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replied the topic Easy and free antivirus created by ChessKing 11 days ago At the moment, nothing more easy and workable, I do not know.

replied the topic The best aplication of video mantage created by omarwa 11 days ago

ADOBE PREMIERE PRO CC together with ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS CC, out of competition. Professionals choose these tools.

replied the topic What are your hobbies? created by TrevorKith 48 days ago

I like to sleep, but I have insomnia

replied the topic Problems with my WMP 12 player created by snickers 50 days ago

Are you sure that your music files are not corrupted? Can they be played on another computer?

replied the topic How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? created by manizunis 70 days ago

You can squeeze and free up space using for example WinRAR.

replied the topic Why has the laptop computer camera ( WEBCAM) not seen significant hardware upgrades in decades? created by karimaourah 70 days ago

the better the camera, the higher the cost. If you want, you can always buy better for usb

replied the topic Problems with my WMP 12 player created by snickers 70 days ago

install in the system disk


Это неважно. Ваш процессор, Быстрее или медленнее работать не станет. Если он не перегружен другим софтом ( программами ), запущенными на вашем компьютере одновременно.

replied the topic Hard disk problems created by zoro 313 days ago

He that bent?)

replied the topic Скорость интернета через вай фай. created by ChessKing 379 days ago

ровно,на одну стену.

replied the topic How old are you? created by rabia 418 days ago

2017. still young.)

replied the topic Улучшение стационарного компьютера. created by ChessKing 422 days ago

все! но прежде всего о производительности говорит видеокарта. изначально купив хороший комп.,достаточно апгрейдить видеокарту,что бы быть в тренде длительное время на старом железе. если хотите улучшите процессор или матаринку.

replied the topic You believe in life after death in other world.? created by AAA1992 423 days ago

I say all much harder on this. but it does not change anything.

replied the topic You believe in life after death in other world.? created by AAA1992 423 days ago

training. people do not have goals, the soul has a purpose.

replied the topic You believe in life after death in other world.? created by AAA1992 423 days ago

Life, as such, no. you will not be with the mind, which you have now. religion you will not give an answer. religion all the easier. but everything is much more complicated. you, like, do not disappear, but your identity will not be ...

replied the topic I don't like women am I a misogynist created by selcinor 423 days ago

I'm a man and I know what are the woman bitch. but if you hate women, then you do not like the very life.

replied the topic Dual both window7 and widnows 10 created by marketsgolabl 423 days ago

What's the point? just a place to borrow.

replied the topic DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU REALLY ARE? ((UPDATED) created by my_asylum 423 days ago

no! you think you know..?

replied the topic Какой чай полезнее черный или зеленый? created by savram 427 days ago

именно,из-за разных режимов ферментации зеленый чай сохраняет больше полезных веществ. поэтому,зеленый лучше. но,справедливости ради надо сказать,что разница эта не значительна. выбирая,акцентируйте внимание,прежде всего,на своих вкусовых ощущениях. чай приносящий вам больше удовольствия от процесса употребления,станет для вас самым полезным.

replied the topic What currency is better in Russia Us Dollars or Euros? created by ohayou 427 days ago

100% the best dollar than the euro!

replied the topic Возможна ли качественная подделка лекарств? created by ChessKing 427 days ago

пожалуйста,посмотрите эту ссылку. это касается препаратов продающихся в россии,но в целом полезная информация.

replied the topic My laptop can't play DVD. But my DVD player can play it. created by kidcrowd 427 days ago

you do not have video codecs. K-Lite Codec Pack install any video format will be played without any problems the video player.

replied the topic Time travel in reel created by omarwa 427 days ago

we all of travelers in time.
time can be observed, but the change is not possible. if it was the ability to influence the past events, it inevitably would lead to the destruction of the present. including the first experiment to change the past events. in this world, there are laws that can not be changed in pintsipe. the fact that we exist, once again, confirms this.

replied the topic Latest Microprocesssor created by santoshpinge 427 days ago

Intel Core i7-6950X
see tests. Today it is the best processor. better 7700.

replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992 435 days ago

I come from a woman.

replied the topic Way to salvation from evil thoughts and obsessions??? created by AAA1992 439 days ago

spiritually weak people need religion, but not a sect! if you think about it, is a way of healing. after the night, the dawn comes.

replied the topic Почему сигналы безопасности красного цвета? created by ChessKing 439 days ago

красный цвет в природе,значит опасность. научно доказано,что красные цвет способствует выработке адреналина,адреналин гормон увеличивающий скорость реакции. не думаю,что это знали точно когда выбирали красный цвет как знак светофора. но красный цвет ассоциируется с потерей крови. это заложено генетически. например,кнопа СТОП чаще всего тоже красная. желтый или зеленый цвет заметней,но эти цвета в цвето-терапии являются спокойными для человека.

replied the topic Your plans for the new year??! created by AAA1992 439 days ago

Thank you!

replied the topic Наиболее точный и полный гороскоп на 2017 год created by ChessKing 439 days ago

спасибо! с наступающим!

replied the topic How to start download again ? created by Dipto 440 days ago

probably the case in internet connection. check the connection and restart the program.

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