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Who will win the Stanley Cup??REWARD $2
892 days ago, last commented by Aravi

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replied the topic Do you often miss someone? who is that? and why? created by au52

I miss my family and friends who are mostly in Oregon and I am in NY State, my ex-husband is from Oneida NY, most of all I miss my daughter Chrissa who passed away June 30. 2011, I know she is in a better place and no longer in pain, she was my only girl and she will always be my baby girl.

892 days ago
replied the topic What is your most unforgettable food that you have eaten in other countries? created by colin

seaweed and rice candy in Japan

912 days ago
replied the topic Does age matter in a relationship? created by hanabi

no it doen't matter at all my husband it 10 yrs older than me and we have an awesome relationship

912 days ago
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