarians on how to train a dog with a clicker. It's very effective. I have a dog from the shelter. I took it as an adult. For the first month, my dog was afraid to get out of the table. I had to learn a lot myself. I spent a lot of time with my dog. Three months later, it was our first trip in the car without fear.

245 days ago
replied the topic Best python library for nlp created by Pele233

What library do you mean? Do you need books?

246 days ago
replied the topic What is the best programing language ? created by The_Compiler

+ 1

246 days ago
replied the topic What is the best software for logistics do you know? created by Cezario

I think logistics companies have their secrets that they don't reveal to anyone. This is based on experience.

246 days ago
replied the topic How to download latest movies 2019 created by hindidubbedmovies

Now many are helped by the Internet. I'm looking through a directory of TOP popular Free Online Movies sites in the United States . It is convenient when the right sites are collected on one site and do not need to search all over the Internet. And it's a good time saving. I like family movies. And now I pick up movies with the theme about winter and Christmas.

246 days ago
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