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replied the topic ow can computer games/educational simulations augment existing curricula; inspire new curricula? created by abcman

The Commission believes that great opportunities exist to engage the public
through cutting edge multi-media products. Moving images are to today’s students what
books were to students in generations past. Movies can bring technical space subjects to
life for people who have no interest at all in mathematics or science. From IMAX films to
Hollywood blockbusters, millions of space enthusiasts look to the big screen (and
subsequent video distribution) for the latest in space “stories.” The techniques employed
by the film industry, applied to actual space science, can result in dynamic narratives
that inspire and educate people.
Similarly, video and simulation games are not only a multi-billion dollar
industry; they are proving to be effective as learning devices for people of all ages.
Space flight simulators have long been used at the various NASA Centers, but only
recently have similar programs been incorporated into smaller, hand-held “amusement”
versions and made available for public use. The potential for converting hobbies and
amusements to more educational pursuits is enormous. NASA could collaborate with
video game producers to create live-action learning modules that give players the
chance to experiment with orbital mechanics, the principles of space flight, and other
space-related subjects. A new model for public engagement, which seeks broad grass
roots support through coordinated efforts of government, industry, and non-profit
institutions, uses professional communicators to formulate its messages, and
incorporates exciting multi-media products to infuse space exploration into our culture
as never before. Thus, such an effort is well aligned with the goals of the space
exploration vision itself, which seeks to vastly expand our presence in space.*

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