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replied the topic How to Show a Woman That You Care? created by jonetar

b being there for her everytime she need you. listening to her woes and not judging her

1075 days ago
replied the topic internet connection in my apartment created by proffbamba

make sure you have an internet service provider then get a wireless router and set up your connection

1075 days ago
replied the topic Right time to eat meal created by richkid

best time to eat breakfast 8-10am lunch 12pm-2pm dinner 6pm-9pm

1080 days ago
replied the topic Which sport would you choose? created by rio1

id rather be the champion of an individual sport because the the credit will be mine

1080 days ago
replied the topic Secret to Being Happy created by alvindgreat

ignore negative opinions and concentrate on the good things in life.

1080 days ago
replied the topic My neighbour is stealing my wifi, what am I to do? created by Monitor

track his ip addresses and block it from your router's menu

1080 days ago
replied the topic What is the best way to lengthen hair created by ediminal

Our hair is sometimes difficult to panjangya, Things like this often we experience. Either because of a haircut, or you want to get a haircut before the trend trigger craving change, you can expect long hair in an instant.

The good news, it could happen. A hairdresser may say, do not cut your hair again, even if only for trimming or smoothing hair models. Basically, the hair will grow quickly when it is in a healthy state. Here are tips that you can do to stay healthy and fast hair length:


One of the best ways to lengthen hair you can try yourself at home. Provide three eggs, take the whites, and beat until blended. Apply to the hair with a massage, then let stand 5-10 minutes. Nutrients in the egg to seep into the hair, making it stronger and healthier. Healthy hair is rich in vitamins most powerful trick to speed up hair growth.

Increase consumption of water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can not only make your body fitter, but also activates the cells in the accelerates hair growth. The stronger the network in the hair, the fertility is also maintained.

Consumption of protein

Useful protein to meet the nutritional needs essential for hair growth. In order to grow hair fast, meet your protein needs by eating red meat, chicken, fish, legumes, dairy products, and eggs.

Vitamin B

To stay healthy and fertile, your hair also needs vitamin B. Without adequate intake of vitamin B, the hair will be dry, brittle, and cracked. Take a multivitamin containing vitamin B, which is also found in bananas and pepper.

Hot oil scalp massage

Some beauty salons and spas are now providing care scalp massage with special oils. Warmth seeped into the scalp to stimulate hair growth and health. Maintained healthy hair will be easier to grow.

Reduce blow-dry

Blow-dry hair it can dry out quickly, especially if you're in a hurry. But if the hair is exposed to too much hot air from a hair-dryer, can lead to dry hair and broken. In order to remain healthy hair, dry hair in a natural way, aerated in the air or use a hair-dryer in the distance is not too close and not too hot temperatures.

Olive Oil

Since ancient times, olive oil has been appointed as an ingredient for hair care. Our ancestors used to use it not only to smooth the hair, but also can improve the process of rapid growth of hair. How to use olive oil, drop 4 to 5 drops of olive oil after shampooing, then massage the scalp. Let stand overnight so that the content of the olive oil on the scalp is absorbed. In the morning, do not forget to wash your hair thoroughly.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the natural material to lengthen hair. Has a high content of antioxidants in green tea dapatmembuat blood circulation to the hair to be much better than before. In addition, green tea also serves to make the hair growth faster and healthier. The natural way is to use green tea, then smeared on the scalp and the hair. Kemundian wrap hair using a towel, then after 20 minutes rinse thoroughly.

Coconut milk

Milk can not entrust that to extend. This is one of the most popular techniques used to promote hair growth. With treatment using this method, the hair will be soft and shiny. When done regularly, it can be seen significant results in hair growth. Perform this process three to four times a week. Apply 300 to 500 ml of coconut milk into the scalp and hair. Cover hair with a warm towel and let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, rinse with cold water.

Apple Leather

Apple skin has several basic vitamins that can increase blood circulation to the scalp. When the circulation goes well, it will affect both the growth to lengthen hair. The polyphenol-rich fruit can combat hair loss problems. Apple peels can make the hair more healthy and nutritious. How to treat them, puree apple skin, then apply on the hair. Let stand for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

1080 days ago
replied the topic Which is worse between the two? created by beatrix

both are bad. its better to not exist

1080 days ago
replied the topic How have you seen habits shape your health? created by Arain

a habit is a normal occurence in someone that does not require him/her self to engage in. It can shape ones health by sending signals to the brain thus mastering what and when to do a ceratin thing at a certain time.

1080 days ago
replied the topic What Are Habits and Where Do They Come From? created by Euasktiger

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur unconsciously.As the habit is forming, it can be analysed in three parts: the cue, the behavior, and the reward. The cue is the thing that causes the habit to come about, the trigger of the habitual behaviour. This could be anything that one's mind associates with that habit and one will automatically let a habit come to the surface. The behavior is the actual habit that one exhibits, and the reward, a positive feeling, therefore continues the "habit loop". A habit may initially be triggered by a goal, but over time that goal becomes less necessary and the habit becomes more automatic.

1080 days ago
replied the topic Should I upgrade my iPhone 4s to iOS 9.1? created by nancy

yes you should upgrade it. iOS 9.1 has a limited number of outward facing changes. It includes support for Unicode 7 and 8, introducing a range of new emoji like taco, burrito, cheese wedge, middle finger, champagne bottle, unicorn head, and more. iOS 9.1 includes an update for Live Photos, which now sense when the iPhone is raised or lowered to refrain from recording unnecessary movements. The update also introduces a new Messages option in the Settings app that is designed to allow users to disable photos for contacts, and it brings Apple News to the UK and Australia for the first time. Aside from these changes, iOS 9.1 includes new features and compatibility updates for upcoming Apple products like the fourth-generation Apple TV and the iPad Pro The new Apple TV requires iOS 9.1 to be set up using an iOS device.

iOS 9.1 also includes bug fixes for a number of issues that iOS users have been experiencing, and as with most iOS updates, it enhances performance and introduces important security fixes.

1080 days ago
replied the topic How do I stop my son from TV & Computer? created by hellen

Restrict him from using the computer or else enable the firewall feature which restricts internet access. If you have wifi in your home use a more secure setting and use a password lock on your TV. That will keep him bored and eventually he will settle for his studies

1080 days ago
replied the topic My laptop is really slow even after a full restore to factory settings created by 40s

The slow problem may be caused by having too many programs that run at the same time. The best option is to close the applications that are not in use to increase speed. You should also keep your laptop updated whenever a new update is avalable

1080 days ago
replied the topic Are there any apps like Shazam for movies? created by ghostboy

The show box app is also for movies.. download it here

1126 days ago
replied the topic which one do you prefer, chips or popcorn? created by wency

Chips cause the crunchy taste is so nice

1126 days ago
replied the topic what page can i make money online created by leopal

Download WHAFF Rewards,
put the invitation code : [ BT14851 ] and get $50!!!

1126 days ago
replied the topic what is the best way to still healthy created by azzromyo

The best sport for maintaining healthy is athletes.. alot of running burns calories keeping you fit and healthy

1126 days ago
replied the topic what is the most beautiful coutry created by azzromyo

Nairobi Kenya.. we have beautiful wildlife animals

1126 days ago
replied the topic If you promise a travel with your friend, but you have to cancel it , what would you do? created by jackyjacky

Tell them that something came up and that you will make up at a later date. I'm sure he will understand.

1126 days ago
replied the topic Come to japan? what i need created by palpeo

Sushi is the best meal

1126 days ago
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