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Canon EOS 80D vs Canon EOS 6D Mark-II/What digital camera to chose?REWARD $1
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replied the topic What is the best way to monitor working system performance? created by James70982156

I would send this link to my accounting manager to consider this information. We had really bad issues with employees performance, the main reason was that they cheated time cards, we got really sick of that so last month we installed bio-metrical attendance system, it's impossible to cheat now. As expected, some employees did left, but the overall performance raised and we save on payroll now.
You can learn how it works here -

283 days ago
replied the topic Youtube channel camera created by layls1071

In short, instant cameras are a return to simpler times and simpler pleasures ā€“ and in this high-pressure world we all need a bit of that. Plus, instant cameras tend cheap (though not always ā€“ there's a Leica on the list!), and this makes them ideal for gifting ā€“ and one of the best beginner camera options. And if you're attracted by the magical unpredictability of old snapshot cameras, take a look at best camera guide.

361 days ago
replied the topic What are ways to fight cybercrime? created by sameta00

I would like to add that if we are talking about gambling, then it's a common thing when accounts are hacked
So, be aware when playing casino games

369 days ago
replied the topic Online store for men created by IndianoO

If you are looking for a good underwear, you should visit I found there so many good mens boxers of high quality and at the nice price. There are many nice models with unsual design and very soft matirial .So dont be afraid to use internet shops.

387 days ago
replied the topic Is it Internet cryptocurrency a new world money order? created by selcinor

For sure crypto became the most powerful investing and trading tool . Today cryptocurrencies have become a global phenomenon known to most people. Bitcoin as all you know has the main role and lead all the crypts showing upward trend since it has appeared. I am shocked how fast the bitcoin became popular and grow in the price . For more information and to check out how to became an owner of the bitcoin visit this site

396 days ago
replied the topic Internet dating to do or not to do? That is the question. created by wunduful42

I think it's worth to try internet dating. In fact, many people now use dating sites, as a modern person is often not enough either time or the courage to look for a partner in real life. Personally, I did just that - I was looking for a girl among many dating sites. You know I've been looking for a long time, even found a whole collection of dating sites . Although, it is worth saying that many of those sites were useful. At least I used their website filipina-bride, and met many girls from the Philippines, it was fun, but most likely I should learn the art of seduction...

408 days ago
replied the topic Do you date in the Internet? created by Casetes

Of course I date in the Internet, lol )) Personally I prefer such datings) If you knew about how hot are girls from Arab Emirates... Ohh... However I didn't know about it until I was in that country and had a s*x with such girl. Now I really returned to UK, but I really look for such girls at the dating site where I can find emirates girls. Especially hot are cute girls are from Dubai... Next time I go there I will have a full week of hot evenings if you understand what am I about ))

419 days ago
replied the topic Am I masturbating right? created by brainstorm21

I've heard that there is nothing to aftraid of, you have to be discovered mentally to it and try to get pleasure

422 days ago
replied the topic Can I open more than one account on Facebook? created by Teresita

How self conscious of you to think about that, if only Facebook was like you) Instead they only think about money and can't even spend a bit to make a better security system to protect users information. However, here is a service to receive sms to create new accounts -

422 days ago
replied the topic Best forex analysts. created by pustoi11

Really? We have to rely on ourselves, not for anyone or anything.

431 days ago
replied the topic What are the best escape room puzzles? created by Cezario

In my country best escape room puzzles are the following: sprightly escapes,escape works Denver, epic escape game,room 5280 and puzzah but last month I had the opportunity to visit Germany and there I met some nice guys who provided me so I can say that is was something like wow, i never felt so enthusiastic before)) I guess you should try too

463 days ago
replied the topic How to creat bot in Vkontakte created by Egorlka

There are a bunch of videos on youtube regarding your topic also you can ask those guys from Vkontakte who are more famous, Iā€™m sure that they will find some time to guide you.In my case helped me a lot in a very short time you can check it out and inspire yourself with some good ideas)) Enjoy!

479 days ago
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