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replied the topic Where do you watch football online? created by Cezario 429 days ago

Check these out;





replied the topic Dissertation Help created by evelynwilliams 429 days ago

UK Dissertation Experts at are good. They give you the let you identify your location so that they can tailor your dissertation to the needs of your academic environment.

replied the topic Traveling to paris created by TrevorKith 773 days ago

@TrevorKith is a wonderful site to help you relate to people living in Paris. Also, these links can help you; › Hotels › Europe › France › Ile-de-France, › Europe › France › Ile-de-France › Paris, › France › Ile de France, › Hotels in France › Paris Hotels.

replied the topic How to contact Apple Mac support phone number? created by tiffanykart 773 days ago

Call customer care @ 1-800-676-2775. You can also visit their website for a more specific detail.

replied the topic Is someone accessing my laptop remotely? created by adamjohnson 815 days ago


Your system could possibly be hacked from a remote location. There are also possiblitlies that someone used a usb to infilitrate your database and got your information cracked. so try this:

To prevent someone from using Remote Assistance to take control of this computer. Clear the check box labeled Allow this computer to be controlled remotely. To open System, click Start, click Control Panel, click Performance and Maintenance, and then click System.


Maybe you should just backup and format. Cheers.

replied the topic How do you create a poll online? created by Teresita 837 days ago

You can use, or easypolls to create a poll.

for, Step 1: Create an account

Step 2: log in and click the button "Create a Poll"

Step 3: Give your new poll a name, hit "Create Poll", and start editing on the following page!

After that, you can then distribute your questionnaire, collect results and analyze or have the system do all that for depending on the website you use.


replied the topic How do you upload a video to a you tube channel? created by Teresita 837 days ago

Download the Youtube app

Sign in to YouTube.

Open your video

Press the Share button

Select YouTube from the Share menu.

Give it a title

Describe the video

Tag the video

Select your privacy settings.

Click the Upload or Publish button.


replied the topic How can i earned good money on line created by ronnadeau 878 days ago

It all depends on your interests and what skills and experiences you have had over the years. For some people online betting is the best thing that has happened to them for others, it's a no go area because of the moral implications and possible addiction.

If you are interested in gaming, fine; some sites pay you to test and give them good attributes and criticisms.

If you are into sports and can predict right, bet360 etc will cure your quest for cash but you must be disciplined.

If you're a writer, you can right for both essay and article companies and possibly create your own blog and make money from google adsense, affiliate marketing, advertisements.

If you like investigations you could register with survey companies and take surveys for their clients while you get paid.

You can showcase your talents on photography and sell good photos online,

if you have a good network on different social media sites, you can become an asset to companies who want to reach out to so many people at the same time by advertising their products and services to your 10,000 or more friends and contacts on the social media.

Just be very professional at what ever you do, your good works will sell you online. Network, join relevant associations and fora online, work at home, crowdsourcing, etc.

below are some of the areas you could explore:

Top ways to make money online and offline

No-risk matched betting. Hands down the quickest way to make a lot of money (well, without breaking the law). ...
Online surveys. ...
Paid for searching the web. ...
Online market trading. ...
Start your own website. ...
Review websites & apps for cash. ...
The 'Disney Vault' secret. ...
'Get Paid To' sites.

replied the topic In pricing an eBook, what is the best price to sell it on Amazon? created by Teresita 879 days ago


It depends on what your ebook is all about but basically unique contents on pros like novels between 50 to 200 pages could go for between $1 to $5 on payhip while on amazon, they could go for between $2 to $10. Other platforms include gumroad and

So, just study the trend in each platform and tailor your prices as such. Good luck.

replied the topic Why my computer pup out while gaming created by AYMEN19 879 days ago

check if the game is compatible with Windows.

If it is, then follow the steps enumerated here:

replied the topic Best topic for create a blog? created by AAA1992 882 days ago

"lifestyle" could be a good topic; it incorporates virtually everything that revolves around man, from pets to tech, relationship, news and sports etc. Cheers.

replied the topic Dumas alexandr writer france created by operint 882 days ago


Alexandre Dumas’ published works totaled 100,000 pages. His historical novels were:

“The Count of Monte Cristo”,

“The Three Musketeers”,

“Twenty Years After”, and

“The Vicomte de Bragelonne”

Dumas' last novel, “The Knight of Sainte-Hermine”, unfinished at his death, was completed by a scholar Claude Schopp who was the leading authority on Dumas and published in 2005, becoming a best seller. It was published in English in 2008 as The Last Cavalier.

Alexandre Dumas wrote numerous stories and historical chronicles of high adventure. They included the following:
• Captain Paul (Le Capitaine Paul, 1838), his first serial novel.
• Acté of Corinth; or, The convert of St. Paul. a tale of Greece and Rome. (1839), a novel about Rome, Nero, and early Christianity.
• Othon l'archer (1840)
• Captain Pamphile (Le Capitaine Pamphile, 1839)


replied the topic A palmiped's feet are more commonly called what? created by Ben_k_96 883 days ago

A palmiped's feet are more commonly called "WEBBED."

replied the topic Is it possible to sharpen the photo? created by ChessKing 885 days ago


Online photo editors include: GIMP, Fotor, edit online, PicMonkey, collage, Pixlr, Photoshop Express etc.


replied the topic How do you add your own affiliate link to a product or other pdf document created by Teresita 888 days ago

There are two ways you can that:

1. convert the pdf ebook online with or any good pdf to word converter. After that, you can edit the word file by:

Placing your cursor where ever you want the link and

right-clicking to select hyperlink

in the hyperlink dialogue box, type in the link in the address bar and click ok

the hyperlink is the created in the word document

Finally, you can then convert the hyperlinked ebook back to pdf.

2. Download Adobe Acrobat XI Pro

Open the ebook with Adobe Acrobat

Click on Content editing on the right side

Under Content editing select edit text and image and type "subscribe now" or "buy now". This will then appear on the ebook but without a link.

To link your affiliate address click on "add and edit link" and follow the dialogue box an input your affiliate address under open to web.


Create a link using the Link tool

Choose Tools > Edit PDF > Link > Add or Edit.

The pointer becomes a cross hair, and any existing links in the document, including invisible links, are temporarily visible.
Drag a rectangle where you want to create a link. This is the area in which the link is active.
In the Create Link dialog box, choose the options you want for the link appearance.
Select one of the following link actions:

Go To A Page View

Click Next to set the page number and view magnification you want in the current document or in another document (such as a file attachment), and then click Set Link.

Open A File

Select the destination file and click Select. If the file is a PDF, specify how the document should open (for example in a new window or within an existing window), and then click OK.


If the filename is too long to fit in the text box, the middle of the name is truncated.

Open A Web Page

Provide the URL of the destination web page.

Custom Link

Click Next to open the Link Properties dialog box. In this dialog box, you can set any action, such as reading an article, or executing a menu command, to be associated with the link.

replied the topic What are the pros and cons of making friends online? created by listaccount102 888 days ago


1. You meet different people of diverse cultures.
2. You learn the culture of different people.
3. You have the opportunity to meet the kind of person you want because you’re not limited.
4. You can get help from a limitless number of people that your immediate environment cannot give.
5. You can also be of help to people who are greatly in need elsewhere where life is more difficult that your immediate environment.
6. You have a vast horizon to learn anything in the world from friends who know it better.


1. Friends could take advantage of you after all, you’d find it difficult to reach them besides the cost of apprehending them might far outweigh the benefits incase you’re conned.
2. Your privacy could be in jeopardy and could be used to undo you.
3. You don’t really know them properly so if they have criminal, legal issues; they could be linked to you and get you implicated.
4. Through you, they could infiltrate other people’s privacy and ascertain their identity through your friendship with them.
5. They could jeopardize your reputation because they have little or nothing to lose since they are not your close friends and may not have as much reputation, integrity and moral virtues as you do.
6. They could gradually lure or manipulate you into things you never envisaged depending on who they are and what they practice.

Be very careful with people you do not know very well, online or offline and don’t post everything about you online. Different people, different motives.

replied the topic Michael jackson in 1984 created by tamara12 888 days ago

He first, went to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles initially, but got treated at Brotman Medical Center in Culver City where he, Michael donated the $1.5 million settlement he obtained from Pepsi after the accident to the Brotman Memorial Hospital in Culver City, California, to establish the Michael Jackson Burn Center for Children.

Thus, he was first rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, and later transferred by ambulance to Brotman memorial Hospital Burn Center.

replied the topic How do I update my htc one me? created by rohinraha 888 days ago

Updates for some HTC apps and features, such as HTC Sense Home, may be downloaded and installed from Google Play. See Installing app updates from Google Play for details.

But I might want to consider this: Guys if your ME is rooted, download L Speed from the playstore and set profile to Battery.

This made the phone stable and usable. The other profiles did boost a little performance but drained the battery very fast.

Turn off High Performance mode if enabled.

replied the topic Better place to buy electronics created by layls1071 888 days ago

@layls1071 tops them all because of its affiliate program which gives a lot of vendors a good platform to reach out to as many people. Other sites include:,,,, etc.

replied the topic Can a laptop not be damaged if it is use daily without its battery? created by Teresita 888 days ago

There is no reason why a laptop wouldn’t work just fine without the battery in it, as long as you take a few aspects into account.

First of all, make sure you’re using the original power adapter that came with the laptop. Power variations could cause components on the laptop’s motherboard to fail, which is something that the battery can prevent, by acting the way a UPS would.

And speaking of power, you probably shouldn’t use a laptop without a battery if you live in an area where high-intensity electrical loads are likely. If you know that you don’t have good quality electrical current, don’t do this, or use a UPS too.

That way you can make sure that your laptop doesn’t suffer any damage in the event of a high load. Not to mention a UPS is essential anyway as you won’t lose your work in the case of a power outage, and they act as a surge protector too.

Another important thing is never to remove the power cord from the laptop when the laptop is working, as that could cause damage to its components.

Also, don’t touch the battery contacts when it’s plugged in. They are well hidden in the case of most laptops, but you could get a bit of a jolt. It’s pretty low-voltage — most of them are at 24V maximum.

And remember only to take out the battery when the laptop is turned off and unplugged.

replied the topic What are all the possible causes why a battery in a laptop is damaged created by Teresita 888 days ago


Constant power after full charge shortens your battery life.

Heat accelerates battery degradation. Extreme heat can cause the cells to expand and bubble.

Full battery discharges (until laptop power shutdown, 0%) should be avoided, because this stresses the battery a lot and can even damage it. It's recommended to perform partial discharges to capacity levels of 20-30% and frequent charges, instead of performing a full discharging followed by a full charging.

To store a battery for long periods of time, its charge capacity should be around 40% and it should be stored in a place as fresh and dry as possible. A fridge can be used (0ºC - 10ºC), but only if the battery stays isolated from any humidity.

replied the topic The computer shuts down spontaneously created by brobushek 893 days ago

Maybe sound card is bad; to fix it, enter Device Manager, and select your sound card from the list of results. Under Sound, video, and game controllers, select and open your sound card . Then, select the Driver tab, and update Driver.

As for your computer shutting down spontaneously, possibly you installed a new hardware improperly, so uninstall the hardware driver and install again properly. The problem could be that each time the hardware is being accessed the improperly installed driver is missing and the system then shuts down.

So check your hardware drivers and install properly.

replied the topic C drive space is not reducing created by HFAvery 893 days ago

Check the size of your hyber files and your page files and make sure their settings are not above your RAM size.

If your RAM size is 4Gb for instance your page file and hyber files settings from the system administrator, system control panel, should be 3Gb for each for the required operating system type. Not too low or too high per say.

Run a space analyzer on your hard drive to detect the cause of the space issue with a space sniffer, a freeware that is very resourceful. Goodluck


replied the topic Monitors are getting damaged by its power supply. created by Parag 893 days ago

The problem could be the voltage. Maybe there are no adaptors to regulate the current which could lead to power surge..

replied the topic Why my computer pup out while gaming created by AYMEN19 893 days ago

@AYMEN19 Scan your entire system and fix any issues.

Check you power management and leave it at high performance when gaming.

check your RAM requirements for the game.

check your Processor speed for the game.

Check the operating system requirements too.

The memory space of your system should also be considered.

replied the topic Android Programing with Java script and CSS and html . created by AAA1992 893 days ago

You are obviously on the right track.

Java script is a mobile application front-end language for a responsive website. A responsive website is one the is accessible from any device: laptop, smart phone, i-pad etc.

CSS helps you with the color scheme, cascaded styles, color sheet layout that fits your graphics.

HTML helps your application to display on the browser

finally, you need one more thing: a compatible integrated development environment like android studio or ionic software. Make sure your comply with their requirements. Good luck!

replied the topic Enter the BIOS or CMOS setup created by a454545 908 days ago

Turn your computer off by pressing and holding the power button. Wait 30 seconds, and press the power button.

2Wait about 3 seconds, and press the "F8" key to open the BIOS prompt.

3Use the up and down arrow keys to select an option, and press the "Enter" key to select an option.

4Alter the option using the keys on your keyboard. Enter new numbers for numerical values using the keypad. Move the order of options up or down using the plus and minus keys. Press "Y" to enter yes for an option and "N" to enter no for an option.

5Tap the "Esc" key to exit BIOS, and return to your normal computer home screen.

6Click on the "Start" menu and select "Run." Type "D:/>wmic bios get /format:list" to bring up a list of the BIOS settings. Alter the settings using the same methods you used previously.

7Restart the computer after changing the BIOS by clicking the "Start" button and selecting "Shut Down." Click the button that reads "Restart" and allow the computer to reboot.


Press "Ctrl," "Atl" and "Delete" at the same time to restart your computer while in BIOS.

OR Use this methods below by using the link :
How to Access UEFI BIOS Setup in Windows 8/10 New PCs

UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is a standard firmware interface for new PCs pre-installed with Windows 8/10, which is designed to replace BIOS (basic input/output system).

If your computer has not been installed with Windows 8 and 10, just need to follow traditional method to boot computer from USB device or CD-ROM. If not, how can you enter UEFI BIOS settings to set new Windows 8/10 computer boot from USB/CD-ROM?

Please see following four methods. They will help you access UEFI BIOS Setup screen (sometimes called BIOS Setup Utility or Boot Options screen) when computer is accessible or locked.

Method 1: Access UEFI BIOS Setup with Hot Key
Method 2: Access UEFI BIOS by PC Settings
Method 3: Access UEFI BIOS Setup via Command Prompt
Method 4: By Holding down Shift While Choosing Restart Button


replied the topic How many points do you have on Euask? created by sunrise 925 days ago

Name your price, how much points are you looking at? That makes it easier for anyone who's interested to contest.

replied the topic How repair a usb stick created by kings 934 days ago


1. Click start, go to Control Panel, then Device Manager
2. Right-click “USB Mass Storage Device”, and select “Uninstall”
3. Unplug the Flash Drive and wait a few seconds
4. Plug it back in
5. Windows will give you the same “disk not formatted” error - don't worry...
6. Do not format the drive – click cancel
7. Then safely remove hardware (like you would normally)
8. Remove the flash drive, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in.
9. Now that it has been “safely removed”, Windows should give you a message saying “do you want to Scan and Fix” – Click the “Scan and Fix” button.
10. Check “Automatically fix file system errors” and “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors”
11. Click “Start” to start the scan, wait for it to complete… Goodluck


replied the topic What is the meaning of "Hardfork"? created by Manandezo 935 days ago

Due to the upsurge in the volume of transactions (blocks) in the bitcoin entire database (blockchain) which has created possible backlogs and has become a source of worry to the bitcoin virtual currency online community which believes that in the near future there could be problems of control, management, transparency and fraud.

The online community has adopted a change of approach and procedure in the management of bitcoin transactions or blocks which make up the blockchain. This change is called hardfork.

Because the blockchain are constantly growing as ‘completed’ blocks are added to it, the key miners and developers of bitcoin have agreed to adopt a new way of operating the cryptocurrency (hardfork).The new technology, called Segwit2x, has gradually been adopted by key players against the old rival system called Bitcoin Cash.

Therefore, the event in which Bitcoin split into two: Segwit2x and Bitcoin Cash in it’s bid to manage the high traffic in the growing online transactions that has divided the virtual currency’s online community is known as Hardfork.

Thus, a hard fork can be implemented to correct important security risks found in older versions of the software, to add new functionality, or to reverse transactions

Segwit2x proposes moving some of bitcoin’s transaction data outside of the block and on to a parallel track to allow more transactions to take place. After that happens, blocks would double in size some time in November.

Bitcoin Cash does not propose moving transaction data outside of each block, but wants to increase the size of each to 8MB. Its backers are sceptical that the Segwit2x plan will follow through with doubling the block size later on.

Look up source for more information.


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