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Sites for Fashion News√ answered10
1064 days ago, last commented by loongshan
Im a 13 Yr old boy and my Penis is 10 1/2 inches . When will it get bigger?√ answeredREWARD $3
1200 days ago, last commented by Silveringot
Vegans & vegetarians, do your answers and questions always get reported?√ answeredREWARD $420
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replied the topic Sites for Fashion News created by loongshan

thank you so much

1064 days ago
replied the topic Which food is bad for health? created by hellen

fast foods of couse

1064 days ago
replied the topic Do you drink bottled water? created by glubaki

No I don't drink bottled water, I'm not going to spend money on water, when I have a good, clean, and safe source at home. That dollar a gallon of water would cost, I can use more effectively elsewhere. That roughly what would cost four and a half dollars U.S. currency, for four gallons a week, can go towards food, or medicines I eat, or need.That might be a head of cabbage, some bananas, and a pound of dried beans, and a couple tomatoes, or some other food, that's going to help keep me healthy. Over the course of a year, at four and a half dollars, for four and a half gallons a week, that adds up to about two hundred thirty four dollars.

However I can understand if someone has a bad well for buying bottled water, where their well contains phosphorus, sulfur, or other unsafe contaminant such as diseases like typhus, e-coli, or any of the other dangerous virus/bacterium. Even a someone with a well, and has a high salt content, I can see buying water.

1199 days ago
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