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What is the different between Android os and IOS os? REWARD $2
1161 days ago, last commented by Zufcena

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replied the topic how about your experience with windows 10? created by Leo

In my Experience i can tell you that windows 10 had fix many errors in windows 8,8.1 with good looking but it has many problems with compatible in many programs and drivers , so i think we should let microsoft corp. improve it and in meanwhile you should continue with windows 7 because it the best OS ever until now

1161 days ago
replied the topic download cs:source created by shazunn

download here free

1161 days ago
replied the topic crack cs:go created by tubomix

try this website and you will find the best games ever with cracks and patchs

1161 days ago
replied the topic A free style online games created by Reck

i think you should try one of these:
7-Final Fantasy XIV Online
9-STAR WARS: The Old Republic

they all best MMORPG games ....... try them

1161 days ago
replied the topic Is QWERTY keyboard the best keyboard layout? created by Itellyou

No, but I think it's so easy and useful for chatting.

1161 days ago
replied the topic Is it necessary for teenagers to do homework? created by christine

Yes, to improve their skills in writing and reading.

1161 days ago
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