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replied the topic Does anyone know of a proven site to make real money online fast? created by paulstrade

Try Amazon Mechanical Turk. You have to open account with them . You can earn as per your skill. It is genuine.

13 days ago
replied the topic Which is the Best Web Browser for PC? created by sandipguchait

if you want speed maxthon nitro is best. Google chrome comes with so many features. you can add extensions from its store. Fire fox also comes with so many features. Opera is also has many features with speed. it has turbo search function to search faster . Tor browser is for annonymous search. Mirosoft Edge is also having many features. it can compete with Google Chrome. Vivaldi is also good, You can choose any of these as per your requirements.

13 days ago
replied the topic How To Add More Memory to My Hard Disk? created by manizunis

external hard disks available in the market. you can buy as per your need. it is available from 500 GB to 2 TB. it is also safe. it is easy to carry anywhere. You can go on adding more external disks as per your requirements. it can be detached from your laptop and kept safely .

52 days ago
replied the topic What do you think about invest Crypto currency? created by AAA1992

investing in crypto currency is risky. Take for example bitocoin. had you invested six years ago it would have been worth. now there is mania every where. it is 16000 dollors. within an hour it has raisen from 12000 to 15000 dollors. investing now at this point of time is certainly risky. many regulatory agencies have warned investing in crypto currencies. Countries like China, vietnam had banned bit coin.

65 days ago
replied the topic How does RSS work? created by Teresita

RSS works by having the web site author maintain a list of notifications on their web site in a standard way.This list of notifications is called RSS feed. People who are interested in latest headlines and changes can check this list. In addition to notifying you latest news headlines and changes to web sites, it also provides notification of new items in the stores, weather
conditions. Special computer programme called RSS aggregators have been developed which can access the RSS feeds of web sites you care about.

67 days ago
replied the topic Is investing in bitcoin safe? created by Teresita

the way it is going , it is highly risky. Countires like china, vietnam banned bit coins. many regulatory agencies issued warning to their nationals. However, Morgan has recently said bit coin is going to be new gold. If you decide to go for bit coins , I suggest you to minimise your capital allocation to it 1% or 2%. It is highly risky because within hours it has moved from 12000 dollors to 15000 dollors.

73 days ago
replied the topic Flickering screen created by mares

I had this problem. It is due to fault in RAM. Please check your RAM It may due to faulty RAM.

81 days ago
replied the topic Is Yandere Male Real? created by Nur_iffah

Yandere is a japanese term for a person who initially very gentle and loving then at one point he becomes
deranged or psychotic often brutually. it is real.

85 days ago
replied the topic How to hide my i.p address created by rehan05

VPN (Vurtual Private Network) offers connectivity to other network. you receive new ip address and your ip address is hidden. some of VPN providers are Hide my ass, Vypr VPN, Express VPN, Pure VPN, IP Vanish.

another way is use the TOR BROWSER . tor browser is a free browser similar to chrome, firefox. Tor net
work to browse anonymously without revealing your own IP Address.

85 days ago
replied the topic Create Virtual Phone number any country?? created by AAA1992

log into and get a virtual phone number

110 days ago
replied the topic How to minimize Windows 7? created by Fatemeh

win+down arrow to minimise the window/restore the window if it is maximised.

110 days ago
replied the topic Update my windows 10 created by ilyamossss

open the settings menu and go to update & security > windows update.
click check for updates to prompt your pc to scan for the latest updates.
The updates will be downloaded and installed automatically.

click restart now to restart your PC and complete the installation process.

111 days ago
replied the topic Michael jackson in 1984 created by tamara12


He was taken to Cedars-sinai medical Centre where he was treated.

141 days ago
replied the topic What is the best VPN to use in China? created by glassy


try these:

1) Express



4) IPvanish


141 days ago
replied the topic Screen shot on laptop.... created by rehan05


download ScreenHunter software from internet. it is free software. It is good, try it . I hope it will solve your problem.

141 days ago
replied the topic How can i earned good money on line created by ronnadeau


You have not mentioned about your skill and qualification and interest.

there are online websites like amazon mechanical turk, survey jobs, available. I have worked in amazon mechanical turk. their payment is prompt.

141 days ago
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