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Application identity appearing in WiseCare 365REWARD $2
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I am wondering how long it takes for questions to be posted? √ answeredREWARD $2
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replied the topic Application identity appearing in WiseCare 365 created by pubbys

Thanks, but the system I use is Windows 10 Home edition

780 days ago
replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge

Study the ancient manuscripts! Especially in the US, the bible. Done topically, the advice is timeless. I recommend the JW's. Do as I did, and tell them that if they EVER lie to you, they are out the door! Worked for me.

821 days ago
replied the topic If the cashier accidentally gives you more change, what would you do? created by daybyday

I follow this rule: I treat everybody the way I want to be treated. The cashier is there because he/she needs the work. I would be stealing, not only from the company, but also from the cashier and the cashier's family, who likely needs the income. Besides, in the long run, we both benefit. What goes around, comes around. Return it with a smile and be helpful!

821 days ago
replied the topic What do you like to do when you are alone at home? created by braz68

I love to learn and write. When alone, I've written some very successful music, written published works (not always under a pseudonym), made wine, gardened, created experiments to prove or disprove some of Tesla's theories that are currently viral on the web. I make it a point to read at least one major book, sometimes in a day, as in "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" by William Shirer, and sometimes over the course of a month as in "The Gulag Archipelago" by Solzhenitsyn. I never have the TV on when I'm alone, and since I most always have a tune running through my head, I don't listen to the radio and rarely to CD's. Instead of having a favorite group, composer, etc., I have favorite tunes, works. I take frequent breaks for light exercise, just to stay in shape.

So read, learn, write, exercise, experiment, and let your mind play!

893 days ago
replied the topic How to forgive others? created by scipio

Not easy when you have been hurt by others as I have been. I won't get into the stories about it. Awfully sad. I start by trying to forget what happened, especially when I see the other person. Then I make the conscious effort to go to him/her/it and apologize for MY wrong. This fosters peace between us. If the other person fesses up, I listen without judgement, which is critical. My objective is peace, not retribution. We then focus on a positive experience, and if we can't find one, we do something together, but not competitively. If at any time during the process the other person "flares up", goes "postal", or goes in what I consider a wrong direction, I take my leave, then return later. If after that it does not work, I approach with another person, perhaps in a group. A neutral ear always helps, because maybe I was in the wrong. NEVER do I try to assert myself as right. It's a two way street. If that doesn't work, then it's time part company, but as friends. You would be surprised at how well this works!

893 days ago
replied the topic How to be an optimistic person? created by claire

Choose to be happy and you are happy. I discovered this when I applied that choice to be happy. All of a sudden, I saw the roses through the thorns. One rose led to another to another, and by following by doing, I lifted myself out of a deep negative depression and gave myself a new start. now, my motto is "Forward we go!" And When asked how I am or how I'm doing, I always say "I'm happy". Blows others away.

893 days ago
replied the topic You 're the kind of person with few or many friends? created by braz68

I have many friends, located throughout the world, and NONE of them are the result of internet activity!! I can and have gone many places and have been invited to and have stayed at many many homes of persons whom I have not met until that day. And I have had the privilege of hosting many such friends. VERY ABNORMAL? Not for people who are truly unified in their beliefs and actions. And locally, I also have friends with whom I share my likes, gifts, and activities with. I believe that every person has something to teach me, and
have a terrific life! You can too.

893 days ago
replied the topic I am wondering how long it takes for questions to be posted? created by pubbys

Problem solved!

981 days ago
replied the topic I am wondering how long it takes for questions to be posted? created by pubbys

Vitalykursk, that is a very puzzling answer!I do not understand it at all. There has been absolutely NO feedback on the question itself. But my money has been taken, which indicates to me that the original question was worthy of an answer. So, here is the question again...I have a CAD program on my computer that crashes as it is loading. The program dies with no error messages being generated. The program used to work fine. The software manufacturer even gave me their copy to use instead of my purchased one. It too died. How can I fix this problem?

981 days ago
replied the topic Which type of art make you relax? created by shashirath

I am a composer, and as such appreciate your question. I always have a tune going through my head, and so can relax whenever. I recommend that you listen to music without lyrics, as lyrics are by their nature mood altering. Abrasive sounds are used by composers to raise tension. An example is the song which includes the lyrics "the kind of music that soothes the soul". Fluid sounds can be very moving, such as the opening of David Maslanka's 8th Symphony. (Yes, symphonic works can be very relaxing and moving). Songs that tell a story can also be uplifting. For examples listen to the music of Alison Krauss. Also if you want to get a powerful jab, try the first movement of Paul Hindemith's Symphony in Bb (this is a tough listen, so approach it with a pillar of salt!). Finally, explore the music of your favorite writer or group. They are your favorites because their music and hopefully their message resonates with you on a deeper level.

981 days ago
replied the topic Which media do you get news from? created by snoopy

steve quayle

981 days ago
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