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replied the topic What Happens if i pour water into my cats ear? created by panasol

The cat will most likely flip out and either sink it's teeth or claws (or perhaps both) into your skin. Have fun with that.

1141 days ago
replied the topic I love dogs but why am i so bad at looking after them? :(? created by Jolidon

Have you considered that your priorities may be messed up? If you feed, shelter, give affection to, and walk the dog that's all the looking after he needs. Housebreaking is time consuming but simple, sit, stay, come, same thing. If you expect perfect control then you need to be a trainer or hire one. Do you want a companion?...or a cipher?

1141 days ago
replied the topic What would an average family have eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner in 1962? created by leelena

Lunch was usually something as simple as a sandwich with chips. Dinner was a little more filling. A casserole was a common dinner meal back then. Breakfast was usually a piece of fruit, like an apple.

1141 days ago
replied the topic tello created by mirza

Are we alone? No, we have each other

1141 days ago
replied the topic What do I do? created by IsaacHunt

At school tomorrow, you need to go to a trusted adult (or friend) and let them know. That is illegal and you do not have to live in a situation like that which is physically threatening. In the future, if this were occurring again you could call 911. If you tell them it is not an emergency, they will put you through to the police. Sometimes parents need a talking to or a reminder how to behave and it sounds like your mom needs one

1141 days ago
replied the topic Is Bethesda Softworks's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim the most over glorified video game of all the times? created by leelena

I believe it is, I gave into the hype and bought it despite the fact that I hated Oblivion; anyway the reason I hate it so much are that: it has a terrible absolutely boring story, the gameplay is generic, the glitches (its a wonder that the game made it through QA - quality assurance), the voice acting is very sub par and everyone for some reason has the same voice, the only positive thing about the game is the music.

I myself don't understand why people rate it higher than Dragon Age and the Witcher, those two series have some the best crafted stories in gaming.

1141 days ago
replied the topic Do you prefer to play video games with a handheld controller or keyboard and mouse? created by panasol

Handheld controller, because it is made specifically for gaming. Keyboard and mouse is made for typing and navigating a screen; controlling a video game is a secondary feature.

1141 days ago
replied the topic What happened to my cat? created by glubaki

Its not that you don't love or care for your pet, but more of what the pet knew. Animals are so smart, I cant express how true this is. They know a whole lot that we dont even think they know. Your cat may have just known that their time was coming and was going to leave so that you weren't upset about it. They love their humans and try so hard not to make them mad or sad. One of my cats did this when I was 8 years old. My aunt had come in to the house when he ran outside to get under her car. A week later after finding him that night, he died by my mom's bedside. Another incident happened when my Dad's cat was dying. He was meowing and pleading to go outside. Shortly that day he stopped breathing and died on our living room floor. It is just what they feel is natural and it is not your fault at all. Even though these people above you are dissing your humanity don't listen to them, they probably have not had the experience of a cat running outside. It is not as if you had done it with the knowledge. And if you did, you should be ashamed of yourself, but I am not drawing to conclusions. There was probably nothing you could do about it.

1141 days ago
replied the topic Should i build my new computer, or custom order it prebuilt? created by kungleeg

I think ultimately it depends how much you want to learn compared with how much you want to save money. You say money is no object and you can afford the best there is, but does that include expensive maintenance if things go wrong in future or if you want to upgrade? If you teach yourself, you will be able to upgrade the PC in the future and not pay more than the cost of the hardware. Knowledge can go a very long way but it's hard earned.
The latest computers take DDR4 memory and can be run on 4K monitors - you'll be looking at spending several thousand.
I've never bought a pre-made computer - I've built them all myself and run several top-grade computers, all watercooled and upgraded regularly. But I know what I'm doing and over the many years I've set fire to a motherboard, trashed several hard drives and on a few occasions have been sat there with a blank screen wondering what I did wrong. Most of the time it's silly mistakes and easily rectified, but sometimes you can mess up and do something serious. Bent pins on a motherboard or a CPU can cost you a fortune to replace.
If money really is no issue for you (you're rich and can afford several computers) then build it yourself. If you mess it up you can always call the professionals or replace what you've broken. The learning curve is high but it's very rewarding knowing you did it all yourself. Go watercooling, customize your computer to the max and you'll be chuffed with yourself.
If you can just about afford the best, don't do either. Building it yourself with no money to spare will mean a dead computer if you can't afford to replace broken parts. Buying a prebuilt PC will mean extra costs in the future which you might not be able to afford. Buy a computer "close" to the best and leave yourself some money to spare, just in case. You can buy a top-level PC that accepts DDR3 and still have a fantastic computer.
Research what hardware you want, price it up, and buy books or look on youtube for video's on how to put it all together. There are lots of custom PC retailers out there who sell specialist equipment that you can't buy from other ones. Good luck either way - you'll love it when it's all up and running.

1141 days ago
replied the topic Im a 13 Yr old boy and my Penis is 10 1/2 inches . When will it get bigger? created by loongshan

I think you had better learn how to read that measuring tape. You know, all those little lines mean something. If you actually had a 10 1/2 inch penis then you would be one for the Guinness book of world records. Now if that ruler you are using was in centimeters, 10 1/2 would be just about right for your age.

1141 days ago
replied the topic To spank or not spank when potty training a puppy? 6wks old? created by senkoediu

NEVER spank a puppy when potty training! This will just cause them to become fearful and will NOT teach them not to pee or poop in your house. On the contrary, they'll just start doing it behind your back where you cannot correct the behavior properly. The best method to potty training a dog is to use positive reinforcement when they do go to the potty where they should outside. This means praising them as soon as they go to the bathroom outside. Dogs take anywhere between 9 months to a year to become potty trained, some sooner, some later. Negative reinforcement or punishment should NEVER be considered when you are trying to train a dog!!! Or any animal for that matter. Here is a link with advice on how to potty train a dog:

1141 days ago
replied the topic End of the world in 2018? created by panglie

I take it you were too young to hear all the ridiculous doom stories about 2012?


1141 days ago
replied the topic I m a 15 y/o girl and I don t play any sports or any after school activities. What are some activities that are really easy to get into? created by laopchaiy

Your 15, you need to discover what activities might interested in. It is difficult to even guess what things you might enjoy , when I was in High School I played tennis and joined the drama club.

1141 days ago
replied the topic Does it tick off librills that Tim Tebow threw 2 touchdown passes for Philly? created by schecter7

Tim Tebow's preseason showing against the Jets was impressive, but it wasn't impressive enough to earn him a job in Philadelphia.
The team announced on Saturday that Tebow has been cut.
Coach Chip Kelly has a simple explanation for Tebow's release: He's not good enough to be the Eagles third-stringer right now.
"Tim's really progressed but we didn't feel like he was good enough to be the three right now," Kelly said.

What was that you were saying again? LOL!

1141 days ago
replied the topic Mention the song that has the word 'flower' in its lyrics? created by dombag

Flower in the Rain - Jaci Velasquez
Awesome song.

1142 days ago
replied the topic If you asked out 10 random people of your choosing how many do you think would say yes? created by colanda

One if im lucky

1142 days ago
replied the topic Who can eat lemons and limes raw? created by shazunn

I have and can eat lemons and limes, without any issues in small amounts, in short about one or two to much and my stomach can act up. I peeled and ate them like most do an orange. I used to when I did some musical theater many years ago, drink lemon concentrate before going on stage. One of my cast mates, cringed watching me the first year. It was great for cutting through anything chalky like chocolate, and giving me a cleaner, clearer voice. But I like lemons and most other citrus fruits like those.

Edit point:

I'm not going to thumb anyone down, by the way, nor will I.

1142 days ago
replied the topic Graphics card upgrade? created by muslumcu46

The motherboard supports PCIe cards, but the system will most likely be bottlenecked by the CPU.
You also have to consider the power requirements of the card. You might need to invest in a power supply as well.

1143 days ago
replied the topic Am I not a vegetarian anymore cuz I ate crab claws? created by dombag

@dombag you have been missing out on some good stuff.

1143 days ago
replied the topic I caught my son masturbating? Please help!!? created by colanda

You need to make an appointment with a psychologist and find out why you're so freaked out by a normal bodily function. Leave the boy alone and stop spying on him, it's not natural. Masturbation is healthy and natural and good for a man's body and mind. Men need to masturbate to relieve stress, tension and bodily fluids. The body is constantly making sperm and it can't store it forever, it has to be released. If he doesn't release it manually the body will release it automatically. It might help you to talk to an adult male about this so you can get some information.

1143 days ago
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