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replied the topic Computer not showing wisecare365 created by hopperbc

you can press ctrl+alr+delete or simply right click in the tool barre and chose task manager, find and end any activities of wise care program than restart it. ;)
best of luck

1265 days ago
replied the topic Smart phone reboot created by rehan05

the hard reset !
For most smartphone model its either VOL UP+POWER button OR VOL DOWN+POWER button OR VOL UP+VOL DOWN+POWER button. You might want to keep pressing the key combination till the phone powers off and restarts.

1278 days ago
replied the topic How to Conversion to a Professional developer in C#? created by AAA1992

simply by dedication and learning. try you ll learn and get a certification for a well known schools and university.
good luck

1278 days ago
replied the topic When eusak will pay my earning? created by AAA1992

it s take like about 15 days for the money to show up on my PayPal account. but it s totally worth it.

1278 days ago
replied the topic Can baidu hotspot work in desktop pc ? created by sk24624

well i had the same issue not a long time ago. my wifi adapter was not allowing AP Mode. try to find the right driver for your wifi adapter (dongle).
please not that the wifi hot-spot will be an ad hoc so you won't be able to connect your android device.
try connectifyme lite version it s better, you can share your cable internet through wifi.

good luck

1304 days ago
replied the topic Can the euask introduce bitcoin as means of payment created by selcinor

thanks for your answer. we ll get back to you soon.

1305 days ago
replied the topic Game websites for pc created by nikkrajput

torrent is the best. no ads no nome than 2 clicks.

1305 days ago
replied the topic Нет звука при подключении системного блока через hdmi created by ChessKing

hello i had this issue before i know it s frustrating. but cheers up all you need is to update your driver

1316 days ago
replied the topic This computer is too slow created by selcinor

hello, can you please provide me more details about your pc 's hardware configuration ? this w d help find u a best solution.


1316 days ago
replied the topic Web page Sound failure created by gevans4

check your sound setting, maybe you re muting the sounds coming from your browser. right click and sound icon on the bar and chose mixer
hope it will work. let me know ;)

1328 days ago
replied the topic Which software is better for update drivers? created by AAA1992

use the driver utility of your pc or laptop brand. it s more efficient and compliance.

1328 days ago
replied the topic Ip security issues I need cleaned up created by patrioteagle

hey, you need to get a VPN service unfortunately most of them are paid. but i recommend : go there and download the tool it s paid but at least you ll get a 15 days trial with full access to all of their servers.
also if you re on windows 8 or 10 you can download : touchevpn from the windows store it s free . there is also finshvpn that gives a free 3gb of data every month.
good luck.

1328 days ago
replied the topic Refreshing web page problem created by dawn

AOL Still alive ???

1329 days ago
replied the topic Do you like light & Emotional song? created by AAA1992

not sure, any suggestions ?
what's your favorite?

1331 days ago
replied the topic Why are different meteorological forecasts sites? created by AAA1992

well it s all depends on their metrology station 's locations , équipement, and number of sampling sensors the results may differ but it s not significant.

best weather may be with you

1332 days ago
replied the topic Cleaning computer created by bebhelms

open it and use the vacuum cleaner

1333 days ago
replied the topic Latest news. which site reports world news before anyone else? created by pustoi11


1333 days ago
replied the topic Weekend problem created by Jhony18

american pie

1357 days ago
replied the topic How to spend your new year holidays created by ohayou

well you can travel and discover a new place or new city. make new contact and party ( this one is an option)

1362 days ago
replied the topic License key - WTH? created by Ablivious

yes i confirm, i had the same issue before. and it sucks:/

1366 days ago
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