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replied the topic MotherBoard and CPU for £200 ($250) created by HatsuneMiku

hello @HatsuneMiku
i want to know you current parts and what you are willing to do (your plan)
i will recommend you Fx8370 as you already have the ram . but mark my words you will be better buying an Intel i5 if not pentium in terms of overall performance and specially in gaming department intels are better .
secondly if you are just casual gamer and more on editing tasks then you can buy from Amd side .
but please let me know what you want to do with your pc ( main Usage )

29 days ago
replied the topic How to reduce start up time on windows 10 cheers created by calendar16

Hello @calendar16
You simply go to task manager and go to startup programs and disable those which you don't need. Done

29 days ago
replied the topic MotherBoard and CPU for £200 ($250) created by HatsuneMiku

If you just want to game on your PC then just go for the Intel Pentium g4560 . Which is the most bang for your buck cpu . It's cheaper then fx8000 serise and high performance . =
For mother board you must buy b250 motherboard from this link you can choose any one =

You also have to buy some ddr4 2400mhz ram 8gb will be enough.

All things can be bought under 200 Euro.

Review for g4560 =


29 days ago
replied the topic When eusak will pay my earning? created by AAA1992

Hello @AAA1992
It usually comes in the 1st week of the month .
If requested before 20th last month.

36 days ago
replied the topic The first computer was invented in what year? created by Flyshield

Hello @Flyshield
In my view there is no particular answer for this.
In my opinion a computer must have cpu ,ram etc which wasn't available
Until Commodore 1977 .
It's kind of annoying PCs are improving day by day inventor by inventor but as we see the trend was set by Charles Babbage . Father of computer .

45 days ago
replied the topic JPG to PDF conversion created by ErnestEd

Hello @ErnestEd
Offline converters are good . I use foxit PDF reader and converter . Works well without internet.
Safer then online counterparts.

48 days ago
replied the topic Privacy issues in red how can I get rid of them? created by Bizzle

Hi @Bizzle
It is not a serious problem . It doesn't impact on pc performance that much .

50 days ago
replied the topic Wifi hotspot on pc windows7 created by sk24624

Hi @sk24624
It can work but you need a WiFi router or WiFi dongle TP link etc to work.

54 days ago
replied the topic Wise Folder Hider 4 Giveaway created by WiseCleaner_admin

Hi @WiseCleaner_admin
My favourite wisecare product is wisecare 365 . 1 click full pc optimisation lot of features like registry defragmentation etc and best thing is that its free .


56 days ago
replied the topic Change UPS battery or buy a new one? created by KeThomas91

Hi @KeThomas91
You should buy new one . Must check its rating according to your PC PSU rating .

67 days ago
replied the topic How to solve internet connection created by Flyshield

You may change your DNS server

74 days ago
replied the topic What is subnet mask created by selcinor

Hi @selcinor
VPN and subnet mask are different things.


74 days ago
replied the topic I use panda free good antivirus? created by AAA1992

Hello @AAA1992
I have used it , as well as the panda USB security which does not allow vires from USB to execute.
I also like 360 security antivirus . Which is free and have lots of features. Otherwise windows 10 windows defender is enough vs free antivirus softwares.

74 days ago
replied the topic How to speed up window 10 created by mazeal

Hi @mazeal
I was also facing the same problem but fixed it by this video tutorial .


Just follow the instructions carefully and you are done.

74 days ago
replied the topic How can i working on euask ? created by socheat

Hello @socheat
Welcome to the community .
This is all about answering questions and giving solutions to others questions.
You will be rewarded if someone choose your answer as the best answer . .
All the best.

80 days ago
replied the topic Which software is better for update drivers? created by AAA1992

1.If you have internet connection then go for driver booster. Plus point is that you will only download drivers which is required.
2.I have used Drive Pack solution also but I think for just personal use you don't need all the drivers that exists in the world with you... Got my point .plus point =offline
So you must use Driver booster .

84 days ago
replied the topic Which version of the Call of duty you like? created by AAA1992

Hi @AAA1992
I love playing modern warfare series specially 2&3 .
But now i think they aren't doing anything special here infinite warfare around 96gb for just 6 odd hours of gameplay !! . They are just realising games every year but I think they should take time and add new features storyline etc .
Older COD titles are great.

89 days ago
replied the topic Euask limit the view point to only computer & internet created by selcinor

No problem there , guys will still be notified . And will reach your post.

91 days ago
replied the topic Dual both window7 and widnows 10 created by marketsgolabl

Hi @marketsgolabl
1.This guide will help you dual boot windows 10 along with 7.
2 or you can virtually install windows 7 on 10 by


96 days ago
replied the topic says - "Please don't post frequently and continuously." created by AshutoshAgrawal

Hi @AshutoshAgrawal
Asking questions frequently is not allowed as many people may spam the system (asking many questions but not selecting best answer ) . Also replying to the same question rapidly is not allowed .
Hopefully you will understand the concern .

98 days ago
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