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Answers replied by marketsgolabl

replied the topic Keyboard keys not working any suggestion created by marketsgolabl 607 days ago

its a laptop keyboard

replied the topic Dual both window7 and widnows 10 created by marketsgolabl 628 days ago

i do have 40 GB unallocated space and i want to install windows 10 on it

replied the topic Dual both window7 and widnows 10 created by marketsgolabl 628 days ago


thank you for helping

replied the topic SATA Mode in the Windows 10 created by marketsgolabl 637 days ago


thank you for informations

replied the topic What songs can make you cry? created by Rice 937 days ago

Eliot = baby i will wait for you

replied the topic How to say "Thank you" in your language? created by naokoki 937 days ago

gracia wich mean thank you

replied the topic Where are you from? created by jackslow 945 days ago

i live in USA original from Morocco

replied the topic Itching all over created by MikuChan 945 days ago


Itchy skin, also known as pruritus, is an irritating and uncontrollable sensation that makes you want to scratch to relieve the feeling. The possible causes for itchiness range from internal illnesses, such as kidney or liver disease, to skin rashes

replied the topic Will robots rule the world? created by momoko 946 days ago

not that far

replied the topic Which is the most healthy food ? created by SaphyreGod 946 days ago

The 10 Healthiest Foods on the Planet
Healthy Food #1: Lemons
Healthy Food #2: Broccoli
Healthy Food #3: Dark Chocolate
Healthy Food #5: Salmon
Healthy Food #6: Walnuts
Healthy Food #7: Avocados
Healthy Food #9: Spinach
Healthy Food #10: Beans

replied the topic Blue page start up problem created by farbak 950 days ago

look into youtube you will find many videos solving your problem

replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox 950 days ago

then go with avira is best free Av in web give it a try

replied the topic Do you know some free good workout apps? created by shawn 950 days ago

Looking to improve and track your workouts? Download JEFIT, the best and most popular FREE Android and iPhone workout, bodybuilding and fitness app.

replied the topic Would you use an artificial neural network for forex trading? created by neuropatch 950 days ago

Modern techniques like artificial neural networks (ANN) are best used for high frequency trading for several reasons. First, they mimic human intelligence but they mostly don’t reach a human’s level of intelligence, therefore, there is no point in using those techniques on a time scale at which a human could easily be working. Their advantage comes from speed of operation and constant activity.

Second, we need a lot of data to train neural networks efficiently and this amount of data will only be found in high frequency trading. Forex has all in all quite few instruments with limited relevant past data on the daily or weekly time-scale.
Furthermore, High frequency trading is a type of scalping strategy where we identify noise around the true value of the instrument. This is different from long-term trading that attempts to follow meaningful movements of the instrument according to fundamental analysis.

replied the topic How does education improve our lives? created by AF 950 days ago

Education is important especially for young kids because it is when they are still young that their minds are open and teachable, and it’s a time of life when they view things with innocence and receptiveness.

replied the topic Which brand logo do you like best? created by Lisaly 950 days ago

i like Adidas

replied the topic How to discover new music? created by nollore 951 days ago

Discover new music. Find related artists. Get top tracks, album listings and listen to free music.

replied the topic Best anti virus software? created by baladox 951 days ago

replied the topic Which mobile operating system is best created by peiresimon 951 days ago

Android is the best developed by Google and there is a news version Called Android N instead of Android M

replied the topic Technical support created by CAHewitt 951 days ago

check this link im sure they will respond quick

replied the topic Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge VS Apple iPhone 6Plus created by daydream 952 days ago

hello , i have experienced them both and i prefer Samsung Galaxy S6 edge very strong and more option available also you can customize , but iphone is not as that beauty as Samsung

replied the topic Android applications developing created by defender 952 days ago

hello , i recommend to visit the link and find 10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps


replied the topic Do you shake the bottle before eating yogurt? created by fancylili 952 days ago

shake it befor drink it that it

replied the topic AlphaGo vs Lee Sedol, who will win ? created by beststar 952 days ago

Lee Sedol

Lee Sedol is a South Korean professional Go player of 9-dan rank. As of February 2016, he ranks second in international titles, behind only Lee Chang-ho.

replied the topic What milk frother is better to buy? created by kata 982 days ago

for my little experience with Capresso frothPRO i suggest NOT TO BUY :
let me add a couple of cons

#1 - The machine is a little pricey at the sixty dollars.
($ 35 to $40 would be a much fairer price). The machine
is a simple mechanism and made in China so there can
be no excuse like "union wages" to justify the $60 price

#2 - The power cord could have been a little longer to provide
more options as to where it can be plugged in.

#3 - Be careful not to touch the BOTTOM of the milk pitcher
once you have heated your milk and removed it from
the heating base and DO NOT set it down on a laminate
surface (like formica) because that baby is really HOT
and can leave a burn mark.

replied the topic I need to Speed up Computer and Gaming Performance created by plansimple55 982 days ago

Hi @plansimple55 ,

Free PC Game Optimizer & Game Booster
Speed up Computer and Improve Gaming Performance

Download :

To avoid interruptions while gaming, Game Mode in Advanced SystemCare will help re-arrange computer resource to make them all focus on game boost, and terminate more unnecessary System and Non-Windows services. And it also offers real-time detecting on system, like the CPU temperature and Fan speed, in order to optimize PC in real-time for gaming performance.

replied the topic Computer and internet created by haji 982 days ago

wise care pro is the one

replied the topic Websites that sell game keys refund you if the game does not? created by plansimple55 983 days ago

they don't need to refund since you have buy the key not the setup

replied the topic What is forex can we earn the money form forx? created by javedhumza 983 days ago

Forex Market Basics :

replied the topic Why conservative women is still the best than liberated? created by ryanaxis 983 days ago

I think that conservative women (whatever that means) tend to strive for a caucasian, monied, traditional (whatever that means) look. I can think of a lot of cultures/people with comparatively traditional values who do not think a rail-thin, white, bleach-blonde, neocon wearing expensive jewels and a skirt would be pretty.

And, no, they aren't prettier. They fit some racist, classist '50s American mainstream standard that was never actually real except for on TV and in ads.

ETA: And, yes, I am perfectly aware that there are neocon women of color. But they strive for the same look. They aren't striving, for, say, a Nigerian standard of high class beauty. See: attached picture (not a good one of her face, unfortunately) of Nigeria's finance minister.

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