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replied the topic Can a laptop not be damaged if it is use daily without its battery? created by Teresita

I would always keep the battery charged up and install it when you get critical windows updates that are lengthy just in case there is a power outage, because windows always urges you to NOT shut the computer down until finished, the other night around 8pm I heard the Windows reboot jingle and it took I bet close to 4 hours for what I guess was the Fall Creators Update. I don't know what the consequences are if the computer lost power, it would probably just lose what part of the update that was downloaded and you'd have to start all over again is my guess but, just to be on the safe side have the battery installed for a backup. Better safe than sorry!

362 days ago
replied the topic What would you eat when you don't want to eat anything? created by daybyday

Salted smoked almonds, MMMMmmmmmmmm!!!

766 days ago
replied the topic How do you feel when someone corrects your grammar? created by Tadakii

I find the most misused words as far as grammar goes is there, their, they're. People that are just learning English probably find it somewhat confusing with words like road and rode, read and red, reed and read.

766 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

Not only yes but, HELL YES !!! Sure he has some rough edges but for crying out loud he was born and raised in NYC. Hands down, mentally and physically he's head and shoulders over Pinocchio, aka; "Liar, liar pantsuit on fire". He has the drive and intestinal fortitude to get things done. As far as the tax thing Trump employs the finest and the most shrewd accountants that take advantage of the loopholes in our worthless Federal Income Tax, there are so many holes in it, it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese!
Remember, Congress voted in those loopholes so don't shake your finger at Trump because he knows how to use them, if he was arrears on taxes don't you think a high profile figure such as Trump would have been in the crosshairs of the IRS long ago???
Trump will keep a conservative foothold in the Supreme Court to protect our precious Constitution, (1st & 2nd Amendments) annhilate ISIS, befriend our Vets, lower taxes and regulations (which will bring companies back and other from leaving), close the borders. Call him a maverick if you will but he's my man !!! He's not a political hack or an establshment sort or any kind of a D.C. insider by any stretch. In all his years in business, U.S. and globally he has a lot of associates he he can go to for answers for complex problems, Pinocchio can't !!!
Vote for the TRumpmeister, after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?", with the loud mouth in the Nehru suit, damn near EVERYTHING !!!....Shalom ! Yup I'm jus' one of those wascally deplorables wanderin' around totin' a Trump sign.

775 days ago
replied the topic Politics - Hillary Clinton created by Hambone531

She's a liar, an enabler, she has terrorized and harrassed the womem Slick Willy's been caught with, she says she's for women's right yet she takes money from the A-rabs that treat women like third class citizens, she did nothing as a NY Senator and as Secretary of State sold special access to government branches through that phony Clinton Foundation and the rest of time as SOS was nothing but a big paid vacation on the taxpayer's dime. There are 50, count em 50 mysterious deaths that surround "Pinocchio and Slick Willy from the time Slick was AG and governor of Arkansas to the White House, all were determined suicides,........suicides?..........REALLY !!! Coooommmmeee Ooooonnnnn now, do you buy it???
They don't call her "Liar, liar, pantsuit on fire", "Granny Pinocchio" and"The loud mouth dame in a Kim Jong Un suit" for nothing, yet she claims Trump doesn't have the temperment to lead this great country.
Vote for the Trumpmeister, to maintain a conservative foothold in the Supreme Court to guard our precious Constitution, annihilate ISIS, close the borders, get aid for the Vets, lower taxes and regulations and kick the EPA in the family jewels (as if they had a pair) and put an end to "The Good Ol' Boys Club of D.C." and stop pandering to buy votes and influence.
Now screw the tax returns, if Trump hasn't paid taxes in years it's because he hired the finest and most shrewd accountants that take advantage of all the loopholes in our worthless tax system, there are sooooo many holes in it, it looks like a slice of Swiss cheese !!!....Now any questions?
Now vote for the Trumpster after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?!!!!" Time's runnin' out, were at the precipice of disaster !!! ...Shalom!

776 days ago
replied the topic Would Donald Trump be a good President? created by oxygen

@oxygen Will Trump make a good president? Oh ya, I mean Oh HELL YA !!! He's way better than "Liar, liar empty pantsuit on fire". Just concentrate on the conservative foothold that Trump will support, just look at his nominees, most every one is quite impressed with his choices. I trust he'll close borders and vet ALL immigrants that will try and enter the U.S., obliterate ISIS, get proper care for the Vets, lower taxes and regulations, kick the EPA in the @$$. Now what has the "Over the HilLiar" proposed what she's gonna do???? Nothing, ....just like she's done all her life except harass and terrorize the broads she caught Slick Willy with !!!! Now who the hell ya gonna vote for??? Vote the Trumpmeister, after all "WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE?" .....with Hollary, damn near everything !!!

792 days ago
replied the topic What is the most powerful passport in the world? created by philip

I'm glad this question was posted, I need to renew mine before December!

802 days ago
replied the topic Who is the best musician in your country? created by Aravi

Boy that's a tough one, Elvis and others always claimed Roy Orbison was the best vocalist, he could handle 8 octaves they say. There are a variety of instrumental talents like Eric Clapton, Peter Frampton, Jimmy Hendrix and a bunch more that can tickle the ivories on the piano and keyboards. Kenny G was great on the sax. Well, that's my 2 cents. They claim Roy Clark was a master of a variety of instruments too, it's endless !

806 days ago
replied the topic Most hilarious sitcom. created by pustoi11

@pustoi11 At present I like "Last Man Standing", "The Middle". "Mom", "The Goldbergs" but from back in the old days watch reruns of "Mash 4077", "Carrol Burnette", "Jackie Gleason", "That 70's Show", those tickle my funny bone. As movies go this comedy/drama is my favorite "Terms of Endearment" with Jack Nicolson and Shirley McLane. I hope you find them entertaining if you have a wacky sense of humor like me ! Yom Tov, Shalom!

L.D. hunkered down in my bunker fending off pinko commies in Lincolnstan, Ne. the Kremlin of Nebraska !!!

810 days ago
replied the topic How to fix my pc created by Jazzman

I don't believe it's wise to use IE because I'm pretty sure it's been scrapped, they put EDGE in place of IE but you have to update to Windows 10, I think the free upgrade date has passed, besides Microsoft does support IE so it's very vulnerable out there cruisin' the net. Hope I've been some help and possibly saved you from a lot of grief. Yom Tov,...Shalom!

821 days ago
replied the topic What is the best time to eat breakfast? created by timeis

A lot of people work at 1st, 2nd or 3rd shift so they probably have what they call breakfast at different times. The old guide lines used to be that breakfast was supposed to be your largest meal of the day, then a fair sized mid-day meal and supper is supposed to be the lightest meal of the day. There probably aren't many that follow that trend of eating, I know I don't but, I've driven a truck coast to coast and have worked a lot of long hours where you're sitting to get unloaded or reloaded and not a restaurant insight so it's hard to have a set schedule for dining. Plus the teams that operate a truck, the two drivers eat and sleep at different intervals too. To each its own, you should only eat when you're hungry rather than on a schedule anyway. The American Indians thought it was strange when Europeans first arrived hear and the white people ate everyday at a certain time while the Indian only ate when they were hungry, never seen an pictures of American Indians that were overweight, did you? L.D.

884 days ago
replied the topic Why does my heart rate increase after eating? created by scipio

The rapid heartbeat is sometimes caused by the sodium content of your meal, myself, I get a rapid and heavy heatbeat when I consume MSG's or like one time I consumed a can of extra hot chili and my heart beat like a base drum and when I checked the ingredients it contained 1300 mg of sodium, no wonder I got that kind of reaction! I watch the sodium content of everything I buy now, watch out particularly for most of the microwave meals. Best way to control sodium intake is to cook for yourself, turn cooking into a hobby, there are scores of websites with recipes with detail of how to prepare it and some even have a calculator to adjust for the number of servings too. Cookin' with a smoke detector, L.D. Yom Tov!

921 days ago
replied the topic What's your favorite brand of beer? created by tears

Anything on sale, except Hamm's!

953 days ago
replied the topic What is your favourite language? created by Lasitha

English, 'cept ya can't find anybody that speaks it anymore!

958 days ago
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