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replied the topic Both VGA and DVI Suddenly stopped working created by AnPeter90 625 days ago

Also if you use a graphics or video card unplug your VGA or DVI from it and try connecting either directly to your mother board connections and then you can see if your card is working proper;y ? sometimes all you have to do is jiggle or move it the wrong way and fro whatever reason it gives you a bunch of shit when you turn your machine back on.........

oh ya one other thing..........if you did happen to put your hand too close or on your ram cards while your machine was running you might as well go get some new ram now cause you fried your old one from the static charge in your hand.....I cant tell you how many times I did that without thinking back when I was learning what not to do the hard way. have also seen many others do the same......just an FYI.
chances are your ram isn't in right like the others mentioned though.
if your machine beeps a few times when you first start it you'll know its a memory issue especially if its an hp or dell.

replied the topic I need help is it real or fake ! created by baladox 664 days ago

do a system restore prior to that popping up and it will get rid of it.

replied the topic Time travel in reel created by omarwa 692 days ago

time is meaningless, its only valid if we pay attention to it, time is just a thing we create to keep everything from happening all at once.
to travel forward in time one has to speed up everything around them while not being part of it at the same time.

to travel backwards in time you would have to "UN-MAKE" everything around you while not being part of it at the same time.
and you better hope nothing is in the way while traveling, if you could do it in the first place ............the logistics would be an insane
job in itself...........don't forget the butterfly effect.

replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992 694 days ago

you asked, youtube has tons of stuff about it and google too

replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992 695 days ago

everything I read about people who have type O negative blood seems to indicate in a round about way that its an alien blood line?
talk about feeling like an outsider........:(

replied the topic How to kill a great white shark with your bare hands? created by BattlePants 696 days ago

hopefully the shark will choke on your bones when you try to grab it and then someone else can pull it in?
but may not have any arms left but you'll have a bad ass trophy to brag about right?

replied the topic INSTALLATION OF WINDOWS XP ON OPRATTING SYSTEM CORE I7 created by WAJID 696 days ago

why not just keep it simple and ad a second hard drive and install Win xp on that, then you can boot from which ever drive makes you advice is 64 bit xp cause if you have a newer computer then it's more likely then not a 64 bit hou don't have to worry about your machine always taking the hight road and booting 10 first or a bleeding partition between the two.
hope this helped........

replied the topic What format would you save a video file in order to be able to play it on a DVD player? created by gcletis 699 days ago


replied the topic Where are you From??? created by AAA1992 699 days ago

I'm O negative, I wish somebody could tell me?

replied the topic There is no Problem only Situations created by ghosthiTs88 710 days ago

more 98% is the communication, or lack of.........

replied the topic Who built pyramid human or Alien i created by selcinor 712 days ago

Nephilim design and human built

replied the topic I want to listen to new music created by Jhony18 713 days ago

A Perfect Circle.
Black Sabbath
Pink Floyd
Shooting Star

replied the topic Need to end relationship to an alcholic created by myplanet 713 days ago

seems like you have 2 options...?
1: if you really care about her try and get her some help and stick by her.

2: if she won't go for that or not interested kick her to the curb.

replied the topic How to spend your new year holidays created by ohayou 715 days ago

the best way to spend your new years is by not going to responsible.....

replied the topic ATTENCTION EVERYONE, WE HAVE A SCAMMER ON THIS SITE (INFO BELOW) created by my_asylum 725 days ago

why yes, yes you can and while your at it could ya go ahead and use my ATM card all you like, cause well.....shit I won't be needing it will I.....
I cant honestly believe there are people stupid enough in today's world that would fall for such an out right pile of shit on a gold platter as this?
if you get taken over this you kinda have it coming for being such a lame.

replied the topic TRIVIA QUESTION (NO USING THE INTERNET FOR THE ANSWER) created by my_asylum 726 days ago

your welcom

replied the topic Roswell Incident created by capybara 726 days ago

Seems a few of you wandered off the original question that was asked..........yes Roswell happened, not long after that event the government
started this program called Project Blue Book, maybe you've heard of it? and I believe Project blue Book ran from the early 1950's to around 1968 or 69? its sole purpose was to investigate UFO sightings, abductions and crashes.
Hasn't it ever flashed on anyone to wonder why the US spent billions to investigate something that doesn't exist according to them?
oh and I'll also ad that Aliens or anyone else that wishes to travel the Universe doesn't need to travel across it at light speed, all they do is open a worm hole through a 2 dimensional universe and go from point A to point B in seconds, why waste entire life times traveling through space when its much more efficient and thousands of years faster to simply fold space in half and travel though a 2D universe instead? really wide , really high and 0 thickness.

replied the topic How to answer what more do you want me to say created by rayhare 739 days ago

ohhhh, just a little more

replied the topic Who is the most interesting person to talk to you? created by pustoi11 739 days ago


replied the topic How many people think UFO's are real? created by my_asylum 745 days ago

hey, mischief_no1, why do you say my name fits me?

replied the topic What will buy on Black Friday? created by yoursong 749 days ago

What ever you want........its your money.......:)

replied the topic In what country safer than all to be? created by savram 764 days ago

The safest Country in the world is the one you feel most comfortable in.

replied the topic Increase RAM On your Mobile Device created by JamezDoesGamez 770 days ago

Get a better mobile device

replied the topic How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? created by Tadakii 771 days ago

I use even more bad grammar because they obviously have OCD or a superiority complex and it will drive them bat shit to try and keep up.

replied the topic What did you think about Premature sex and rape most especially if this happen to you or your lovely daughter created by selcinor 771 days ago

If it happened to my daughter the police wouldn't be the ones you'd have to call, would be that other county building that gets very few "living" visitors.

replied the topic Who is your favorite Canadian? created by moonlight 773 days ago

Just an FYI, Keanu Reeves was born in Lebanon on a military base.

replied the topic Who is your favorite Canadian? created by moonlight 773 days ago

replied the topic Who is the best musician in your country? created by Aravi 773 days ago

Neil Peart from Rush, he's actually Canadian but now lives in Santa Barbra CA, that makes him American now.

replied the topic Most hilarious sitcom. created by pustoi11 773 days ago

Family Guy & South Park

replied the topic What is something you'd recommend everyone try at least once? created by edge 773 days ago


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