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replied the topic What's the bravest thing you have ever done? created by superhero

Jumping of a 3 storey building on to a dried fodder below when i was 8 yrs old, and then riding my bike standing on top of the rider seat when i was 20 yrs old.

1740 days ago
replied the topic What are you a fan of? created by ross

I am fan of Heath Ledger

1795 days ago
replied the topic Is there any interesting DIY products to kill time? created by momoko

Just type the particular DIY you want in youtube search, You will find many. Watch, learn and enjoy.

1795 days ago
replied the topic How do you think of the person who has no friends and always stay alone? created by claire

If u have like minded people around you, then you will surely enjoy one's company or its better to stay alone and enjoy with what you have.

1795 days ago
replied the topic We always give the worst temper to the intimate person while leave the tolerance and patience to the strangers. Why? created by au52

We throw our anger and frustration on the person we love the most as we know the person who's taking the blastings never takes it that serious as that person knows you had a bad day, so u let it out your anger on them, as u can't throw your anger or frustration on a stranger or outsiders as they will react and things may go out of hands, you may end up in different scenario altogether. You feel more dominant and same time feel safe to show your anger on loved ones as they wont over react.

1795 days ago
replied the topic How to block ads on chrome ? created by otman1989

In my personal experience after using many adblockers
This one is best and has good features like pausing blocker, Allow your favourite sites or domain to run or not run adblocker.

1795 days ago
replied the topic How to become smarter? created by Cheetos

Have "Banana" :-) Don't get me wrong, When apes evolved to human, and the most smartest living being on earth controlling everything, and the apes favourite food is banana. So in my opinion banana makes us smarter:-)

1830 days ago
replied the topic Who will win Best Actor of Oscars 2016 ? created by byebye

I feel Matt Damon will win this times oscar, Leo deserves but when oscar jury doesn't like him what else can we expect :-)

1830 days ago
replied the topic How to fix a broken friendship? created by twoapple

Be frank for what reason you avoided that person in your life at that time, If you don't have a valid reason, if its a mistake from your end then better lie to the person saying you were in some deep trouble and wanted to settle down and didn;t wanted to trouble anyone or face anyone until then. That way it wont hurt their feelings and also that person will feel sorry for you. We all do mistakes one lie can make your life better its always worth it. Give it a try.

1830 days ago
replied the topic Which country has the most public holidays? created by Jones

Off course india

1891 days ago
replied the topic Which cat should i buy for putting in home. created by Danny12345

"Persian" aka "Garfield" :-) my favourite cat, Cute, adorable and lazy.

1906 days ago
replied the topic What dog would you choose Husky or German sheppard? created by Osprey

If your first time dog owner then these breeds are not that recommended, They need good training or they can be a trouble for your family or outsiders. If you have little above average patience to train a dog then go for German shepherd, If you have too much of patience to train a dog, then go for huskies. If your going to train the dog with a trainer you can go for any breed both are strong, sharp and cute in their own ways.

1906 days ago
replied the topic How to comment Anne Hathaway? created by hellen

She's a cat :-)

1906 days ago
replied the topic Any suggestions of changing a new title for Euask? created by WiseCleaner_admin

TITLE : Euask: Get rewarded for sharing and questioning your knowledge.

DESCRIPTION : Help people around the world with your knowledge or get help from them.

1906 days ago
replied the topic How to Prevent Eye Strain When Using a Computer? created by rfe4585

1906 days ago
replied the topic How to get rid of personal info before I donate my laptop? created by BladonUnderwood

Formatt your system and in case you have more than 1 drive, delete & fomatt all drives and then make just 1 drive and re install any operating system in that particular drive and you can give away your laptop. You can also try different formatt method with applications like advance system care, ccleaner, this method is works too. Or if your still not sure then just remove the hard disk and add some old hard disk or low memory hard disk and give away.

1907 days ago
replied the topic Can I put my computer (tower) on its side, or does it need to stand up? created by Rana

There is no problem keeping it vertical or horizontal but only issue will be the dvd rom, if u keep horizontal your cd, or dd will fall for sure.

1907 days ago
replied the topic My laptop battery percentage never surpasses 90% created by 40s

Just say good bye to those batteries, even i faced same problem, changed my battery too. Now no issues.

1907 days ago
replied the topic My mouse is always lagging created by Leehom

Just install this application and scan for all the old drivers in your system, it will upgrade with latest drivers and fix all the problem. I feel its drivers issue.

1907 days ago
replied the topic What is your favorite movie of 2015? created by River

The Good Dinosaur

1907 days ago
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