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Need to end relationship to an alcholic√ answeredREWARD $2
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well it goes deeper than that, when we first met i was so in love,and then the, im leaving, started and she was a pretty woman so she didn't have a problem getting a man for the night ,and she would come home and say nothing happen and i always believed her, then one time when she left she called and she was drunk she didn't hang up the phone right, so i could hear her talking and she ended up having sex with the guy and i recorded the whole thing, the next day she came home with no bra and her panties in a bag, i asked her where she was and she said she was with a woman next store then she said nothing happen and i told her i recorded her and she wouldn't accept it was her so i kicked her out and then i would forgive her and let her come back well this is been going on for a long time and now i let her back her hair all matted just before Christmas so here i go again with her she can go two months without alcohol she been in detox fifteen times programs at least five times , the thing is i dont love her like i used to and she has no one to turn to except me,and when she is sober she is a wonderful person so now i have to wait till the next she cant stop and she will leave when im at the store or in the shower.and i dont want this more ,and im going threw my own problems with the liver and i dont drink anymore ironic huh sometimes i just want to die so i dont have to live like this she cant work i cant afford both of us,this is her when we met and this is her now wow is it my fault

1561 days ago
replied the topic I want to listen to new music created by Jhony18

jhony18 if you purchased music from itunes it will stay in your log in for ever i had an account six years ago and i retrieved all the music i bought yesterday so just go to your account and log in and look under purched songs i hope that helps

1566 days ago
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