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yes, they are mine but the other person is my brother, which I told about this platform, anyway you are justify and am done. I don't know that referring a friend or brother is a crime we do used the same pc device and opera browser to work sometime not always, then why shouldn't you warn us then, as we don't know your rule. Thank for this because I gained some interesting advice which I can add to manuscript on social advice, it is ust that I don't be able to copy it all before you blocked my account, that is my gain here, though I still need more on social advice could anyone have the idea of any forum that offer something like social advice, please give it to me before I unsubscribe from here. Thank euask for your time used.

626 days ago
replied the topic Bsbddhdbx zhnsmzbvhjzzlpfmbmc smzjdjklajs created by otitojajogun

Then why they blocked my account without any reason to do that, I just sign up this new account to protest their injustice decision, and to me they are not more than other scam platform, this how the and other scam platform used to do after collecting our data and traffic. I am not convince yet unless they respond to my mail sent through

627 days ago
replied the topic I need help is it real or fake ! created by baladox

euask itself is scam, be aware, they are scam.

627 days ago
replied the topic JPG to PDF conversion created by ErnestEd is a scam, don't trust them they blocked am not a new on this platform I asked question and gave answers and I have some points and money to transfer the euask just blocked my account. and they refused to respond to on their .

just be warned.

627 days ago
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