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replied the topic Your favorite song created by Chienyp

Can't take my eyes off you

1278 days ago
replied the topic How to recover photos from Android phone after factory reset? created by walker16

login to account gmail If you active synch photo and video everything will store online here.
If synch not active you can use a software to recover
some software here

1278 days ago
replied the topic Virtual Machines created by compexp

VM ware very strong. windows7 is best choice.( microsoft stop support winxp from last year)

1278 days ago
replied the topic How to install Windows on a Mac? created by 1633

All you need in here. Have fun

1278 days ago
replied the topic Sound card Problem created by anjumskt77

1. youi need unsintall driver sound card
2. Then complete uninstall you need reset latop
3. Visit dell
type your product id. go to driver sound card and download
4. in location download on latop right clik >> properties >>> compability >> tick run program compability >> select win 7>> then click ok.
5. Now run setup driver sound card and enjoy music :D

1278 days ago
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