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Need help samsung galaxy √ answeredREWARD $25
1009 days ago, last commented by laopchaiy
I m a 15 y/o girl and I don t play any sports or any after school activities. What are some activities that are really easy to get into?√ answeredREWARD $820
1142 days ago, last commented by pinkfirechix
Do vegetarians consider themselves superior to carnivores?√ answeredREWARD $3
1143 days ago, last commented by panglie

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replied the topic Need help samsung galaxy created by laopchaiy

Thank you very much for prompt support.

1008 days ago
replied the topic Need help samsung galaxy created by laopchaiy

Wise Fastimizer was good 300mb junk files . thank you

1009 days ago
replied the topic How can i make my mom let me smoke? created by panglie

Smoking marijuana will not heal you. It will make the pain worse if you do this too often. It will also create other pains such as delusions and hysteria. You have to contact the doctor immediately and have an entire body examination. Nausea and pain are clear signs of an illness and it is near impossible not have an illness with those symptoms. Do a full check. Marijuana will make it worse because it masks the pain but your body will continue to develop more pain in different places to warn you that something is wrong. Talk to a doctor because sometimes marijuana sympathizers could actually be NEEDED. Get a note from professional doctors.

There is hope that this may just be stress- excessive stress CAN cause this and as long as the pain continues you will continue to be stressed. There is also a possibility that this is an addiction or just something wrong with your stomach. Please, consult the doctor immediately.
I really hope you endure this pain and make it through. It isn't possible to be sick and nauseous for 2 years.

1142 days ago
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