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my network card doesn't work no more windows 105
1844 days ago, last commented by yeeoo
change graphic card from Intel to Nvidia√ answeredREWARD $25
1844 days ago, last commented by ha14

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replied the topic If you want to immigrate, which country would you like to choose? created by AF

every human being seeks to live in peace and dignity as a being with its values, the destination would probably where the human being is respected with all his rights , but it would not at all india or africa neither asia,
syrian refugee crisis has shown that the only country to have opened its arms to refugees is germany, without forget the Scandinavian countries

1624 days ago
replied the topic I eat little but feel full. Why? created by carlasss

do the fasting
try it

1637 days ago
replied the topic What is your wish ? created by only_god

if your wish is to be rich
my wish ... I have the target to reach
If I could i'll convert all the poor to rich
then my wish will be :
I want to dedicate my life to helping the poor as the rich
I would do it until finish

1637 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite English accent? created by timeis


1659 days ago
replied the topic Is it impolite if we tell a girl she is fat? created by walker16

it is not the mistake itself that matters but not to learn
we learn by mistake
you must ask her forgiveness

1659 days ago
replied the topic Mother's Day is coming, what would you give your mother as a gift? created by seven

my mother is dead
if she was still alive,
I will offer her my happiness to be with her,
I will show her my satsifaction
and ask her to forgive me
because she expect only my happiness

1659 days ago
replied the topic What are the must-do things in life? created by gifted

our life is so short
as well you can live 60, 40, 100 years
if a human being has to disappear one day, so we must be aware and know how to sustain his life,
avoids to live for yourself only, but rather living for others
soothe there pain
help the most disadvantaged
go to the good things
defend the good cause
but if you take care only for yourself : just ,eat ,sleep ,make money ,travel, your death will not be regrettable
in conclusion : go for the others and your family

1659 days ago
replied the topic Does pure friendship exist between men and women? created by snoopy

yes we can be friend in humane ... if we stop to think just sex like animals

1703 days ago
replied the topic What mistakes do you avoid making in your life? created by hellen

we learn by mistake
we can't learn without mistake
The most serious error not to commit is not to learn the lesson and falling into the same error

1710 days ago
replied the topic What is the most precious things you have lost? created by kathy

My mother
time without helping people
without the good things

1710 days ago
replied the topic Where are you from? created by jackslow

I am from any where.
I come from the earth our mother.
like you like him like an other
but I am just a human being.
with a heart and mind.
I like everyone. all human beings of different cultures of different nations of different color
for me they have one heart one mind the same

1711 days ago
replied the topic Someone blocks my internet connection created by drahmetyigitoglu

two way :
1-use manipulation in your rooter it's easy.
2-use application like ""Who Is On My Wifi 2.2.0""

1715 days ago
replied the topic Which mobile operating system is best created by peiresimon

to tell you the truth in a few words, here:
the phone is made of software and hardware,
softwares ! this is the same for all, the difference is in the hardware: the best mark is that using original materials of high quality, which makes the difference in prices, I believe that samsung and apple made the most of advances, but continued concurrency ...
then, the choice between iOS and Android makes the difference, it depends on your way to use the phone

1716 days ago
replied the topic Play free board games online website ? created by edge


1719 days ago
replied the topic How to become more tolerant of others ? created by edge

As you think that way ,
I 'm sure that you are able to change your life to the right path
develop the positive side of yourself
you must know that person is your enemy except yourself
unless you arrive one day to control yourself
it's like youtube or facebook where you get to earn a lot of like by doing a good job.

1720 days ago
replied the topic What is forex can we earn the money form forx? created by javedhumza

forex is a great game to loose your money
to throw money out the window

1748 days ago
replied the topic Are there good Japanese movies that you can recommend? created by Rayna

kikuiro summer

1770 days ago
replied the topic What do you think of woman who smokes? created by twoapple

when you'r in front of a personnel freedom you're obliged to respect
but it is our duty to give advice
because it is a human life that undergoes a risk
the body of a woman is more fragile
it is a source of education for our children
is it necessary to give a bad image

1770 days ago
replied the topic What is your best way to make yourself wake up early in the morning? created by nancy

take 5 hours of sleep
it's enough
never use alarm
learn to wake yourself
it is your mind which will be used to do

1773 days ago
replied the topic What is the key to happiness? created by Amy

Don't look for happiness in a money
don't follow money
let money follow you

1773 days ago
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