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replied the topic What is your favorite English accent? created by timeis

the british accent of cours !

1594 days ago
replied the topic What is the best thing in life created by zizou

the best thing in life is that" there is many best things in life", I love fresh air on my face,the limpid water
in river, my children, playing games ,watching movie,s reading coran ,my wife, my freinds ,my gods......if there was a single best thing in life ,what can we do if we lost it?

1605 days ago
replied the topic How to make yourself feel worthy? created by claire

I feel very worthy in one situation, when I assist someone materially or morally and I feel that I had make him happier!

1611 days ago
replied the topic Do you want to go back to childhood? created by nollore

oh yes!!! but my reasen is different from yours, I want to go back to childhood to have more fun and play a lot ,becuase I was a good student in a poor familly .... I wish ??


1612 days ago
replied the topic What is your ideal workplace? created by sunrise

my dream was to manage a garden or a zoo,

1612 days ago
replied the topic Why can't I disable some program on Startup? created by bling

better uninstall the program ,disable it make some problem in the system

1614 days ago
replied the topic Can someone make me laugh? I dont laugh almost 1 year.. created by ZezuZaza

one year!!!!! this is a joke ,right?

1614 days ago
replied the topic How to leave bad habits in life??? created by only_god

bad habits are like a bad big tree ,to get ride from it you must cut every day a branch from it ,otherwise you will discover bad other consequences

1614 days ago
replied the topic What is love? best love?!! created by fantasticomid

it's so simple to know the love, can your life stay the same without your beloved? if no ; this is the love. it gives the stability to your life.

1618 days ago
replied the topic Are you afraid of Death?????hard... created by only_god

what is more scaring than death is to know
when you die, the death is so natural, emore than 100000 human died every day.

1627 days ago
replied the topic What is the most beautiful place in the world? created by AbdelMtw

may be where you are is the best place in the whole world, if you are happy and healthy.

1628 days ago
replied the topic Do you like traveling? How often do you travel? created by walker16

if you ask me what is my first pleasure in my life, without doubt is traveling. I love find in every day a new world, a new place, even in movies or in documentary, i like "travel"but unfortunately I have a problem in that pleasure , I miss every place I saw before, and in most cases I can't go back there, because no time, no money.

1630 days ago
replied the topic We always give the worst temper to the intimate person while leave the tolerance and patience to the strangers. Why? created by au52

this is a good question,there is at least"in my opinion" 4 reasons to that behavior,1:what we know 2:what we suppose to know;3:our mood 4:what we do not want to know.
we know that the intimate person knows what we love what we hate,when he gives you a green apple,you shout at him
you know i hate green apple,whith strangers you smile and say politely thanks!!!you are sure they know nothing about you.
we act the same way if we suppose that our intimate persons know all that things,3:sometimes our mood interfere with
our reaction with intimate person,we know that they understand our reaction and pardon us,
4,we do not want to know the reaction of strangers maybe they go so far to the point that they....

1634 days ago
replied the topic If the man sitting besides you fell asleep on your shoulder in the subway/underground, what will you do? created by AF

that happens to me a lot especially in summer,in that case i try not moving suddenly,when the taxi ...stops i ask him if this is his station.

1634 days ago
replied the topic If you feel stressful, what will you prefer to do? created by minice

if i have some stress by day i prefer make some jogging;the bestway in the night is to try to have some sleep.

1634 days ago
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