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replied the topic Can i design a logo by using MS Paint? created by BTW

@BTW Why not?

1624 days ago
replied the topic What animal are you afraid of the most? created by oxygen

In Africa or Australia I would want to know the poisonous ones in detail, even a full one month course in great detail.

I know hippos and crocodiles are very dangerous in Africa, would learn more on avoiding, but the Black Mambas can be very sneaky, and may be irritable when surprised accidentally like Cottonmouth Moccasin in SE USA. As far as I know mambas are extremely poisonous and the needed aid would seldom be fast enough.

So I would beware very much of Black Mamba. I like beware as a better word than afraid. I think afraid may draw more attention too, but I have heard mambas are fast, so if surprised in spite of cautions, I would run like hell without looking back. Unfortunately I am now too elderly to run very fast, so scratch Africa off my list of vacation places. More so owing to poor eyesight and hearing.

I have reason to believe poisonous animals are much reduced, or perhaps altered to harmless, if not gone, on planets translated higher, but I do not fully comprehend the wisdom of their existence in the lower spheres.

I suspect many things are intended to stimulate thought. Primitive peoples might be too slow to develop in a paradise. Perhaps there are other means of stimulating thinking in higher realms.

I am absolutely sure both people and planets can be translated, such is near to occur here. Both people and planets can be perfected.

1641 days ago
replied the topic How i can remove virus from my computer created by sikander

Find out the APP NAME of what you wish to keep, like MobileTool.exe

Download SUPERAntiSpyware Free edition [SAS}



For most users you remove ALL that SAS finds

For YOU, just uncheck anything you wish to keep

OR remove all and then Reinstall your MobileTool.exe or whatever it is called

If you do not remember where you got MobileTool.exe or whatever it is called,

merely do web search on it and Reinstall, but make sure you download it from reputable place

that does not include malware.

If it is NOT actually Malware, then most likely SAS will NOT list it for removal

ANYTHNG ELSE? Ask SAS on their website, see?

1662 days ago
replied the topic Why people climes that Russian election is not held in fare manure? created by Aravi

Please list what Duma has done in one column and what President Putin has done in the other column. Then bear will answer.

1665 days ago
replied the topic How to keep marriage fresh? created by colin

Be an ever growing Soul, Find an ever growing-Soul mate.

Recognize differences of style as positive, communicate rationally for consensus, and allow for personal spaces in togetherness.

Sit by stream and flowers, watch the clouds and birds, look at the mountains and seas regularly.

Be ever receptive to higher truth, beauty and goodness.

1665 days ago
replied the topic How to naturally improve your concentration power? created by Aravi

1677 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite Asian country? created by ohayo

@ohayo Northern Japan -- Hokkaido Paradise

1692 days ago
replied the topic What is the easiest language to learn? created by realtrain

Probably the ONE that is closest to you. I would try kiddie books first, like I learned my native tongue.

But I work differently from most people, more so for language. I am a digital more than analog person as well.

Most adept with language(s) are not like that.

Once you do 4 or 5 I hear, 5 or 6 more are quite easy, but no revealing explanation as to why. It must be arcane.

1746 days ago
replied the topic Archive formats with the highest compression ratio created by Hoshikawa_Momoko

I do not know if anything in these two urls will help, sounds like you are likely beyond most all comers:

Some newer useful stuff

However, I do know the second url applies to photos which take up lots of space.

So I'd guess it depends of the nature of the MIX as to 'stuff' you are archiving.

Most of us regular people would go for the highest compression scheme that extracts with reasonable speed.

I do not know the record for stuff stowed on 16--32 gb USB stick either.

I like to stick to Open Source stuff, find all I need, and content to surmise about what might be missing.

My computers rather clogged though. Had I more time for such activities I too would be using compression schemes.

I did manage to loose 10 years of stuff from last 16 years though, but the last third is nearly filling up everything already, including three brand new backup drives. So much stuff, I sometimes recall but cannot find something of great value I know is there somewhere.

Compression likely will increase my difficulty. Scroll through that first url stuff...

1746 days ago
replied the topic Need win 7 update.inf how do i get it created by map

If that leaves problem, go to:

1758 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite quote? created by Jeffnaija

Step by step one goes a long way.

1758 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite weather? created by finefin

15 degrees C to 66 degrees F
Mostly Sunny tapering to Partly Cloudy on every 3rd Day and some rain that night.
During Winter and Fall I like to see some Fog every once ion a while.
Unusual cloud formations are interesting provided it is not overly windy.
Some light wind is fine before and after the rain every 3rd night.
During winter it can get down to 34 degrees F, but only at night (about 1 degree C)

I would call this ideal bear weather. Good for some fishing and sailing as well.

Not a fussy bear.

1758 days ago
replied the topic What gift will you prepare for the Father's Day? created by July

I answered questions about The Universal Father today, and yesterday and so on, as well.

1761 days ago
replied the topic How to response "Why aren't you married yet"? created by au52

"So far all gals looking for money more than honest and dependable."

OR "Trying to find brainier candidates."

OR "Haven't as yet found one who is skilled, like I am."

OR "My main criterion is heavenly."

OR "None of them liked flowers so far."

1766 days ago
replied the topic What would you respond to someone kicking your chair in the cinema? created by boyz

He annoyed you. Time for calling the police and telling them what theatre you are at, and you moved owing to maniacal looking guy kicking your seat back, and the reason you are calling is he looks like he may have gun in pocket and you are worried about the theatre crowd. Count the rows back before making call and tell them which row number, left side, right side, or left or right of the middle or right in the middle of the middle, whatever.

But before you do this just ask him to stop w/o profanity. Tell him it is hard to follow the movie with the kicking going on.

If it does not stop, he is a dangerous animal, the kind who likes irritating, and maybe killing others. Hard to see perfectly in dark. But any bulge may be a weapon.

Go make the call and sit somewhere very separate from lunatic. Make sure your phone does not ring with police calling you back. Make sure your movie date or group moves away as well, so no one can have seat back kicked.

After police arrive or any time later, or if they call on phone, say "Yes, I am the one who called. I suffered for 10 minutes and then asked politely for him to stop. But he kept it up and looks very dangerous, like he was ready to go completely out of control and might have weapons."

Hard to see in the dark. Just doing the best you could. Tell them you took a different seat after calling to be safe. Just doing your public duty.

This type of person is REALLY dangerous ! They are going off in a snap all over the place nowadays. Road rage, killing old women with baseball bats, whatever. In actual fact, just such fidgetiness is a sign they're about to explode. No self-control, see?

Don't take a chance. Save your life, save others too.

I wouldn't trust that 2d cat from the left in back rows area either. The others are obviously following the movie. Experienced bear here.

Make sure your group left no trash on the floor, so all there can be attributed to the miscreant. They are trashy and foul mouthed as well.

Abit Onus, as Schopenhauer would say.

1768 days ago
replied the topic Best method for learn English??? created by only_god

Easier when you start with KIDS Books, any language.

1768 days ago
replied the topic Do you like soy milk? created by Gaia

No, the bear does not like Soy Milk. But Tofu is okay, bear knows how to use that many ways.

1768 days ago
replied the topic Google vs Apple, which will be better? created by bootup

Google has more monetary brute force and more irons in the fire.

Apple has their own and other closely related engineers and a bit more creativity focused far less widely.

There is some overlap, far below 15%.

It is very hard to guesstimate the future when I lack sufficient further detail as to the current 'lunatick' fringe of both, so to speak.

Google does not run out of advertising revenue, but Apple must have new products in pipeline.

If Apple can help students like never before, all levels, it could win.

Google helps find info, can they do something more for students?

Students, real ones, are proliferating, wish it were as true in USA as overseas.

Will there be some new home device?

Pharmacists and Doctors are a big market. PA's and NP's too.

Integrating much in way of details enables predictions, but bear can only conjure the foregoing on this one.

Which one is the more exposed to adverse California events (on negative side)? I cannot go there and estimate, Bear is VERY GOOD at that. I must see to evaluate, on site.

So my guesstimate gives Google an edge, at least.

But I could be wrong based on insufficient data. Even three very creative people in one could make a big difference.

The 3D Printer is the talk of the world in engineering and scientific circles. Training programs will feature strongly.

A smart California person with access can easily outdo me for this question.

Could Apple have another phenomenal product? Five or 25 ideas might be outstanding, but only a few great ideas become marketing phenomena over time.

Apple is a bit interested in Materials Science of certain phenomenal discoveries... Will they expand there?


Owning posh patents is another way.

Even the automakers keep things secret. A really good idea is the same.

Everyone in world wants to know. Do NOT break in there to find out !

Spying penalties are harsh...

1774 days ago
replied the topic Which food do you guys like the most? created by yuetau

Strawberrey-Rhubarb Pie wirh Whipped Cream on top.

-- if that is the last thing they remember, they will be back

1774 days ago
replied the topic What is the most important personality do you think we must have? created by minice

The one unique personality God gave you is best, and 2d best is finding out what talents are there for development.

Then don't wait for Pres, teacher, the mayor, some know-it-all, psychic, whatever. Exercise those unique talents.

Practice makes a perfect you, very attractive as well.

If your Mind is linked and tuned to Cosmic Mind channel, you get good health and a healthy, non-profane vocabulary too.

Perhaps you'll plant some flowers; or build tiny distance houses in the forest for recovering touchy people; or make the first boat that travels like a flying fish; or perfect the first battery that recharges many times, solely from heat; or find a far better way of teaching each student, only what that student needs and wants, and not so much for so long that he / she has no chance to do his own vastly more important work for the world.

Maybe you'll be the 19th person to Mars, or the first person to find Lost Secrets of the Polynesians.

Who knows? You'd better get cracking.

1775 days ago
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