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Please help me get by by selling items on ebay. i'll pay in commission and update this to a reward whenever i get paid.√ answeredREWARD $220
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i was born in 85 but i remember people younger than me really into Pokémon cards as a kid. a lot of people would try to get the whole deck and has binders of them and would trade them in class. when you put time into something and see if power grow from your work you get instant gratification. all video games are based off this. Pokemon is unique in that it was and is huge in Japan and far east and to a lesser extent the entire planet. but the thing is this is the first popular augmented reality game that has gotten popular. it shocked wall st and the people in control of currency when they realized they could profit off of this Brand new business model. this is just a small taste of what's to come. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, htc, Samsung, occulus rift, are all coming out with vr systems. htc vive players countless stream games but is $700. it is full competition now in the transitional period initio mixed reality. the headsets will get smaller and turn into sunglasses with Bluetooth earbuds that hook to your phone and watch. the have the tech si artificial objects appear where real things are so you don't get ran over when your in the city chasing pokemon or dragobs or whatever. or at home you won't break your wrist when posting a boxing game where you feel the blows. if say 15 years from today the head sets will be contacts. with a wire going to you're ear. by 2050 we will have Lazer s surgery on our eyes with a gpu and cou implanted in our head. no more need for microphones or earphones then because telepathy will be achieved. the issue there is cyber terrorist just takes a bug in the software for an evil person to start controlling or killing people. you know about ransomware? big companies sometimes have to pay millions but they don't disclose it to the public so their stock prices don't change. my web Host got ransomed recently and has been going uo and down the last few weeks. what if all of a sudden you heard a voice dating i an now in control transfer all your assets including your identity or you will die. if you don't believe me watch this boom you collapse or you vision stops working for a second and comes back on. then you'll hear "now that we're on the same page, get to [certain location], " and long as you follow the orders it's fine but they will kill you if you don't. one day the terrorist may just kill everyone hooked to the neuoronet of the future. i can see it happening because your heart works by generating electricity to feed your brain energy. you eat and drink to get electrolytes and minerals and vitamins to get the electricity. so the chip in your head would be part of you. and a hacker could cause it to some the voltage or something. cyber bio terrorism. either that or the cloud wakes up like skynet in terminator and the singularity occurs. that is a binary path. we better hope when what we call the internet wakes up it needs us or d doesn't mind us. it would behind self teaching itself at an exponential rate and take over the world. but hey at least we created a species if you can call it that. so technically man would be machines god. who's to say since we're electrical as it is that our god isn't an advanced race of aliens or ourselves from the future. i personally believe in multiverse theory, and there are infinite universes. meaning there are infinity copies of you doing living being however whatever. i know it's far out, but a ton of physist believe t the same thing. Stephen Hawking says we need to quit messing with artificial intelligence now. it's too late though. exciting times ahead!

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replied the topic Please help me get by by selling items on ebay. i'll pay in commission and update this to a reward whenever i get paid. created by lowtyde85

thank you to everyone else but this was the most concise.

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easy money by staying logged on and answering for cash rewards and prizes such as iPhones. there community is friendly and eager to answer literally sny question you have be it committing, advice, anything. you pay then points or 2 dollars or more friending on how urgent your problem is. you choose a best answer to someone who has the best solution and they get the 2 dollars or points. when you mark a best answer you earn 2 dollars meaning you spend no money. the actual money is generated through the points. points are a virtual currency on this site that are worth money. your best bet is to answer questions and earth a daily point by logging in. you can cash out to PayPal at 10 dollars. it's not real work. just a community of younger people seeking advice mostly financial. a lot of us know slot about computers and personal finance and how to earn money online.

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windows kmspico. you can find any cracked file on which is a private bittorrent tracker with a low community with amazing speeds. You must maintain your ratio. Your isp doesn't knowabout it and it does not share its seeds or peers with the bittorrent network (DHT). It is invite or pay to get in. I have 3 email refferals. e-mail me for one. either that or go on linux and create a rainbow table. I don't remember what i used when i used the software. It would work on a rooted android as well mac osx. is the first rainbow program i see, read the documentation aof ra few minutes, i did it when i was young against a complex string i created that was encrypted and it cracked it in about 5 days. cryptology is becoming more advanced. yet so is malware like what i just leaked. it used to be you could only steal wifi if it was what we now call hotspots. then they added wep, that was very easy to crack. now the standard is wpa2/psk PBC or PIN you push a button on the wifi device and it generates a tmie sensitive token (6 digits that are valid for 3-5 mins that you have to go to the laptop / phone / android and connect. it doesnt even tell you the key. on android at least for me lateley ive been having to dl apps like pbc to add it to my network. But now that standard has been compromised and is hackale to a novice with access to anything unix based. so now your neighbors protected wifi is no longer protected. for games go to

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@FaisalAl and i tread this on the 9th

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passive affilitation like attaching to your links so they have to wait 2 seconds before getting to your link and it builds up. honey is a chrome extension that auto applies best discounts to order and offers 6% cashback. creating a simple wordpress site blogging baout something you know alot about, lookup affiliate programs for the products you suggest in your blog, get hootsuite and connect twitter/fb/instagram to it, buy something on the LOW using honey and groupon combined and list it on ebay and sell it. got a book? go to amazon and search for it look for "have one?" click it and sell it. gain revenue and then begin advertising yourself and if you arent willing to put the work into learning SEO and targeting, pay someone. is an amazing revenue source. for list the best deals of any given day. i used to earn $5 a day in 30 mins using that if you can translate, that is in demand online. id suggest looking into wealthy affilliate, honey extension, stay logged into here, if you ahve games to get rid of create a sellers account. swagbucks works but is slow, is great if you know how to speculate anda bit about politics (signupfor 10 dollars and put as much money into clinton as you can asap and on nov 2 collect your reward) i turned $10 into $36 on predict it iwthin a few hours. its a real market though so requires skill. finally options warehouse i believe is the aboslute cheapest way to get into the real stock market. $5 a trade sit on alphabet inc as it is bluechip now and constantly rising. flip back and forth between bitcoin and buy things from china and russia and sell to australians then convert back to usd. that is called arbitrage. its what the rich do but they call it inversion. russians will pay a lot of bitcoin for a loaded dota account because for some reason russians loove the videogame called dota, they also tend to enjoy adidas and dash cams so theyd buy a good amount of btc for those items as they would have to pay something like 10 times as much in their ccurrency. australian dollar is like 1.78 to usd. sell the above items to them through g2a and get on create an ebay account, find an aus node, and sell the adidas aprael you got from russia. this turns items we would pay $20 for to an unknown but likely $60 dependent on a lot of variables.

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replied the topic Would you buy a phone if it had no headphone jack? created by timeis

Sure, im about to list my $12 wireless bluetooth earbuds on ebay. iphone/android have bluetooth. just get bluetooth stuff. 3.5mm cord headphones are far cheaper thogh ($1 on ebay vs $12-70) for bluetooth, mine is very good quality and listing at 17. defeats the living hell out of the jack, in addition, next generation iphone is REMOVING it. i anticipate most android devices will as well, reason is this is now the component that makes the width of the device the thickest. so next years thinner phones will have no headset jack and require bluetooth, next to go is the charger controller on the side to replace with wireless charging. that tech has advanced. this will allow bendable oled phones that look more like credit cards than cellphones. moore law man. tech is getting cheaper, components are gettings stronger, and it creates a rebound effect among the means of dropshifters in asia to innovate to tech and colab with us pros. the next 5 years will see the most extreme change in technology in recorded history, and every year beyound that will break the record, cortana and google now now talk to each other. i can text not using voip but my phones real number from my computer using cortana. i ai.api (assistant app) is the first self learning app on android. right now we have teh shift to the cloud, home automation, explosion in global knowledge, augmented reality, virtual reality, holograms, chabots, machine learning, millions of kids to old adults buying $30 rasberry pis and making them automate their homes. you can now buy smart mirrors, smart everything. singularity is incoming, and its the cloud. (a cloud is just a server, but microsoft, amazon, google, tons of others all have huge server data centers that they call clouds) its just a catch phrase. important underlying concept is we no longer purchase the hardware as much, but the cloud resources. i have unlimited cloud storage on amazon, i should just sell my hard drives. except for a 128gb ssd that holds windows and mount the programs to my localhost using webdev and alter system variables and boom. my pc now has 1000000tb of storage. :)

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wtf is up with the hyperlinks messing up. euask get your devs on fixing your wysywig. its not using BB some some sort of custom haml based program or markdown.

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i had ot use url shorteners becauause while my refferal link worked, other legit linkis had html output. im going to ask the devs about that.

here is your answer: your best absolute bet right now is to go to

thats my referral link to sign up for g2a and then go to and for $2 you get 10 random games on steam. WITH the g2a shield, (protects discounts games and protects you from losing your money. the shield makes things cheaper and protects you from shady sellers, ( all these discounts come from other people trading their licensed games with the serial numbers that work. so w/o the shield you could get ripped off. so when i signed up it turned out to be $0.99 or you could select games from their other deals they have today or steams daily deals. id suggest csgo or battlefield those are both on sale legion is as well. and they don't tell you you also have to buy the previous expansions, my legion has the base game as well as the other expansions, and the beta for legion (sorry for that advertisement) but honestly id just get as many random steam keys you can afford and you'll have a ton of fun.

for pc, steam. Create an acccount there and one for g2a. (I suggest getting them both secvured because g2a is crowd suorced, so you buy a g2a "shield" that guarentees makes g2a liable for someone scamming you. you can then go to and get games dirt cheap and add them to your personal steam library. here is mine.

see how much i paid and what i would have had to pay?
unfortunatley i sold that account and now have a new one :(

when i say cheap i mean CHEAP. they steam constantly has sales and so does g2a. so when you are looking to ploay go to

and compare the prices on the games. you can go to to exchange games as well.

my personal favorite is witcher 3. overwatch and legion are good, i have the beta (btw i can sell you my witcher 3 and legion account as i make money off of trading games. usually on though its a shady place.

mortal kombat x if you like fighting
gta5 is always good
witcher / legion which i mentioned
the latest street fighter and killer instinct
hearthstone for card games
DOTA2 AND LOL for MOBA type games. (im not into those)
fifa 2016 is really hot atm

counter strike, global offensive is the most popular game on steam, so discounting asia, it is the most played game, so that speaks for itself, i played it and enjoyed it.

(steam has an annual SUPER sale that is random and like black friday. then create a honeypot like i just did its a referral program where people who sign up earn you real money on paypal. so follow mine, and then i will follow yours. then share with your friends ( i can teach more about how to promote, there are tons of tools, you could promote your referral link on a fb buisness account for $2 and 18,000 people will see it. you can also get the chrome extension called honey which runs int eh backgorund and as you browse the web it adds it to a honeypot and when you reach a threshold pays out. i do not shop without it. message me for a comple list of tools i use. i know a lot about social marketing and making money online through affiliate programs and doing small online jobs. seriously, anyone reading this. if you need any help with money i can help, its how the internet works, every article or log you read is affiliated with companies, when they hyperlink to basically anything, its a referral link. i did not have to tell you my link was a referral link. but i dont really cfare, its the same at the end you could sign up and i get a point or sign up by going there manually :) (pls click it tho ) haha just kidding. alot of steam games run on mobile as well, but the best games coming out are for the htc vive headset ... google that stuff. the new virtual reality games are amazing.

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replied the topic Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? created by Aravi

mortal combat x instant feedback a lil thought and you get kill harder!

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replied the topic Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? created by Aravi

or you talking about mobile?

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replied the topic Any one know a best short game that can be finished within 3 hours, specially for Sunday? created by Aravi

gimmey a min i can grant you acess to my steam

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note this is coming from a white man my answers would be different if i had darker skin, in a lot of areas around the world white guys get harassed, in central america and northern SA for money (they probably hate americans because of how many of their democracies we overthrew)

a long long rant ahead but final answer is mountain view california followed by salt lake city. ill run around the globe, then delve into some history of why areas are messed up, how we could be headin there again so any place could be potentially dangerous, and return to the main point, i may draft this and turn it into a blog article. if you don't like to read.... stop.

i'd say there are cons to everywhere, new york is amazing but can be dangerous. parts of cali and miami are amazing but can be dangerous and annoying with eh loud tourists. I think the best place for me personally would be north east sub burbs of hollywood im talking an hour away too. where the prices get realistic. Canada has amazing locations. Toronto and British Colombia are awesome. I hate where i live (nc and myrtle beach sc) , the best ploace to live depends entirely on your personality imo. i code so i'm content in a small room, all i need is a pc, phone, bed, couch, tv and woman. so anywhere that isnt loud is cool for me. everyone says hawaii. false. it gets old quick and the natives have disdain for americans. aIreland sounds nice but the weather is shitty and there is potential for war there if they get rampped up about leaving the uk like theyve been doing for a hundred years. australia is awesome but australians and no offense, tend to be immature. the 12 or so ive met have all appeared the same way, im sure my stereotype is completely inaccurate, its like they all have adhd. lol im sorry i have aussie friends! id love to live in south america, specifically Buenos Aeries Argentina. Its a huge city, a hell of a lot safer than northern SA, cheap to live in, friendly, and their neighbors in guatemala are so socialist. its no favila land. it has its poverty but its the golden state of south america. its also really socialist and for the people unlike certain nation states. id love to visit bogota COL, or ALL of brazil and experience the amazon, but unfortunately that happens to be a hot zone for americans and you aren't allowed to carry guns so if you're white youre potentially screwed. ive been all over europe, In order as of before migrant cris: germany, denmark, italy, france, austria, belgium. for the lower, for the upper all of scandinavia, iceland sounds amazing. like 100k population all related who have the oddest language but the weather is hell. Botswana Africa, almost 100% black, right above south africa is THRIVING atm. We really screwed that continent. in 19th century when nation states were being formed as kingdoms fell, there were european races to conquer africa, well as far back as 1600 really. just like in the us. except we fought back and won :0 (thank you frenchmen and your never ending hatred towards the british) africa was doing fine, it just was along the lines of south america and the far east at the time in its own regard. there was no more bloodshed or famine than other areas in the world then. the world marched in declaring territories to civilize them, since the african people had no borders really, just empires such as the zulu empire, and their own defined tribal territories, chaos erupted when the europeans split africa into what it is today with little african consent. this put enemies in the same territories, and separated, families. century long lasted routes to water and tribal barter of cattle and agriculture were destroyed. famine erupted and millions died. they grew desperate to escape. some left on their own will, other war lords forced the strong men and beautiful women into the hands of the europeans into slavery for very little money in return, which was worth a lot to them given their predicament. don't quote my dates but this was ongoing into the early 20th century. ww1 actually is what stopped it. the same exact thing happened in the middle east, except it was all UK this time. they the shias and sunnis in separated naturally, until the british came over to 'civilize' aka conquer and take resources. same with india but india was xen it endured it very well and is set to pretty much control the world one day. they are some SMART PEOPLE. its so difficult for eastern and western languages to speak the other. like for you to speak chinese and understand the numerical systems etc, china has not entered the programming scene comercially on a major scale because they don'tloearn english for the most part. most japanese do not care to speak english though it is the international language of business and is poised to be the one universal language that will evolve (oriental people are pretty traditianal and isolationst and hate it when outsiders screw with their culture) most of europe speaks english. a lot of russians do. a lot of middle easterns can. south americans even (of course to various degrees) but both koreas, japan, china, vietnam, thailand they pretty much say hell to the no. probably best globalization eurozone and united states has started is a tricky road that could lead to ww3. you see the signs. this is exactly like the 1890s. were dividing and conquering africa and the middle east again on purpose for resources. (china is in africa now heavily getting diamonds its sickening) us is only in the middle east for competitiveness and bravado at this point. a nation beating its chest. we aren't actively stealing resources. there is no evidence of stolen oil. our game is just to keept he world on edge so we can profit off of arms deals. its why obama started the coup in maiden ukraine that lead to a standoff with russia (who happens to have their only foreign base in syria) so then russia entered syria as a show of force because now they are in our face. we sent a 200 mile long convoy from germany to finland in retaliation. then it has been proven russians blew up that plin fulol of australians and and europeans 2 years ago, those 300 lives were one chess move of putin's. obama retaliates by destroying the russian economy with some north korean level sanctions, now they are suffering. turks (nato member who we are obliged to defended if attacked) then shot down 2 russian jets where one russian was carried through the streets before being killed in syria (they never entered turkey thats why fuck turkey.. the russians NEVER ENTERED RUSSIAN AIR SPACE.) turkey fucks greece and us now apparently repeatedly. now their own govt hates their leader so much the military tried to take em out and the current situation is if the united states does not send a turk expat who sought asylum fearing his life from erogen years ago as we was part of the early rebellion, they will not partake in the critical role they play in the migrant flood and battle against isis. currently they have SHUT DOWN POWER AND 12,000 united states troops are in turkey relying on power generators until this is figured out. they need just build a fucking between turkey and south eastern europe. fuck the saudis and the turks, im american but were not innocent either. but putin has had a bad rep. he took crimea. crimea wanted to be russian. thats why there is a civil war. around half the people want to be russian, half euro. the western half of ukraine ofc wants to be euro. this is a gigantic geopolitical game afoot with the same level of division of culture between religion, value, virtue, economic policy (hitler hated socialists more than jewish people, and killed more russians he considered socialists subhumans, fun fact einstein was a german (i think jew) socialist who fled to america and helped build the a bomb. thanks albert! ) but ww1 wasn't started by the single shot to that duke or archbishop/we google it 's head , it was started by the exact division the world sees today. and i think division is potentially sparked by a rise of communication power. quicker transport via car back then, telephones , radios, boats got steam engines then real ones, so the world communicated a lot quicker all of a sudden causing a rift in the status quo, which is something you dont want to fuck with. when you do , dictators emerge. populists rise in power each time a nation is divided. ourelection is rigged but if it is not rigged trump will win because of this. the hate. watching his nomination speech at the rnc reminded me of hitler and id vote for him over hillary as his foreign policies are pro europe and russia and basically saying look the us , europe, russia needs to unite. the middle east, thts a scam, we all know it, its for making money for a military we cant afford or need as much of (though he negates himself to appease republican voters, i know his history well enough and statements hes made to know he is left wing just read like the first 5 pages of the art of the deal "in order to gain leverage when losing i will not hesitate to lie" or something along. HE ADMITS TO LYING that is the definition of honesty itself. the man obviously doesn't hae a teleprompter and doesnt ve a fuck what he says , hes far more honest than hillary. hes also been mentionining the wall alot less recently as i knew he would after he won, that shit was for his republican base after he won that hes abandoning the wall shit. immigration is at a low, it is illegal, but a wall would only inflate the prices of heroin and cocaine and like BIG said mo money mo problems. so youd have moreblood shed and the cartel may just start operations here. how hard is it to patiently go thru the visa process, move to cfolorodo, start a farm of whatever grows there, produce popppy , marijuana, and coca, giving you the means to make heroin, crack, and strong weed? they face potential prison, but not family execution like in mexico. the whole race baiting thing is a narrative of the media diviing us on purpose to distract us from the fact that our debt is 19 tn, mathematically if it hits 21 tn wed have to go bankrupt and lose super power status an dnot be able to pay the military, and russia and china would likely force up and take advantage of that. but the current plan is to do as we have been doing, have the FED continue to generate our fiat currency (with women on the bills now, such change! harriet tubman was one of thousands of brave people standing out for what was right against abusers at the time, fucking edward snowden is doing that today. amerilia aierheart shoulda got taht shit. or maybe a primary head of the sufferage movement? if were going to consider diversity i think MANKILLER how ironic should win. look up mankiller. she was the first female chief of the cherokee nation and also involved in the womans sufferage movement. they should earhart, rosa parks, tubman on the back with mankillero n the front, with the native american woman on the front. that would show some real fucking girl power. no one mentions the millions on millions of indians that were massacered (look at me stioll calling them indians because they look similar to to peple from india what a socidety)) but yea eeryone got fucked, even the whtie man untilt he 20th century. kings protected the peasents and in return the peasents woked for the kings, no questions asked or death. ireland had it prety bad in particular. thats hwy theyre so pissy about the britian. just lke we were at the time. they were to serve the king for scraps of bullshit foot and were basically starving while the brits lived in relative luxuroy. so they said fuck this we are going to govern ourselves. and the british fcame and slaughtered the m with bows and arrows and swords. they kept it up until the british were droping bombs, to this day northern ireland demands its freedom from the uk. i guess canada and australia doesnt really care. therew as actually a war in 1981 or 83 between uk and argentina. the queen and prime miinister mararet thatcher sent a ROYAL presence all the way from england to the southernmost tip of south america over a tiny ass island with like 10,000 people. asa result about 800 argentiains and 50 brish were killed. (actual figures on wiki) i mean one fucked up thing they dd was use a superior jet to drop superior bombs on an argentienian boat containinging a thousand soldiers. i think around 300 died when it sank. there is no perfect place to live. it is in mans nature to conquer those who areweaker. not everyone conciously does this all the time. but a percent of people constnatly plot on how to gain power from the weakness of the kind and the dumb. its fucked up. usually the more right wing someone is the more thats how much evolving they have left to do because their chromosones havent diversified enough to see through such petty things as pride, and predjiduce, a highly reccomendonded book that goes far deeper than i ever could about why man is how he is. but yea. best place to live is likely of all places mitt romney ville. salt lake city idaho. look into it. its close to the pacific and vegas, colorado, has amazing mountains, low crime, cheap housing, benefits of a metro area, huge party area, im going to have to say the mountains again, desert, and the largest lake in the us outside of the great lakes right out of city limits, where younger ppll party in the summer like its miami or myrtle beach, and older people cfan relax on different ty pes of boats based off their income. i ultimatley want to live in colorado or slc (would prefer mountain view cfalifornia and that is my answer for best place to live but it is too expensive )

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or follow DoD protocol and require biometritcs and those smart card things that have your info oon it. my dad worked high in the gofvt and had to put in a card for his computer to turn on, and aagain to login, and again to open the database.

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SMS 2way auth is not the best, poeople could download pushbullet and if they are in, they gain the code.

the safest location is througgh a vpn on a server running an extremley loked down version of linux. make it appear to be like you are a student learng a program language and need a vps. route it through cloudflare. apply kerberos. adjust iptables so nothing gets in but the vpn protocol you gete but ONLY MEETING MULTIPLE conditionals. such as trusted deviced, located at {your loction} where 5 sqas areanswered... etc. add some scripting to the autthentication on a remote data ceneter that already has expensive care.

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@airyl my visision is horrible. opthimoligists have tried to troubleshoot but reading smaller leters is extremley difficult so i often misepell as i cant read. i mostly just type with my eyes closed at this point to help me focus on where i am pllacing my fingers. having said that, i find ebooks superior given the fact i can zoom in,and typology(sp) is evolving. i was under the impression that the latest kindles had far less harmful effects on eye strain than a pc or a physical book. regardless, with the way tech is evolving at an acellerated pace, they will take over (not sure on market percentage today but id guess they already have taken over with the exception of professionals and students. but this is a niche issue. most people don't have these issues. so ill render what i just said invalid :)

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yeah just get a keyboard and mouse ona nice sized tablet and you have a really good deal, not to mention the fact that kodi w/ live tv can be added to it. the next wave are all bendable / rotatable. and detachable with modular add on components. i wish windows or google would just buy the other.

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thre are lists for questions like this. ive recently asked myself. it changes regulary as they all competete, but the lists keep up. check this list out. it depends on your needs though. I pay way too much but i have cloud server as powerful as my own pc. that i can remote into for whatever purose. ( btw. There are far cheaper options though.

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I would suggest looking into unhackme. @ ultimatley antiviri just boil down to 0 day lists and scan the registry. unhackme and avast has worked for me well. but if you want network security as in if you run sensitive data or suspect dox/ddos, ransom, you should probably invest in (im afiliated with iobit some of their reg tweaks are fine but their are better alternaitves so even if id id recieve commission iwoulld stay away, they have resulted to including bloatware.) Avoid the over prcied onces unless you run other peoples financial data and are liable. you can pm me for their best sales. (they cosntantloy alter the packages and pricing) but their free edition is enough unless you are elderly or dealing with shady characters.

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