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replied the topic You are bitten by a venomous Inland Taipan. How long have you got to live? created by Sanakmaster

i say about 15 minutes

922 days ago
replied the topic Is it impolite if we tell a girl she is fat? created by walker16

If sh is very overweight and think she is going to have health problems because , just tell her she is overweight , and need to loose weight , i don't want you to die.

922 days ago
replied the topic Riddle of life :)!!!!!!!!!! created by wizzarD1

i'm saying the bird , because some egg had an genetic mutation that formed into what we call a chicken.

922 days ago
replied the topic My cat loses her fur created by Deepblue

Is it on medication? some can cause hair loss, and take it to a vet.

922 days ago
replied the topic President of the united states created by tamara12

the current president is Barack Obama and the next president is going to be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump

922 days ago
replied the topic Google vs Apple, which will be better? created by bootup

i would say google, google is much better than apple, apple is just more expensive since all they want to do is make money, they don't charge for any of there operating systems, like mac os x and ios, they think they can sell there stuff for more because all software updates and upgrades are free

922 days ago
replied the topic How to get more space for iPhone? created by AF

Cool trick to get more space in your iphone.

922 days ago
replied the topic Is there a way to tell if there is more than 1 copy of a picture saved already in your pictures folder? created by Patsy

this is how you use dupeguru

922 days ago
replied the topic What graphics card shall I get? created by HatsuneMiku

go with the gtx 980, much faster than the gtx 970, and can get at the price you want.

922 days ago
replied the topic Best Free Antivirus created by Tejendra

The best is avg free antivirus , or avast antivirus, but avg seems to be faster than avast antivirus, and that for avast you have to redo the product code every year, if you don't than than the antivirus won't work.

922 days ago
replied the topic What is your wish ? created by only_god

My wish is that obesity never existed. That you could eat all you want and couldn't become fat, and that your body would deside how much weight is best for you.

922 days ago
replied the topic 桌面選取窗格變成虛線,無法看清楚。 created by eric930501

I have no idea what you are saying in chinese.

922 days ago
replied the topic How much RAM does your computer have? created by bling

my main intel core i3 desktop has 8gb, it originally had 6gb of ram, it has 4 slots , but was weird that only 3 slots was used and wasn't using dual channel speed, so i added another 2gb stick so it could use dual channel, than i have a windows tablet with intel atom and only has 2gb of ram, than i have a intel core i7 web server that has 32gb of ram. my main computer is used as a gaming computer.

922 days ago
replied the topic What's the best thing you can buy for under $10? created by beststar

you could buy $10 in bitcoin crytocurrency, and than you could invest it, or put it in a bitcoin interest account because bitcoin gets better interest than a regular bank.

922 days ago
replied the topic How much is the subscription price Internet in your country? created by only_god

well where i live in pennsylvania united states, its based on if you want it through your telephone line (dsl) or if you want it through tv cable, dsl is like $20 if you have telephone service or more like $40 if you don't have telephone service, next is getting it through cable, with cable service its like $35 , without cable it like $70, both of these you get speeds between 5-10 megabits a second. cable internet is more expensive but it seems to be more faster than dsl, even though its the same speed.

922 days ago
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