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replied the topic Where to buy peace of mind created by richkid

Peace I give you NOT as the WORLD gives you I GIVE YOU. this scripture was the first thing I thought of after the question:
Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27
The first step is having faith - in what you cannot see - the world around you is filled with negative feedback - and negative manipulation - the powers that be want and need to control your mind.
God says in this verse - Your heart is telling you lies - Where is the lie coming from? OUTSIDE - I would say ask Jesus to bring you into a peaceful way of living. and it starts with having faith
that no matter what happens - he .she. (they) GOD is PEACE. GOD IS LOVE. God wants you happy, healthy, and focused on completing his perfect plan for your life! God will seem so amazing-
because he is ! If you would like to continue you 'paying' for peace - you will be virtually deceiving yourself - however - donations are welcomed at rad art dish dot com

1126 days ago
replied the topic How do I wipe my computer clean? created by sitarakhan

if you do not want to manually delete everything then ccleaner is a great program to wipe the drive clean - or select certain files

1138 days ago
replied the topic freeloaders please help!!! created by chrbdll25

Oh yes - now I have to deal with this at least once a year - The annual freeloaders - Well you can only go by the wisdom of each individual situation - I called the police - and they did absolutely nothing - and come to find out - legally they do not have to - nor do they care - the law sides favor on the tenant - and if they are there more than 30 days at least in California - they are considered to be PERMANENT RESIDENCE - If you have tried a bit of diplomacy - and they have not responded to your requests - The only legal option is arbitration - to file here in California - That is $ 300! ++ so you might be spending more to get rid of them than you would to stay - SO the Great news is - you can take down there license - if they drive a car - or find any personal id info - run a background check on them - make some phone calls - find out who they have burned in the past - Oh you better believe there is at least one person! and use this as leverage - that the person the squatter least would like to see in the remainder of his or her lifetime could suddenly know exactly where to find them! This is a great ploy my FBI friend taught me - Hope you have luck and blessings in 2016.

1166 days ago
replied the topic Why is there a 16GB iphone 6s? created by Nelson1962

Because Apple SUCKS - They like to play mind games with you - while ripping off your wallet and your mind! Be smart like the butterfly that took a bite of that apple and flew away! PEACE

1166 days ago
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