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I am new to this forum so here goes with my first answer. I think that all the answers so far have missed the point that last week he had 85% of his 1TB drive empty. He only has 3 programs on the disc . Something has changed all that and my guess that he has some sort of virus or bug which has filled up the disc. One TB is a hell of a lot and usually isn't just old files and general rubbish. Also I feel that there are far too many people out there that want to wipe the lot and install a new fresh O/S. If you have a sticky problem, do your very best to fix it, not just re-install Windows. To oscarc2000
, when you open Drive c:, what do you see? One of those directories must have an awfull lot of files in it. Right click on each of the directories, select properties, and you will see how much space each directory is taking up. Continue doing this untill you find where all your space is being used. Then check it out and take appropiate action.

506 days ago
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