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replied the topic Best method for learn English??? created by only_god

Start Sleeping with someone who speaks English ... you will be very motivated ... and fluent in no time :)

1719 days ago
replied the topic How to make child grow taller? created by AF

Short Answer (and Correct)

1) Proper Diet and a Multi-Vitamin (do not limit the growth through Nutritional Deficiencies)
2) Growth steriods can be prescribed if child is unusually short ... and you are ok with the side-effects (* and as long as they are under 16-17 years old ... The ends of the bones "Fuse" at this age ... and then Nothing makes them grow.

Any other answers are pure bullshit ... with no science behind them.

Thanks! - Prof. Paul J. Cline Ed. D

1770 days ago
replied the topic How to train my baby to learn language faster? created by byebye

SECRET!!!! From age 2-4/5 kids can learn passively as many languages as they are exposed to!!!! Turn the TV to the Spanish Channel and Let them Listen a couple hours a day ... then The French Channel .. etc!!! Use The Radio/CD?MP3 player the same way in their bedroom ... or you can download CDs/MP3 of different languages :) EXPOSURE IS THE KEY!!!

Prof. Paul J. Cline Ed.D

1770 days ago
replied the topic How to hide photos in Windows? created by bike

SIMPLE!!! Use the "Folder & File Hider" in WiseCare 365 ... Can be used to hide the Picture Files and Folders. Why didn't anybody suggest this??? LOL :)

SIMPLE and FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

1776 days ago
replied the topic Do you use the same password on all sites? created by hanabi

NO! If someone gets that one password they will own EVERY site you use that password On ... Including your FINANCES!!! OUCH!!!

BEST TIP EVER!!! Use a Program Called "RoboForm" ... with ONE CLICK it will take you to the website ... put in your User Name .. Put in your Password ... and log you in! Super-fast ... will probably save you 20-25 hours a year just doing log-ins! AND It is Super-Secure ... AND you can use as many passwords as you want ... and it REMEMBERS all of them for YOU! :) IO have used this for 4 years now ... and just got it for my 86 yo Dad who is starting to have memory problems and passwords were a nightmare! To get this program go to:

Additional Tip!!! When Creating Passwords Use Upper and Lower Case letters and add at least 4 number to the end (RoboForm will remember these for you ... so you don't care how complex they are! :) Bonus: RoboForm will even Generate Highly Serure Passwords for you in a split second, if you like :)

Hope this helps!!! :)

1776 days ago
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