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replied the topic Do you know how to downgrade from Windows 10 to an older version created by WiseCleaner_admin

no need to format your pc,try RECOVERY ,your pc OS will recover to older version.from WINDOWS 10 to WINDOWS recovery to your pc then follow the instruction.

371 days ago
replied the topic Wise folder hider - failed to load driver created by rmswenson747

uninstall the driver and install new cant update the driver if theres a compatibility problem with the older driver...

371 days ago
replied the topic Why my computer pup out while gaming created by AYMEN19

try sytem restore,search SYSTEM RESTORE in your computer,follow the instruction then apply...

371 days ago
replied the topic IP adress can't fixed created by kenman123456

sytem system restore follow the instruction,select restore point...during sytem restore your file wont be restore point date,the time before you change your ip address.

372 days ago
replied the topic Memory @ line 1 in WIN10 created by aj

try system restore,search sytem restore...follow the instruction,chose restore point..or clean your RAM {random acess memory}...remove your ram clean the connector [the copper or gold side] clean it with clean cloth...if laptop computer your ram located at the bottom remove some screw,when it is open unlock it by pushing the lock at the two side of the ram.

372 days ago
replied the topic Wise folder hide.. Problem created by JeongDaeYoon

go to my computer...right PROPERTIES,go to the partition that dont exist...format the partition then label it with letter to recognize the formated partition...

372 days ago
replied the topic My driver is totally full . how to clean and gain some space created by baladox

transfer all you files to the other D or E....inckuding desktop files...all shortcut icons must remain in desktop..if all important files have been tanfered you can format you pc....format the partition C....partition C is your system all your apps will be lost...just download or install new.any cleaner can't help if you have a lot of time try to defrag your partition,defragment will compress you partition to save space...

372 days ago
replied the topic Can't log ig garena, error 2471 created by Igotthis

try to uninstall garena,then install new apps again...or download...use control panel to uninstall garena....

372 days ago
replied the topic Closing cortana on windows 10 created by drjensen

go to control programs and features,search cortana on programs,click and uninstall...or try sytem restore...find the restore point date before the cortana installed...

372 days ago
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