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replied the topic How to describe life in 2 words created by kamlost

short, precious

1487 days ago
replied the topic Full Hd wallpapers created by Hikmat

They have free HD wallpapers. You can also sign up for a paid subscription to get full access to all their services, if you want, but that's not necessary. The wallpapers are phenomenal! Good luck!

1652 days ago
replied the topic WISE FOLDER HIDER created by DEC3

Just try a re-boot of your computer. I find that a reboot fixes my computer problems about 90% of the time. :-) Good luck!

1673 days ago
replied the topic How to remove spots from face naturally? created by icecream

You don't mention whether you're talking about scars (such as acne scars), or dark spots from the sun, or whatever. However, that being said, what I have found to work on every such problem I've ever had is called "Dark Spot Remover" from Unlike just about every other item on the market, this product is made only from natural ingredients, with no chemicals, toxins, or anything at all that can hurt you in any way. This product has worked miracles for me. (I'm just a consumer - I have nothing to gain by endorsing this product, and their whole product line, for that matter.) Good luck!

1675 days ago
replied the topic Cheater on the Prowl created by Conikay

Continue to live with him, but only as roommates (as long as he keeps his private goings-on PRIVATE.) You have been through enough, and don't need any more drama OR any more men. At some point in the future, you'll be strong and healthy. Only then would it be wise for you to think about living on your own and/or divorce. I would highly recommend, however, that before you ever date another man again, that you get some psychological assistance to help you understand why you keep picking these dishonest losers. (And let's hope that your sons haven't picked up on those guys' traits!) Good luck!

1681 days ago
replied the topic SLOW COMPUTER please help with advice created by JJim

How many programs are running in the background? Try CONTROL+ALT+DELETE to get to Task Manager, and you can see which programs and processes are running in the background. You may find that some of them are completely unnecessary, so you can end them. Be careful, though - you don't want to end a process that is important for the computer to run! When in doubt, search online to find out about that process. Good luck!

1682 days ago
replied the topic do you like windows 7 or 10 better created by 123345

My desktop has Win 7, and I love it - it does everything I want it to. However, I bought a new laptop last month with Win 10 pre-installed, and I hate it - I just can't get used to it. I don't like it at all, and as a result, I'm finding that I never use that new laptop at all. :-( This is the first time that I haven't liked a Windows version upgrade.

1685 days ago
replied the topic Problem with product created by hopefloats

If all else fails, uninstall your Wise Care, and also uninstall every possible entry for it in your registry using the Free version of Registrar Registry Manager. Then re-install Wise Care.

1693 days ago
replied the topic Problem with product created by hopefloats

Have you tried a system re-boot?

1693 days ago
replied the topic Is teeth cleaning necessary? created by kathy

Professionally cleaned at the dentist 2x year (ideally), or one time a year as the minimum. (Everyday brushing is not really good at removing plaque that is growing on our teeth. It takes the dental assistant's metal tools to safely get it all off.) As to brushing, I'd say in the morning and before bed, and any other time you might have any food stuck in your teeth. :-)

1704 days ago
replied the topic Which is the most healthy food ? created by SaphyreGod

The simplest answer to your question is to eat the most colorful foods; the more colorful the food, the more nutrition it has. The only exception here is about meat: meat is never a truly healthy option.

1713 days ago
replied the topic Do you shake the bottle before eating yogurt? created by fancylili

If you want every last bit of it, sure. But if you like to get rid of the loose whey floating at the top, like I do, then pour that off first before shaking.

1719 days ago
replied the topic Why will the mind get blank when feel nervous? created by July

I agree with David. It's your mind's way of dealing with a stressful situation. It has happened to me the WORST when I had to speak in front of a full room of people, like a form of stage fright. The best way I know of dealing with it is to prepare yourself for whatever the situation is that brings it on. In my case, if I had been better prepared with what I needed to talk about to the crowd, I think I wouldn't have gone blank like that. Same as when you're talking to a girl or some other social situation: think about what you want to say before you're in the situation. That might help. Good luck!

1722 days ago
replied the topic What would you do if you saw a disgusting picture? created by carlasss

Yes, I understand. Well, just try to think positive, and how lucky you are that you are healthy (or, at least, healthier than the person you saw in the terrible picture.) Also, that the odds of things like that happening to you are very, very low. Hang in there!

1725 days ago
replied the topic What would you do if you saw a disgusting picture? created by carlasss

I understand your problem completely. It has happened to me several times. If it showed a criminal act in a way that the person posting it was proud of it, please report them immediately to the Facebook officials! If it isn't that kind of picture, though, like if it's a picture of what someone did to an innocent animal, and they want signatures and stuff to fight that kind of crime from ever happening again, then I recommend that you take your disgust and turn it to action. Do whatever is in your power to prevent this type of thing from ever happening again! Sign the petitions, write to legislators, etc. the meantime, watch a Disney cartoon for a while, or pretty pictures of flowers and scenery and the like. And breathe deeply, and try to picture being in a serene place, like a calm lagoon, to calm yourself. I know that some people here are being idiots and trying to sound all macho and uncaring, but they're just being stupid. Your being upset by something you've seen just shows that you are a complete human being and a good person, and you should be proud of who you are.

1725 days ago
replied the topic When he will most probably be unhappy? created by khurm

There are degrees of being "handicapped." I can show you pictures of babies born without a face; or without all arms and legs; or no lower half at all of their body; half a brain; SEVERELY retarded people who function no better than a stick of butter; more. I believe that every parent needs to have the right to decide whether or not to complete a pregnancy if they know that their fetus has any of these severe kinds of deformities. HOWEVER, the government (in other words, the citizens of that country) ultimately wind up paying for medical care and/or custodial care for these children. In most (not all, of course, but MOST) of these cases, children with enough intelligence to understand their limitations are NOT happy, and I think it is selfish of the parents to have had them.

1746 days ago
replied the topic How to downloading dvds created by tamara12

Your words are off. A DVD is a physical disc. You can't download a physical disc. I guess you're trying to download a movie...

1763 days ago
replied the topic Any more Suggestion on How to Make this Forum Better? created by flying

(I don't see any previous responses. Are there any?)
I realize that many of the people posting questions are not native English speakers, and I respect that, but it still gets a bit frustrating when someone posts a question that makes no sense at all.
And how are the "winning" responses chosen, anyway? Maybe it would help to post the basics...

1805 days ago
replied the topic I always have the same dream for 2 weeks created by Hippy

It doesn't matter what the dream means. To get rid of it, do this before you fall asleep: re-play the dream again in your head, but now, CHANGE the ending! This time, walk up to the girl and push her out of the way of the bus. The bus passes by safely. The girl thanks you. You feel good. So, play this picture in your head a few times, and do it every night until you stop having the bad dream. This can really work if you do it. Good luck!

1808 days ago
replied the topic About Russian Federation created by Andrey116

I have always been fascinated by Russia, its history, and its arts. I have several family members who used to live there before coming to America in the 19th century. When I think of Russia, I think of the beautiful Kremlin; the incredibly wonderful classical composers; beautiful lacquerware. One of my granddaughters is studying the Russian language right now, and is planning a trip there. The only problem I associate with Russia TODAY is Putin, who I think is little more than a tyrant and a gangster, someone who is NOT to be trusted! I wish that the Russian people would find a way to get rid of him and have a real democracy.

1810 days ago
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