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replied the topic Are these temps too high? created by MikuChan

No. The hot temp is fine.

976 days ago
replied the topic Is it necessary to buy an apple watch? created by minice

No. Get a life not a gadget. Spend the money on a holiday with memories that will last longer than the device.

976 days ago
replied the topic Do you love your children more than yourself? created by fiona

No. You need to love yourself first before you love others. Sacrafice is a different question.

976 days ago
replied the topic What do you usually buy from abroad during travel? created by bling

Fridge magnets. Great for diversity and chuckle memories.

976 days ago
replied the topic How to take care of our eyes? created by July

Simple eye exercise: Focus on a near object for 5 seconds , then focus on a distant object for 5 seconds. This improves focus over time as it strengthens the eye muscles.

976 days ago
replied the topic Do you still buy digital music players? created by boyz

Yes. All of my music is on an android phone. Eliminated carrying devices and charging hassle. Easy when using across other devices and platforms.

976 days ago
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