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How to have a good beefsteak at home?REWARD $2
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replied the topic Should men learn to cook? created by nanna

it's very good.

you can cook for your family and take care of them by your good dishes

1288 days ago
replied the topic The function of google created by Chienyp

It have many function:
Chrome browser.
Online money transfer services Google Wallet
It provides You tube services.
It CDN for library files which is used by web developer all around the world
It provides free platform for Android app development like Android SDK
They too have hardware like google's Android Table, Google smart phones, etc.
Google Absence which provides services of adds for the website hosts.
They too entered have Automobile platform It is google android car (in USA), which is under development.
Provides Worlds most powerful web-search enging service.
Google play store for reliable and secure app download service as well as app selling services.
Email services and social site called Google Plus.
Free and paid Navigation services that is Google maps and Google Earth.
It holds the pattern write for Andriod O/S and is responsible for development and free distribution.
Provides Google Analytic services website user analysis

1289 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

Dear @ Chienyp.

My Favorite song is My Love will go on.
you can listen by click this link:

1289 days ago
replied the topic How to become rich from poor? created by ellie

hi @ellie
If you want to rich. the best way is work hard and save money first.

Choose me as the best answer

1290 days ago
replied the topic Best place to live? created by MianhaeX

everywhere on the world is also the best place to live.

1291 days ago
replied the topic Your favorite games created by Chienyp

Hi there.

My favorite game is haflife. it's awsome and i love playing haflife if i have free time.

1291 days ago
replied the topic How often do you buy a new computer? created by bike

I buy a new computer maybe once a year

1291 days ago
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