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What coping skills can help with quitting smoking?√ answered5
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What online site pays poets to write poetry.√ answeredREWARD $25
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replied the topic How To Find A Pure Love ? created by Rasofficial

Here is the thing, the quality of a woman is easier to find just by the quality in yourself. Not everyone is meant for each other, but the ones that match are the ones who maintain a long healthy relationship. Never go by looks, always go by personality! Be true to yourself and the woman you are interested in, never go to the extreme and always take small steps. It is the instant connection between the two of you that will let you know you have found the perfect woman to spend the rest of your life with. Chivalry is the Key.

825 days ago
replied the topic Air pollution issue... created by rfbk

Although Air Pollution is a serious issue, the one that poses the biggest concern from my observation would be the drinking water. The amount of pollution that escapes the filtration plant is quite alarming to say the very least. Day by day more and more people are becoming alarmed just by the reactions of their pets when they try to give them the water from their tap. The percentage of people who get cancer from the water is higher than the percentage of people who get cancer from air pollution. Power lines and Cell Phones pose the same threat as well for causing cancer. Food you eat are risk factors for contamination. This is what you need to take into consideration as well.

825 days ago
replied the topic Which food is the most important that we should eat every day? created by AF

Basically you need your basic groups, Vegetables & Beans, Dairy, Meat, Poultry & Fish, Grain & Fruit. And of course Water should be added as well to keep hydrated. But this is something you want to discuss with your doctor as well. Because if you are not able to get all the basics, then adding a vitamin supplement wouldn't hurt either.

838 days ago
replied the topic I want to get rid of windows 10 created by sammi

You should be able to do a Factory restore just as long as your Partition files are not missing, but if that is the case then the preinstallation Kit should be all you need, the key for windows 7 is usually included on the sticker that was placed on your device or is included with the disk. Either way, it shouldn't cost you a dime.

To find out if you are able to do a Factory restore, restart your device, keep pushing the f11 key till it redirects you to the system screen from there you should be given two or three options, you want to try full restore. It should let you know if you have the files needed to do a full restore. If you can't then the preinstallation Kit should work.

838 days ago
replied the topic PC RESTARTS EVERYTIME created by Anmol03

If you are able to, restoring the PC to factory settings would fix the issue for a while.

838 days ago
replied the topic How to stop letting little things affect my mood? created by hanabi

The best thing that you can do is ask yourself, what do I want in life? What is it that makes me a better person? Who am I without someone's help? Then think, I know I can be a better person, this is my life, my freewill, I can be anyone I want, screw what others think, what matters the most is how I feel about myself! No one has control over your life other than you, only you have the sure will to become a true success!

838 days ago
replied the topic I'm currently studying to be a graphic designer. Assignments are getting tough. Is the idea of "never sleeping" a good idea? created by mirface

Everyone is right, it is a bad idea, and it does cause issues with your brain. Never sleeping even when you are studying for a test can hurt your thinking process, you could spend days without sleep studying for a major test but when that day comes, you most likely would fail or score lower than what you are use too because your brain would be so worn out that it would literally crash on you, and most likely would put you in a coma.

868 days ago
replied the topic Good exercises to physically build up muscle? created by Elderwand8

I built my upper body within a matter of two months after I gained a lot of weight just simply using a 15 lb dumbbell and my tool box lol. With the dumbbell I would curl it 100 times 3-4 times a day and my tool box which weighed about 50 lbs I would lean over like I was trying to touch my toes and pull up on it 20 times, 3 times a day.

Bicycling is good for building up your legs, when I was 16, my calf and thighs were huge just from riding my bike every single day, long trips and hills are fantastic to get into shape and it's great for your Stamina and Cardio as well.

Sit ups and crunches are a great way to build your abdominal wall, just start out small like 10 times, 3 times a day till you are able to increase to 15 times, and so on.

868 days ago
replied the topic You believe in witchcraft? created by braz68

It takes a very open minded person to believe...That is why most have a hard time believing.

But the craft has been around for quite sometime now even way back before the existence of mankind! To believe you must come to the understanding that anything is not entirely impossible. I believe that the craft is almost similar to the act of science, with mixture of potions and so on. Religious people will refuse to accept the idea of the craft because they were bred to believe that it is evil. The craft in itself is not evil, it's how it is used that defines the person who is using the craft. But even in religion there are two sides.

To me it's mind over matter, kind of like how Karma comes into play. I believe in it because I have witnessed my fair share. But like I said it takes a very open mind to understand and believe!

869 days ago
replied the topic What's your favourite music band? :D created by iGotRejected

AC/DC is my all time favorite, from Bon Scott to Brian Johnson, I guess their music was embedded in my soul, lol considering the fact that I was born during the Bon Scott era. I remember when my father would play AC/DC "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" I would as a little boy place my ear up against the speaker and feel the vibrations of the beat! Ahh the good old days! :)

869 days ago
replied the topic What common thing have you never done? created by bling

I have never did drugs, even when I was around people who did it, I was never tempted. Just wasn't my purpose in life to get hooked on drugs and that is the most common thing now days lol.

869 days ago
replied the topic Can't open exe files created by gmj59

I would suggest downgrading your system back to what you already have, Windows 10 is not the greatest system to be running.

Just follow the steps on this page.

870 days ago
replied the topic Opening facebook created by marc5050

There are ways to infect an account on Facebook, if all of these steps that these people provided doesn't work, then just deactivate your account and open a new one, restore your device and start fresh, this should help fix that problem if all else fails.

870 days ago
replied the topic What skill would you most like to master? created by timeis

I have been a writer most of my adult life, it's my passion in life, it's a skill that I most surely will master!

871 days ago
replied the topic Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft, Which one is your favorite? created by NEW_Day

Sony has been my system for years, and although Xbox is a good system, Sony has more to offer. Nintendo doesn't seem to want to move past the original graphics and style.

871 days ago
replied the topic Make your fb account safer created by samadahri

Considering that making your password stronger doesn't always protect your account from being hacked. The best way to prevent getting hacked is not clicking on any links that is shared in your inbox, comments and wall posts. Be careful who you add as well, in most cases it is a fake profile that will attempt to hack your account in which only takes three steps for the hacker to go through. So always pay attention to the people you add as friends and be careful of phishing messages as well. If you really want to be secured, setup a sign in approval, using email and cell phone. This way no one can access your account without confirmation.

871 days ago
replied the topic Any good online Video reference to learn Yii2 created by Aravi

You are quite welcome!

871 days ago
replied the topic Any good online Video reference to learn Yii2 created by Aravi

Here are a couple of playlists that I have located on YouTube that I think may help you out.

Best of luck to you!

872 days ago
replied the topic Worldwide Terror by the IS created by TechnoParadoxum

A house divided is a house destined to fall, I think every country that has become IS targets should put all differences aside and unite forces to wipe Isis off the face of this Earth. With the combined fire power there is no way that Isis can win. Remember the 911 attack, how George W. Bush took action and defeated the terrorists and even went after other possible threats? I think we should do the same with Isis and all who are connected to them including their supporters.

872 days ago
replied the topic How to write rap lyrics? created by seven

It's challenging to say the very least, but it's kind of like writing a poem, but with rhythm. First, think of what style you want the lyrics to be, setting and feelings is also important, gives meaning and realization to the lyric, choose a beat and listen to it, create a rough draft, start with the first line, keep reciting the line till you get in sync with the beat of the music, then move on to the next line. Looking at other artists work can help give you an idea of how to form the lyrics to where they are more of a song then just a plain poem. Listen to other Rap singers, get familiar with the rapping style.

Practice does make perfect, so just because your first attempt was a bust, you must always keep trying, take criticism for your work, so that way if something didn't quite work out the first time, use the critics opinions to make adjustments to your next work.

872 days ago
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