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replied the topic I need to sleep ! How I can ? created by MickelMalik

please don't worry:

the most problems we digest al in the night. When you can not sleep, your brain works on with full speed.

you can take pills with valerian or passion-flower.

the first you ask your self, why you can not sleep. The second is to cancel all the reasons. The medical elements are only aid to help you for a fast effect.

Pleas sorry for my bad english.

1736 days ago
replied the topic What are some rules you've made for yourself? created by BTW

my rules are: - demand no more, as you self can do
- Do anyone of what, what you yourself can not stand

I hope you understand my bad english

1736 days ago
replied the topic What is your ideal job? created by Donna

my best job is mother from many childs. I have a sun and a foster-child, also a boy. Last year I take a girl into care for 9 months. They are all from 18 to 22 years old. The most are youthful an have many problems with there own familys or with the police. In germany is no help for this people in a acceptable form. My biggest wish is a very big hous and enoth mony to give them a good training or studium.

1780 days ago
replied the topic Which electronic device have you used for the longest time? created by BTW

For me it's the Radio from my family. My uncle buy it 1944 from his first salary. This radio is still used an he works impeccable. The next is a food processor from 1956. A very good machine also still in work.

1780 days ago
replied the topic Best Free Antivirus created by Tejendra

There is no antivirus, how the best. First come a virus and then a antivirus. Bevor a antivirusprogram can start has a virus many PC's infect. Take a free antivirus and hope, that a virus not infect your PC bevor the antivirus has update to the new virus.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand, what I mean.

1796 days ago
replied the topic Do you love your children more than yourself? created by fiona

Hallo fiona,

the answer ist yes. I have a son and a fosterson. They are 20 years old. I don't want to miss them. When I lay in my bed and they are out of the hous, I can't sleep, bevor both at home.

This is a little answer to show you, what it means to love the children.

Sorry for my bad english, I'm don't learn it so good.

1799 days ago
replied the topic Which apps can help you make more new friends? created by tina01

Hallo tina 01,

for me it was facebook.

The first frind was my son. In shortly time his friends and the parents from the friends are also my friends and so on.

FB is in Germany free and you can select, what files you want to show the other people or your friends.

Sorry for my bad english.

1799 days ago
replied the topic I feel lonely, how should I do? created by hellen

I don't know, what kost a dog in your land. A dog take you mind off worries. You must take care of him. I have a child, it is a boy. about 3 years ago coms an ather boy to me. He make his self liable to prosecution. in all the years he don't make it any more.

When you have something to take you mind off worries, you never lonly again.

1802 days ago
replied the topic I feel lonely, how should I do? created by hellen

I live in Germany. The best method is a dog. You must go out with him every day at all weather conditions. With a dog you automatical meet peoples and they speak with you about the dogs and so on.

Pleas for give me the bad english.

1806 days ago
replied the topic Lost licence key created by Pasquale

When you lost your key, than call the suppord software company. You got there a new lizenzkey for your software.

1806 days ago
replied the topic License key to register created by stormwitch

Pleas call the Support and told them your Problem.

All Support give you a new key for your software.

1806 days ago
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