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And you, choosing the best answer, guided by reason or emotion?√ answeredREWARD $2
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The question is, what broke?√ answeredREWARD $2
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In 1926 and 1948, Germany was punished for the war, just as it once was punished Sparta. What kind of punishment?√ answeredREWARD $2
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Kant believed that with her all human knowledge begins.√ answeredREWARD $2
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This substance - the main component of acid rain.√ answered5
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What is harder to survive: the betrayal of the girl (guy) or a betrayal of a best friend?√ answeredREWARD $3
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Would you like to visit in Ukraine?√ answeredREWARD $2
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Would you use an artificial neural network for forex trading?√ answered5
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replied the topic And you, choosing the best answer, guided by reason or emotion? created by neuropatch


If you remember, too, your answer was chosen by me, the best! If the answer is really the best, no privileges, nor anyone I do not give!

979 days ago
replied the topic English for a long time so called little deformed eggs without the yolk ... created by southnew

The Englishman has long been well known as little deformed eggs without the yolk - previously thought that these are cocks. Scornful tone is preserved and later, when it became a spoiled child, crybaby effeminate men and especially ... Who?

979 days ago
replied the topic What kind of game is it? created by neuropatch

This is my old friend with whom we participated in the Olympic Games, decided to make Battle.)

979 days ago
replied the topic About what name is it? created by southnew

Aegean Sea.

979 days ago
replied the topic Which type phone you have now ? created by omarwa79

Now I have an iPhone 5s, and I am pleased with him.

979 days ago
replied the topic Does food affect mood? created by seven

Food, improves mood

One of the conditions of a healthy lifestyle is a natural health food. But healthy food not only allows a person to be physically healthy, but also gives it a cheerful appearance and a good mood. If you are not in the mood, do not despair, it can be lifted with the help of food, the main thing that they were full of folic acid (spinach) contain selenium (fish), carbohydrates (sugar), raise the mood can also garlic and caffeine. Science has ceased to wonder whether the food affects your mood.

Man consciously choose food according to their tastes and criteria. However, the food for the mood we choose unconsciously. Here, for example, chronic depression sometimes associated with prolonged slight deficit of any nutrients in our body. We can not observe the deficit and at the same time it accumulates. Our body itself, we signal that the product that he needs at this moment. The action of sugar and caffeine on mood has long been studied.

Undoubtedly, the food enters the body affects the neurotransmitters that carry incoming information brain cells. Serotonin - is one of the neurotransmitters, which is associated with depression and aggression. Scientific evidence shows that it was he who raises the spirits of those who are prone to depression. It is proved that highly improve the mood of strawberries or raspberries. Anti-stress fruits and vegetables are: bananas, avocados, grapefruit, green apples and tomatoes. Apricots and peaches soothe irritation. Sorrel, spinach, radishes help fight stress and fatigue. Getting rid of depression can be daily eating wheat germ or oats, and mushrooms, which were prepared without vinegar, walnuts, asparagus, zucchini, squash and celery. In plants, there are plant hormones, which are similar in composition to human hormones.
The endorphins or happy hormones are present in chocolate, oats. Relieve stress helps a small portion of sweet red pepper. Foods with a lot of starch lowers the level of adrenaline. That is, we can reassure jacket potatoes or baked potatoes. The results showed that some of the components that comprise the beneficial to human health products have psychoactive effects. The experiment was carried out on the example of the so-called omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, which are found in fish (such qualities have sardines, mackerel, tuna, salmon, trout). They are considered one of the most "powerful" natural antioxidants and also have anti-atherosclerotic properties.

Researchers found that by their number in the blood depends on the probability of the occurrence of his depression and psychological disorders, because of which there is a bad mood and negative emotions. But more interestingly, the properties of these components was shown over the years. For example, people who in childhood received little unsaturated fatty acids, even in old age observed an increased tendency to depression. Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh) believe that regular consumption of salmon in the food not only improves the functioning of the heart, but also gives people a sense of happiness. According to the study, this fish contains 3 fatty acids, which are getting into the body, affect the area in the brain associated with emotional state.

The researchers also noticed that people with low blood levels of these fatty acids are more prone to bad mood and impulsive behavior than those with this the level is high. The study involved 55 people. Women prefer to raise the mood of cakes and ice cream, while the men raise the morale of a good piece of steak. This is the essence of the discovery of researchers from Cornell University and McGill University. Researchers have made an Internet survey 277 men and women who lived in a multicultural Montreal and were Canadians of French and English origin. Fill out an electronic form 81 men and 196 women. Participants answered questions about his favorite food, and emotional response that occurs after the consumption of certain foods. It was found that the older the person, the more he feels positive emotions before eating compared to women and young people. And men more fun low-calorie foods, and women high-calorie sweet or sweet dishes. After the meal, many of the subjects experienced a feeling of comfort. And food euphoria was more pronounced in men. Women on the contrary tormented sense of guilt after eating (especially after a sweet dessert). In general, high carbohydrate and fatty foods is closely associated with negative feelings after eating, and the food poor in calories, on the contrary raise the mood.

By the way, not any delicious and monotonous food makes your body tired and sluggish. A strict diet consisting of foods disfavor heart, cause neurosis. Generally, if a person can not get out of a prolonged depression, his taste perception changed - the food does not seem tasty. One-third of the world's population fattening depressed. Psychiatrists in such cases say about dietary depression, which affects most often women. The brain does not receive the nutrients and sends signals to the confusion and tension. Man feels unhappy, unsatisfied, and this often finds fault with others.

980 days ago
replied the topic What is the funniest thing a child has said to you? created by kimi

My son is poured into the bowl expensive shampoo and half a day to invite all our neighbors smell the toilet.

980 days ago
replied the topic How to encourage children to be confidence and brave? created by July

How to help your child become more confident?
Why it happens: some kids lively and active, while others are timid and shy? Why does one child suddenly becomes the soul of the company, and the other is afraid to even open smile? What's the deal: in temperament or upbringing error?

Shyness most children manifested as a certain psychological reaction. Especially brightly it is expressed, as a rule, have three children and older. They are very timid, withdrawn, unsociable, prone to loneliness. In addition, these kids prefer not to engage in any business or groups that do not like to participate in group activities, acutely aware of their shortcomings, especially imaginary, apparent. At the same time their positive qualities, they, on the contrary, do not notice and do not appreciate, for example, fear that they will look ridiculous in the eyes of others, they will say something stupid, ugly dress, etc. Why? Since they are already ahead not confident, find themselves doomed to fail and fail, they just panic fear of any kind has been criticism of others. Because of obsessive fears they lose their natural behavior, there is stiffness, changes tone of voice, facial expressions.

The main cause of the child's shyness and modesty is a feeling of anxiety, his lack of confidence in its security. Very often the cause of such behavior are ill-rearing practices. Yet no one ever brought any good constant criticism and accusations, nagging and fault-finding. No one child will not have a positive impact gross mockery of its shortcomings, the screams and curses that occur even on the most insignificant occasion. But there is another side to the coin - Excessively care and custody of the baby by adults, which also lead to the development of the child's sense of shyness and insecurity.

In general, raise self-confident and self-confidence of the child - not so difficult. First of all, think about how you communicate with your child. As a rule, mainly in the form of orders and instructions: "Wash your hands, go to dinner, clean up toys, go to bed. When you look a cartoon, it is necessary to turn off the TV. " I offer you a little test: 2-3 days walk around the house with a notebook and put a tick - in one piece when you are giving your child instructions, and on the other - as interested in his opinion. I think you will be impressed by the result. Of course, bringing up her child, we are sure that we do everything in the name of its benefits. But there are things that are not worth doing.

Never compare your child with other children, no brothers, no friends, who do you think is better, stronger, and smarter than him. Home is your task - to believe in the child so strongly and convincingly to the kid and you believe "infected" your faith. Then it will become a confident person. It is well known: to achieve something in life, one can only believe in their own strength. If there is a need to make comments and reprimanded their child, do it alone - without the witnesses, not to put him in an awkward position before the brothers and friends. If you want your shy kid became more self-confidence, teach him to defend his own opinion. And not somewhere out there, far away from home, and above all here in your apartment, in conversations and debates with you. Of course, without rudeness and boorishness, but you also do not boil, bumping into disagreement.

To teach your child to defend his own opinion, we must first ask this opinion. And be sure to give him a chance to say "no" in situations in which he has a choice. Teach your child to properly perceive other people's jokes, and do with your baby learn some anecdote or joke child. After all, humor and a smile is Perfect tool in difficult situations. Encourage your child to positive self-esteem. Train with utter such phrases miracle before a mirror, such as: "I'm brave", "I'm confident," etc. For example, we have a daughter perfectly uplifting when utrechkom, sleepy, unwashed and unkempt, we are looking with a smile in the mirror, seriously recite in unison: "What we did pretty" shy girl is useful to play with his mother, who will play the role of daughter. And in this case the mother should not lead the game. Its purpose is just the opposite: a fully obey the will of his daughter. Advance warning, no easy task. So watch out for a round!

Sooner or later, your child will be released in the "big world", because man - a social being. Will it be self-confident, balanced, not burdened with complexes person or intimidated loser accustomed to their "inferiority" - depends on you. Help to the child, because the self-confidence training gradually. Soon your child will no longer be afraid to approach the other kids, or ask in the game, will boldly express their views and defend their point of view. And this is your merit.

Author: Lyudmila Ovcharenko

980 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite section of Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

Education & Science

980 days ago
replied the topic Have you ever stolen pen at work? created by southnew

Fortunately, handle money is enough! :))

980 days ago
replied the topic Where are you from? created by jackslow

Welcome to the city of Odessa in Ukraine!

980 days ago
replied the topic How to test someone's mental age? created by listen

The number obtained as a result of mathematical processing of the results provided by the subject performing tests, indicating in what is empirically established average statistical age level of intellectual development are the results. When a match is level with the chronological age level of intelligence of the subject corresponds to the age

982 days ago
replied the topic What unites the great discoveries of Mendel and Mendeleev? created by southnew

Both their opening they made in the dream.

982 days ago
replied the topic Should I give up on a cheater created by Nuttela

Girls are often doing this kind of stupidity. I believe that at this time you need to forgive her, but make it clear that if you will be together - in the future will only be true.
Even if she wants to meet with a friend - let will notify you, in turn, promise not to be jealous, if it is only one. Better yet, just get acquainted with all the friends and be calm. Most likely she was afraid that you will not understand, you will be a scandal to roll or something like that to himself head and share. Everyone deserves a second chance, do not cut off the shoulder. Know each other better and you already understand what a man. Sometimes it takes years to understand each other to the end, but still remain unsolved even if opportunities that are waiting to be uncovered. Good luck to you in a relationship!

982 days ago
replied the topic What is the most important thing to you in a relationship, and why? created by colin

Reciprocity!!!! (Trust, honesty, mutual respect, tolerance, a similar point of view, mutual interests ... etc ...) Everything is important !!!

982 days ago
replied the topic Account Master in Ancient Rome was called? created by southnew

Calculator, numerator, caster.

982 days ago
replied the topic How to speed up my browser? created by selina

Firstly, you can simply block all unnecessary - all that does not carry the necessary information for the user and what can be sacrificed without regret. This can be advertisements, all kinds of Flash - videos, freaks design web - pages, background images, and background music.
The second method - cache data on the client side. That is, if you've already searched for some kind of site, then the next time entering it to your browser does not need to re-download from the web is already loaded with the last visit to pictures, logos, scripts and the like. He will be able to take it from the local cache without consuming Internet - traffic, to load only what is truly renewed. In addition, the possible caching and the DNS - queries - in this case, not only the volume of traffic is somewhat reduced, but the main thing - will not waste time on request to the DNS - the provider server and receive an answer from him, as if the user has a broadband internet - connection is not It ensures that the DNS - server provider will handle requests quickly, especially with a full load during peak hours. So the surfing speed will increase slightly.
Another way to reduce the volume of incoming traffic - full backup image, or pre-compression of images with the deterioration of their quality. Agree, not always with the usual web - surfing requires graphic design, so even at maximum quality, and when viewing images from a mobile phone is often even prevented. At least, Mobile - the screens some Super Fine pictures just do not need.
Finally, there is another way to speed up the web - surfing, but it is directly related to the reverse procedure - a slight increase in the volume of incoming traffic, and therefore its effectiveness is not always up to par. This so-called pre-emptive loading. That is, until you read some page, your browser without your finds for links to other pages in the background begins to load. If you click on one of these links, the new page will open very quickly, as it has already been downloaded by the browser. an interesting method, but, as you know, can lead to the opposite effect, if the links on a page a lot. And this method is absolutely not suitable for the mobile Internet, as it can lead to unrealistic bills for traffic. Therefore, we go around a side of the article.

982 days ago
replied the topic Why do people like to deceive each other? created by southnew

obanyvayut??? probably cheating ???

983 days ago
replied the topic I am tryig to find michael jackson the singer's hotel in north east atlanta ga created by tamara12

"Man in the Mirror" by Michael Jackson in Atlanta, GA June 26, 2012

984 days ago
replied the topic What Is Colon Cancer? created by naeem

What is colon cancer?

Colorectal cancer - a cancer of the colon or rectum. Depending on the localization of this type of cancer is called colon cancer (colon, sigmoid colon) or rectum cancer. Cancer of the colon and rectum may have different manifestations.
Types of colorectal cancer:
The colon and rectum may be several types of cancer.
Adenocarcinoma: More than 95% of colorectal cancers, it reappears as adenocarcinoma. This comes from glandular cancer cells that are in the mucosa. Other types of colon cancer are much less common. These include:

Carcinoid: these are based on the specific tumor hormone-producing cells in the small intestine.
Gastrointestinal stromal tumors: these are based on the specific tumor cells in the colon wall, called interstitial. Some of them are benign, others - malignant. These cells are found anywhere in the GI tract, but they do not occur in the colon.
Lymphomas: these tumors originate from immune cells that are located in the lymph nodes, but they can also begin in the colon, rectum and other organs.
Sarcomas: these tumors begin in blood vessels as well as muscle and connective tissue wall of the colon or rectum. Sarcomas are rare in the colon.

984 days ago
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