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replied the topic Wise folder hider - failed to load driver created by rmswenson747

you have to uninstall the previous version of the software, so sometimes you have to boot the OS only with the default windows drivers and then do the uninstall and later you boot in normal mode and do the installation again.

the drivers needs to be signed otherwise they will fail to load in Windows 8, 10... so keep that in mind and downgrade to a version that have a signed drivers from a certified source to avoid any trouble (hacked softwares most of the time break the driver signature and it's really tough and risky so it's better to buy the software and ask for service support if you didn't)

358 days ago
replied the topic I want to installed window 10 created by ElizaJabeen

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358 days ago
replied the topic Blue Screen of Death created by BuddyStud


What OS are you using, if Windows 10 you have a good chance to recover by reinstalling windows from usb drive or DVD, you can create it on another computer from the ISO of the same version or an upgrade and it will ask you to keep the files and apps, you obviosly answer yes and go through the whole process, I do this more often than I wish to, almsot once each couple of weeks or so since I do a lot of experimentation and tweaks on daily basis and I don't want to remain with an outdated system (I am into insider program), so if you follow what I told you will be able to recover your system in the same state as before or you just have to reinstall few softwares, don't forget to use the same email and password so it will get it in sync and even your previous settings will remain the same (the system will be faster as well if you didn't do a refresh for a very long time)

358 days ago
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